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 This little cutie is a full Nigerian girl from Chibok, and she's a natural blonde. Little Franca is also NGND's first feature, heyyyy💃

   Mom, Dad and Franca's twin brother all have dark brown hair, but Franca is Nigerian Goldilocks. Her mom washes and re-braids it with regular hair pomade every two weeks or when she's able. That's all.

Ombre ♡♡

    Her hair has never been chemically processed. Her mother is relaxed, but says she has no intention of relaxing her daughter's hair.
      Mom was quite tickled by my interest in her daughter's hair and helped her stay still for the pictures. I tried to make it fast, didn't want to keep her from her cheese balls.

       I had of course seen unusual hair on Nigerians before Franca. Starting from home:
My sister and one of my brothers have hair the colour of red earth (my brother dyes his black sometimes and my sister's is usually covered by weaves and wigs. Sigh)
I have a number of cousins with blonde hair as well - their hair colour matches their skin and eye colour.
My lil stunner cousin Jedd. He gets it from his Mama

My cousin Crystal, Jedd's momma. Her hair was very pale when we were little but years of relaxer have altered it. She is now transitioning and it's starting to come back.

      What struck me about Franca is she has glowing dark skin in contrast to her golden hair. She is well melanated (I've been itching to use that word).

       Kind of reminds of the Melanasians of the Solomon Islands; they have really dark skin and 10% of their population have very, very blonde hair. Some people thought it was due to some European ancestry but neauxp, scientific research was done and the experiments showed that it is their very own genetic heritage. It's the result of a mutation in a single gene and is a recessive trait, so both parents must carry the gene to have a child with blonde hair.
photo: SuneWendelboe/TrekEarth
You can see more about them here.

So much beauty in this world. All the skin and hair types and colours- so much diversity, it's amazing.

       I love blonde hair but I was hesitant to try it because I felt you have to be super light-skinned to pull it off. Seeing my little melanated slayer Franca in her blonde curls gave me the guts to do these styles last year:
Read here and here
These are extensions but maybe one day I'll actually dye my hair. Maybe.


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  1. So much diversity really. Came across the Melanesians recently and was so surprised.

    1. Yeah I was surprised too. You don't see such features everyday

  2. Dye your hair! I know you have the energy to take care of the extra DC-ing :p
    Really interesting, the many ways we Africans look. I know someone born with a blonde streak. Platinum blonde or white, depending on how your eyes process it. Like Princess Anna in Frozen.

    1. That would be breathtaking. My friend was born with something similar at her nape, with underlying depigmented skin. She tends to cover it but I think it's so beautiful

  3. Aww love her hair! I saw a little baby with curly blonde in my village in Rivers last Christmas but she was fair (not as light as your cousin though). I hope her mum keeps it up and let it grow like that.

    1. I hope so too. Just imagine a curly blonde 'fro...
      I might just let AB talk me into actually colouring this hair

  4. The picture of you on the right actually looks like you dyed it. Fits you well.
    The Other Side of Midnight

  5. love it!!! wish I had blonde hair too!!!lol

  6. Lovely, am just like you lol

  7. Wow, so much diversity. Thank you for the word 'Melanated'. That blonde dark girl is beautiful. You blonde hair suits you too.

    Inez | My Small World

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