Hairstyle Inspiration: Silver / Grey Box Braids

July 21, 2019 Naija girl next door 1 Comments

My first time doing grey box braids, they were short and crocheted in. This time, I went for full on silver box braids. I was going on holiday to Istanbul and in the spirit of hot girl summer, they are long; down to my bum. ayyy!

I used two different brands of grey braiding hair. The first brand is African Dream. Believe it or not, I’ve been holding on to two packs of this hair for four years. They were left over from my first grey box braids in 2015. Got it from Pak Cosmetics in Finsbury Park, London. They have a website now,

Colour codes for the grey extensions I used are 51 and 44.
44 is darker, it's a steel/gunmetal grey mixed with silver. 51 is my favourite. It’s lighter, with more silver in it.
For reference, colour 60 is pure silver, almost white. The jury's still out on 60.

From left to right, 51, 60 and 44

I actually wanted to do all 51 but I had one colour 44 of African Dream, so I ordered two more packs of colour 51 from Jazzy Hair, for £2.49 each, making a total of four packs of hair.
Both brands are quite scanty so and I had to compensate by making very big sections at the back. Next time I'll do six packs. If you go for a much fuller look normally, I suggest eight packs.

I ended up loving the dimension that the darker grey added so I think I'll add one or two colour 44 packs again the next time I do these silver braids.

The colour completely changed my look and sometimes my personality even. Lol. If I don't have all silver hair when I get old, I'm going to be so mad. Haha.

I can't believe how much attention this hair got in Istanbul. I lost count of the people who told me they love my hair. It was described as original, authentic, so nice, beautiful.
They’re so generous with compliments. I got countless “you’re so beautiful” everyday. My confidence is flying right now.

Some wanted more information, "Is it extensions?" Yes.

"Which part is your hair?" The black bit.

"Who does it for you?" I do it myself.
"Really?!" Yeah, mhmm.
"Will you braid for me too?" I laughed.
 "No,  I'm serious." His beautiful face was serious.
Unfortunately I was leaving for England the next day so I promised to braid his hair on my next trip.
Next time you see this face, he'll have beautiful braids framing it.

It was an exciting trip to Istanbul. I have a post in the works with lots of tips and valuable info to share if you plan to visit that beautiful city.

So, would you try grey / silver braids? What's your go-to holiday hair?
Please like, share and let's talk in the comments. <3