Affordable Nigerian Hair Products: Shanyi Organics Review

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First Post of 2020! I'm laughing at how excited I am to be back in my space.
This is a review and I’m doing a giveaway too so please read through okay?
Photo: Shanyi Organics instagram: @shanyiorganics

 Shanyi Organics is a Nigerian brand of hair products.
They've been making affordable hair products since the earlier days of the natural hair movement in Nigeria. They've rebranded twice, I think, and each time they’ve improved quality and packaging.
 They unveiled their new line and spoiler alert, I'm impressed. The ingredient lists make me so happy. It shows real work. I'm a diy-er and none of them is something I can throw together in my kitchen. More than that, the products work. So proud of them because I've watched them grow and now their products can compete internationally.

Let's do this in the order in which you might use the products:
  Shampoo: The Deep Cleanse 2-in-1 Conditioning Herbal Tea
First of all, it's not black soap based. This is me leaping up and punching air because our prayers have been andsweredt! Finally, a Nigerian brand breaking away from black soap. We'll talk about all the whipped shea butters another day. No hate on either one, we just need more options fam.
Ok, back to the review. Tea is the right word because of its consistency- it's quite thin and clear, not cloudy or creamy.

Ingredients: Deionised water, sugar beets, soap nuts, coco betaine, glycerine, decyl glucoside, PQ 7, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, essential oil blend, citric acid, preservative.
colour: golden amber
smell: peppermint.  In fact the entire line is Lavendar and mint so that's what they smell like. I like minty stuff so this is right up my alley.
Action: Lathers gently, enough suds to clean without stripping. If you decide to pour half the bottle on your head, then you may get barrels of foam. Believe me, that is not necessary.
 I don't ask too much of shampoos so it upsets me when they cause dryness and tangles. Just clean and go your way. This one delivered and added the bonus of a tingle, thanks to the essential oils. Brownie points Shanyi, because tingly shampoos are a joy to my scalp.
Since cowashing has fallen out of favour with the natural hair oracles, this shampoo is mild enough for those who wash frequently but don’t like to cowash.
For a simple weekly wash, one lather was enough.
When my hair had buildup + lots of oil in it, I rinsed and repeated twice.
Results: Clean, smooth hair + a happy scalp.

Deep conditioner: Goodbye Breakage Deep Restorative Smoothie

Pink, thick, minty. You can see the herbs in this DC and in their other conditioners, but they’re all very smooth so you can’t feel them on your hands or see any residue in your hair.

Now it's thick, but still quite water-based so it sank into my hair quickly and felt light, like a leave-in. I was doubtful at this stage because most of my favourite DCs go on creamy and heavy so I thought this won't work well. Boy was I wrong.
Ingredients: deionised water, manshanu butter, chebe powder, psyllium husk, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera extract, D-panthenol, lanolin, biotin,hydrolysed silk proteins, PQ 47, BTMS, Cetyl alcohol, botanical extracts, essential oil blend, preservative.
Results: When I rinsed off, my hair felt soft and fluffy and hydrated. I noticed less breakage too. Colour me impressed.

Leave-in conditioner: Knot-Free Moisturising Milkshake

This is supposed to moisturise and detangle.
Ingredients: Deionised water, coconut milk, aloe vera gel, shea butter, lanolin, botanical extracts, sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerin, cetyl alcohol, BTMS, essential oil blend, preservative.
Again, pink and minty. Medium thickness, pourable. Reminds me a lot of 'pink oil' from childhood, but much better quality and ingredients.

Results: I found it properly softening and hydrating, whether on damp hair after deep conditioning, or on dry hair during the week.
I detangle at every step of wash day, starting from the pre-poo stage so I can't speak much on its detangling properties by itself as my hair is already detangled at this point in wash day, but this entire line easily made my hair tangle-free.
Really happy with it.

Syler: Curls Delight Curl Sculpting Souffle

Thickest girl in the crew. pink. Minty.

Ingredients: deionised water, shea butter, cocoa butter, flax seed gel, aloe vera gel, argan oil, almond oil, glycerin, Cetyl alcohol, botanical extracts, essential oil blend, preservative.
Results: Made it easy to twist my hair smoothly. Very hydrating. VERY. My hair felt soft for ages and stayed moisturised for days. Fixes dry hair right up.
The downside to all this moisture? Hair that takes forever to dry. I've used it twice on wash day and my hair was still damp the next morning so my curls did not form. Next time, I'll use this on dry hair and see how it works out. Or I’ll use my hooded dryer.
A+ for moisture. Missing script for definition. I will update.

Oil: Growth Magic Hair & Scalp Elixir
Ingredients: palm kernel oil, castor oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, cayenne pepper, neem extract, amla extract, onion extract, ginger, garlic, horsetail extract, henna, stinging nettle, liquorice, essential oil blend, vit E oil.

 It's pale yellow, liquid at room temp and semi-solid in the cold because palm kernel oil has similarities to coconut oil.

Semi-solid because it’s the middle of winter
It smells herby and minty so don't be scared of the onion, garlic and ginger in the ingredients. It doesn't smell like food. The ingredients floored me I tell you. Premium scalp stimulating agents in a blend of quality oils. With a lineup like this I don't need several different bottles of oil. It contains more than I could ever mix. I can't recommend it enough. my friend who's Indian praised the ingredients as well.
Use it for all the things oils do: scalp massage, seal in moisture, pre-poo/detangle, stimulate edges, did I leave out anything?

Daily Moisturiser: Moisture King daily Hair Juice

Ingredients: Deionised water, aloe vera juice, lemon grass extract, sunflower oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil, glycerin, preservative.
So wash day is over. This one is for keeping hair moisturised until next wash.
It's in a nifty spray bottle, pink, minty but also a bit lemony and you can smell the aloe I think. it comes out like a very light liquid jelly and it sinks in quickly.

Results: soft, moisturised hair with no buildup. Exactly what I want. Maybe it's the cold but these days I don't like to use straight water to moisturise. I want something a bit thicker that won’t spray on my neck or shoulders. This checks all the boxes.

There is not a single bad product. I'd repurchase every single one of these proudly Nigerian products.
To buy:
The entire range costs N15000 ($42). The shampoo, leave-in and hair mist are N2500 ($7), the DC and styling soufflé are N3000 ($8.40) and the oil is N3500 ($9.80) which I think is great value.

These are my honest thoughts. I received the products courtesy Shanyi, but I have received no payment or compensation for reviewing them.
   I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram from Shanyi Organics. They asked me to give away two of my favourite products but it's been tough choosing, it took me weeks to give them an answer. I eventually decided on the Deep Restorative Smoothie and the Growth oil because I think they're essential.
The rules are easy as pie (I hate giveaways with too many instructions).
I am @naijagirlnextdoor on Insta. Thanks for reading and participating!


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