How to Get Goddess Locs For Cheap

October 06, 2017 Naija girl next door 7 Comments

Goddess locs took faux locs to another level. They are faux locs with curly ends and tendrils all over, like Lisa Bonet's gorgeous hair. I had never seen faux locs look so soft, so curly, so sexy...

Some time last year, I saw goddess faux locs on Megan Good and got instant I-gotta-have-it! syndrome. So I went searching. Saw it on Tyra Banks and Eva Marcille and went on to discover that a Dr Kari Will created this look. Great, where can I get it? Well, you'd have to order the loc kit from her website for $477 (Cue me getting up off my naija behind and taking a walk) and that doesn't even cover the cost of installing the hair.
It is human hair so that's understandable, but also the hair is not reusable.

If you can afford this without breaking a sweat, awesome. I'll get there one day. But if like me, you're here for the (most) inexpensive option, lookee what I did.

I used synthetic kinky hair. Only. Most people use curly-wavy hair to braid/twist first, then wrap with kinky hair. That's a great way to achieve the look, but I personally think the curly hair looks a bit too silky compared to the kinky hair it is matched with. So I thought, why not curl the kinky hair instead?

I did single braids with my own hair.

Because I wanted the hair as soft as possible, I used the same Bella Crochet Twist hair from my most realistic crochet ever, in red ombre this time. I loosened and separated the hair.

With a crochet hook I pulled a piece of hair through the root of a single braid, keeping one end longer than the other. Then I used the shorter end to wrap my hair together with the longer piece. I hope the pictures help this to make more sense. We need that longer piece to curl later.

 I wrapped up until a few cm below where my own hair stopped, then made a knot. This left some hair hanging free.
Extra tip: With faux locs of any kind, I wrap the hair looser than most people do because it looks more authentic to me. It means the hair isn't as secure and won't last as long, but I don't like keeping in styles for any longer than 3 weeks anyway.

So I completed my whole head, then curled the ends and lower 1/3 of the wrapped part with flexi rods in two different, but close sizes. Same-sized curls all over do not look as natural in my opinion.

I dipped in hot water and the next day, I took out the flexi rods.
Et voila;

I absolutely loved this hair. I did it in December last year and will do it again soon.

The curls gradually lengthen out so you can curl again if you want to. I didn't though. I liked the chill vibe.
over a week old

Taking out the locs took less than an hour. All you need to do is cut the knot, separate your hair from the synthetic hair close to the root and cut that. Then you just slide it down and out.

Cost: N3000, the price of the extensions only


  1. I actually had it in mind to do this after taking down my DIY braids and then here comes and easier way. Thanks so much Nne I'm so trying this!

  2. This is so brilliant! I'm inspired. I'll definitely try it out

  3. looks simple, I should try it may be next year

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