Deep Conditioning Heat Cap Review

August 06, 2017 Naija girl next door 10 Comments

As I promised on my Instagram some months ago, here's my review of that Deep Conditioning Heat Cap; also known as Thermal Cap, Electric Heating Cap or descriptively, "That pink heat cap that is everywhere".
This hair care tool seems to be the most affordable way to finally start deep conditioning with heat.

A quick note about deep conditioning with heat:
Deep conditioning with heat is great because it helps your deep conditioner penetrate better.
 Low porosity hair especially benefits from deep conditioning with heat because normally, the hair cuticles are shut so tight that products end up just sitting on top of the hair and getting rinsed away. That is just a waste of time and precious product. What heat does is it lifts up the hair cuticles so that your product can get where it needs to go- into the cortex, which is the core of your hair strands.

I have medium porosity hair, so most products sink into my hair pretty easily. Before I got this cap, I used my own body heat. That usually means covering my hair for a few hours with a plastic cap and a towel wrapped over that. My own body heat is trapped and does the good work. Nevertheless, using an external heat source can cut down hours of deep conditioning to 15 minutes, 30 minutes tops.
Cut down time spent on wash day? Yesss please.
The heat you are looking for is indirect heat from a steamer, a heat cap or a hair dryer while your hair is covered by a plastic cap.

Enter Le Heat Cap.
I got mine from Jumia. There are many sellers that carry this stuff so prices usually range from N3000 to above N6000. I got mine for N3000 I think, plus N500 shipping. However I just saw this one on Konga for N2500.

Details: It came in a cardboard box that had seen better days so I tossed the box without taking a picture, but it was obviously from China.
It consisted of a cap with two layers; one with concentric circles of plastic-coated wire on its inner surface. It is this wire that heats up. The next layer was the plastic cap that is in contact with your head. It is detachable to allow you wash it.

The cap functions were pretty obvious and straightforward: An off button O, and two heat levels I and II. You plug it in, choose between I (barely warm) and II (quite hot) and plop the cap on your head.

The cap fit over my head properly so it's safe to say it would fit most people because I have a big head.

The Experience

I used it for both deep conditioning and hot oil treatments. Heat level I was a joke so I moved up to II and it was great. In fact after about 10 minutes I'd turn it off and allow the heat already there to continue to do its magic. If I want to stay longer, I'd crank up the heat again after a few minutes.
I did a video call with my mom and she asked, "What's that on your head?"
Me: "It's a heat cap Mommy, for deep know, steaming"
Mom: "Is it electric?"
Me: "Yes"
Mom: "Don't go and electrocute your head o"
          See me laughing at my mother. If only I had shared her mistrust of that cap. Children, listen to your parents... Let me explain.

So the first couple of times were great. Heat really helps make wash day short and sweet; In 30 minutes my hair would have properly absorbed my deep conditioner, to the point that there was barely anything to rinse off. No kidding. When I use only body heat, I would have to leave in my DC overnight to get that result.

Then after I think 3 uses, I noticed when I took off the cap that the hair at my crown felt rough. I put it down to not using enough product there. Next wash day, same thing. Same area felt rough and a little crispy. That was when I examined the cap.
 FAM... the wire in the area of my crown had melted through its plastic coating and had melted streaks through the second layer: the detachable plastic cap. The only thing that had protected my hair from getting singed off was the shower cap I had on.
 I can't even think about having hot burning wire in direct contact with my head, which is what could have happened if I hadn't examined the cap.

I moisturised that area more diligently and thankfully averted heat damage. That rough, crispy area now feels just as soft and healthy as the rest of my hair.

As for the cap, I chucked it with the quickness. If I had known then that I would do this post, I would have taken pictures. I am not saying all of the heat caps are bad. Many women own them and haven't complained. In fact the one I linked on Konga has all good reviews so I dunno.
 The cap did a great job of helping me get more out of my deep conditioner and wash day, but I went on to have a really bad personal experience with it. I might replace it and give it another try with caution.

UPDATE: I found the cap in a bag of knick-knack outside the house waiting to be disposed of, so I got pictures:

Nah brah, I will not be repurchasing.
It looks like I will be saving up for an expensive tabletop steamer or perhaps one of those microwaveable caps.




  1. Wait. WHAT???
    Thank God you discovered it on time!! What if you weren't so observant??
    Wow, thanks for this review! About to go do washday, with a microwaveable cap a friend gifted me.

    1. Thank God I did o! Looking at the cap again I'm amazed. I think that microwaveable cap is the way forward right now, if I can find it in Naija.

  2. The same thing happened to me! In 2015, I bought a heating cap from a shop at Idumota. After a couple of uses, I noticed it melted my shower cap and even singed my hair a bit. I threw it out immediately! I ordered another from AliExpress, that's what I've been using ever since and it works perfectly.

    1. Wow it actually singed your hair! I would be so angry. I'm glad you got another one that works well. I'm not brave enough to try again

  3. Hmm.. I think that table top steamer is the way forward, only it's not as portable or travel friendly unlike the heating cap.. Am glad nothing happened to your hair though, thank God for that.

    1. That's a good point, portability. I should consider that as well. The dream is to become a travel bunny innit? Must plan for that

  4. I thought this review will be a positive one when I started, but mahnn... this is crazy! Thank God nothing terrible happened.

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  5. Wooow!! Thank God you were observant, this is really crazy...

  6. Wow! I've been using mine for close to a year with no issues. So sorry for that experience.

  7. The microwaveable one is ok but there’s something about it I can’t quite place, I think it dries out my hair. So I’ll say a table top steamer might just be the way forward