Wash Day: Stretching my 4C Hair with Flexi rods

January 17, 2017 Naija girl next door 11 Comments

 My last wash day with flexi rods was fantastic guys. It had a lot to do with the products I used, especially my new deep conditioner, but I'll get to that.
            Up until mid last year, my favourite method for stretching my 4c hair was threading. The problem was that even though it stretches my hair very well, it also makes it feel drier than usual and I end up having to do detangle all over again too. Flexi rods on the other hand leave me with hair that is not just stretched, but airy and bouncy as well. The kind of airy and bouncy that makes you record a slow mo hair commercial video. Not saying I did, not saying I didn't. Just keep reading, I'll show you how I did it (the flexi rod thing, not the video).

I wasn't kidding when I set my hair goals. Moisture is everything for my hair, and moisture was the plan for this wash day. I started with hair that had been in a protective style for weeks. It was dry so I spritzed with water + a little oil and worked it in to soften my hair enough to part into sections.

Pre-poo: I warmed the oils I used over a bowl of hot water. Hair trigger on my scalp, extra virgin olive oil on my hair. I actually massaged my scalp for up to five minutes. That's an improvement. I covered with a plastic cap and let it sit for a few hours. Normally I do 30 mins to an hour but it was a busy day. When I took off the cap, my hair was moist and soft so I detangled first with my fingers, and then with a wide tooth comb. This was one of those rare occassions when I actually use a comb. I needed to get out over a month's worth of shed hairs.

Shampoo: Diluted black soap. I've been experimenting with it. Two lathers got out all the oil I had in my hair, which was a lot. Perfect canvas for testing a new deep conditioner.

Deep condition: Hairveda Deep Conditioning Hair Masque. First impressions: Not much slip to aid detngling, but it sank into my hair immediately and softened it. It was already late so I kept it in my hair overnight and rinsed out the next morning. My hair was SOFT like buttahhh.

post rinse
 I'll save the rest for the review after I've used it a few more times. Meanwhile, it's currently on sale on sizzelle.com for N2900 which is a steal in this economy.

Leave-in: Hairveda Whipped Creme Leave-in on damp hair, sealed with whipped shea butter. That just reminded me of desserts. I cut out all sugar from my diet after the first week of January and even though I'm not craving badly, there's Maltesers in the fridge tempting me, taunting me.

Stretch: flexi rods.
It's not the same as doing a flexi-rod set where you want actual curls. This one is easier because it's less precise, and you use fewer rods so it's better for sleep.

Instead of smaller, round sections, mine were long and thick.

Keeping the hair stretched and flat against my fingers, I wrapped it down and around the flexi rod.

Secure the top and bottom by bending the rod against itself. That's it. Repeat all over

My hair was so stretched and soft that it took no effort and no extra product to gather it into a low ponytail and braid it.
Flexi rods are my new favourite way to stretch, at least until another method comes and sweeps me off my feet. I'm romantic like that.

 I've really missed wash day posts. What have you been up to with your hair?


  1. Wow Sandra your hair is beautiful. I am still trying to figure out how to use the flexi rods without them unraveling, lol.

    1. Thank you ūüėä
      It helps me to leave a decent end of the rod at both ends free of hair, so that there's more to bend. Bend in different directions until one stays put.
      Also, getting the right size for your length is key. If I used bigger rods at my present length, they won't stay put.

  2. I love flexi rods too. I just don't like sleeping in them.

    1. Haha, Ikr. It's a little uncomfortable but I can sleep with this many in hair. I can sleep belly down too so that's a plus. More options.

  3. Love your wash day posts. Always look forward to them.
    Your hair looks so healthy. And the length! Can't wait to get my hair in a neat bun.

    1. Thank you Tamie! And I always look forward to your nice comments.
      Your hair will get to where you want it before you know it, just keep being good to it.

  4. Your hair looks really nice, Sandra. When I use flexi-rods, I can't seem to get enough stretch. :-(

    The Hairveda Conditioning Masque was N2,900!?! I totally missed out on that sale.

    1. Your roller sets are still Bae though. That's the one I never mastered.
      You're in luck, the product is still on sale till March, along with a couple of other Hairveda, Elasta QP and Profectiv products.

  5. Wow, the flexi rod method of stretching is genius,
    I love the stretch and it shows the length of your hair to an extent and not just the volume. Your hair is beautiful.

  6. I love your wash hair days and your hair. my hair is small naa, which flexi rod will hold it ~sobs

  7. Hello Sandra,

    Thanks for this flexi rod stretching tips. I have also been using threading for stretching and it sure does dries my hair.
    After reading this your post, I started using the flexi rods and it's better off. Sleeping with it is not even an issue because it's loosely fixed since I'm not looking for coils or definition.

    Thanks again.