Quick, Light, Very Realistic Faux Lots

February 14, 2021 Naija girl next door 0 Comments

I found the best faux locs ever. Seriously. They are light, realistic, fast and EASY to install. 
They're crochet locs but I installed them as individuals so no cornrows required, and you don't even need a crochet pin! Just your hands, hair and some elbow grease. This is my best protective style yet. 

 We've come a long way from the faux locs that required a long 2-stage process. Click here and here to see what I'm talking about. 

My friends made me order the hair for them too so right now I have all these packs of hair in my apartment until lockdown is over and they can get free hairstyling from me. Sigh. The things I do for love. 

The hair is none other than Freetress Gypsy Locs. 

Freetress has a few similar faux locs, most notably their Bo locs which has a slight wave to it. That was the one I actually wanted but I just couldn't get it in the UK. Why does America have to have all the fun? Anyway I found the Gypsy locs on Ebay and Amazon and it's pretty similar, only straighter.

In terms of installation, I didn't take pictures while I was doing my own hair because I would need an extra pair of hands for that. Thankfully, I was able to borrow a friend's head. They owe me big time for regularly doing their cornrows so I wasn't about to take no for an answer.

I can’t take credit for this method. It’s the popular #Jazznicolemethod on Youtube. The process quite simply is that you braid your own hair and wrap it in the loc. You only need to know how to do single braids to do this hair. You don't even have to be neat because your hair will be wrapped up anyway, and if you're like me, you don't want very clear parting. Having your roots a bit fuzzy just adds to how realistic it looks- another reason why it gets better as it gets older. 

1. Take a medium-sized section of hair 

2. Divide it into 3 as you would with any braid

3. Do the very first cross over to start the braid as above, then take one of the three "legs" of the braid through the loop of the faux loc and guide the faux loc to the root. 

4. Complete the braid with your own hair. You can even switch to a two-strand twist halfway down and that just 
Now you have a single braid with your faux loc attached at the root. 

5. Each loc is a spiral (which is why it's so light- it's hollow!) so you want to unwrap the loc and then tuck your hair in the middle, and wrap it over your hair. 
It's so easy because the loc snaps back into it's spiral shape, keeping your hair in. 


That’s it! Repeat all over your head. 

 Here’s The Jazz Nicole Method on YouTube. It’s very helpful to watch. 

If you just want to cornrow and crochet, you can absolutely do that too. If you want to use your crochet pin to attach the locs to the root of your braid and then wrap, that’s great too. 

I bought two packs of colour 2 and ended up using one and half. There are 36 locs per pack so I had 54 locs in total, and that's my perfect density. 
I don't like my hair unmanageably full or to have a big piece of extension attached to an itty bitty piece of my own hair, hanging on for dear life. We're still all about healthy hair practices and that just puts unnecessary tension on your follicles. 

Important tips
*ALWAYS start any protective style with your hair in the best condition: clean, deep-conditioned, moisturised and detangled. 
You want hair that can withstand the manipulation you're about to do.
 Because your hair is fully wrapped in this loc, it can be amazingly protective so you want to make sure you've locked enough moisture in your hair and you may not need to re-moisturise for a good week or more even. 

 *Another thing, please spare your edges. 
Again about the follicles, there is really no reason to pick every strand of hair at your hairline. It's not worth risking hair loss. I prefer to let natural edges do what natural edges do, especially with this sort of hairstyle. Your hands and a bit of hair butter will groom them okay. If it really bothers you, a little bit of edge control or gel can give you a sleeker look.

I kept my locs long for four weeks, then I cut them short and held on for another week. You can see all the styles I did on my Instagram reels and IGTV. They still looked good the day I took them out. 
If you’re one for long protective styles, this will LAST. Me, I’m a bit restless so five weeks is very long for me.

I hope you try it. Tag me, I’d love to see. I’m @naijagirlnextdoor on Instagram.