Upcoming Event: The NHCG Salon Day Out

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Hey guys,
How're you doing?

        I'll explain my absence in a bit, but first let me do you one and let you know about the June Salon Day Out.

        It is a yearly event hosted by Dabs, owner of Naija Hair Can Grow blog and the Savvychic Hair & Beauty Hub.

    I was at last year's event, and I was privileged to speak about my hair journey. I blogged about it here.
The first event I attended that was hosted by Dabs was her garden party and from these two, I can tell you that Dabs knows how to put an event together like no tomorrow. The programme is always packed full.

       This year, the Salon Day Out is on the 5th of June at The Red Carpet Hall Oniru (Four Points Sheraton road) at Victoria Island.
You can see what she has planned for the day here. If you want to battle for 100k worth of products, click here to see how.
Oh, and Ekene and Uzo, my blogger boos whose links come up here a lot, will be speaking this year.
    I'll be there and you should come too. Please say Hi, I would love to see you, take selfies, and get in your snaps, hehe. I still haven't been persuaded to join Snapchat but you know, photobombing game is tight.
Can't wait.


P.s. Yes, my absence, hmm. Is your internet service provider treating you right? Mine has been showing me pepper. It's not even a joke. It has been epileptic over time, and dead for over two months, and I stayed, like a long suffering spouse because I'm really attached to the number as I've had it since secondary school. Well no more. I won't be defrauded. I'm back now.
   Thanks to all those who noticed and commented about my blog's new 1look. I see you! I should have done a whole launch and everything but I was taking a shot in the dark, just feeling it out. I hadn't done anything like it before, never tinkered with html and css code. I'm so proud of the way it turned out. Not bad for a first timer ey? I'll do a post on the process.



  1. Yes oh... Your blog is seriously yummy like I said. The logo also killed it!

    Was at the garden party, but never been to the salon day out. Hopefully I'd be able to go because ,it sounds really interesting already.

    About internet providers, I feel you girl! It's the worst thing ever. I'm still experiencing it, but somehow, we're able to work out our differences hehe

    1. Thank you Dami 😄
      I really hope you come. More people I know, more fun.
      I'm enjoying my new one more. The old one was really misbehaving

  2. Its been a while I stopped over here.. I love love the new look!

    Would look forward to a recap of the event since I won't be able to attend.
    Cheers dear.

    1. Awww maybe next year?
      Thanks for coming back Tamie, don't go again o.

  3. Hi Doc Sandy,

    The new look is great, feels like a freshly painted parlour, complete with a comfy couch and all. Lol

    I remember seeing rave reviews of the last NHCG Day. Dabs has done really well. :-)

    1. Haha, nice comaparison Nedoux. It does feel like a new home. I hope I'll see you at the event. Loads to talk about..