Product Review: Lex Satin Sleep Cap

August 14, 2016 Naija girl next door 5 Comments


One of the first tips you'll get at the beginning of a hair journey is to always, always go to bed with a silk or satin scarf.
I've been using the Lex Satin Sleep cap for a couple of weeks now and this is my review.

Quick back story first.
        When I started my hair journey, I was a student in Edo state and I didn't know anyone else doing it, so I had to figure out by myself how to get what I needed.
 My first satin "bonnet" was a piece of hot pink bridal satin I had gotten from my tailor's shop. I lined the inside of my hairnet with it and hand stitched it in place. It wasn't cute, but it did the job. 

        Since then I have used a lot of packaged satin scarves and bonnets. You know those ones from supermarkets that are mostly black?
Here's one.

  This one is an improvement on a cotton scarf because it's not as abrasive but it's certainly not the best satin. It's not completely friction free. Satin scarves are not all created equal.
I really didn't want to have to go to the market in search of bridal satin so I just managed. 
        When @Lexmall on instagram said they were sending me their satin sleep cap, I hoped it would be what I had been looking for. 

      It was. This satin is the real deal. As soon as I received it I was moved to give them instant feedback: "The quality is 👌👌❤" I said.
 It is SO smooth to touch. It glides around my hair with zero friction so my hair can't even rub up against it. The best indicator is that when I take it off in the morning, my hair is as I left it - smooth as ever and moisturised. No dryness or roughness.
        It's so fun that it is reversible. Who else gets excited by reversible stuff? I have since I was a child. Like, you have something you can wear and then it turn inside-out and wear that too? Gawshhh. I had this top... Please tell me I'm not the only one.
    I love my sleep cap, it is the royal blue/starry night one. 

The reverse
The sleep caps retail for N1500 and are available in a number of places.
  • Online: Same day delivery
  • Invivo, Leisure Mall Surulere
  • Make Me Salon, 40 Bode Thomas Surulere
  • YemYem store Unilag
  • Patrick Beauty Zone, Ikeja
  • Chic & Style Salon Ikeja
  • Call to order: 07032020063 
  • I saw them at Casabella, Palms Shopping mall yesterday. They cost more there though.
  • Adols Hair 29 Ajayi Aina, Ifako, Gbagada
  • Yanga Pro Beauty, 103 Victory Plaza, Marian road Calabar.
Please feel free to add to the list in the comments. 

Would I repurchase? Most definitely. As soon as this one needs to be replaced.
   * I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this review. I will always give only my honest opinion about products.