Crochet Braids: Senegalese twists with Wow Braids

May 29, 2016 Naija girl next door 16 Comments

Hello guys, how've you been?

       It appears crochet braids have taken over, with all the brands coming out with their own version of pre-braided/twisted hair. One of them is Wow Braids, which I saw for the first time when my friend Kudi showed up at mine on a Saturday, demanding my crochet services.

      The first thing to figure out with crochet is the braid pattern to use. How do you want to wear the hair? Kudi wanted to be able to wear her twists in ponytails and buns; so the sides, front and back had to be neatly braided, with no bulk.

Crochet braid pattern
All-back cornrows would create bulk at the nape, and a high ponytail or bun might look messy at the back. With this braid pattern, the bulk is hidden in the centre where nobody can see.

    I used a latch hook. If you need to see how to use a latch hook to attach the hair, Youtube is a great resource.

     One thing I've noticed- the knot at the root of each braid faces the direction of the latch hook. Here's what I mean-
Knot is overlying when the latch hook points up.
Knot is underlying when the latch hook points down.
I found that the method with the knot overlying was more secure, while the underlying knot looked a little better in a ponytail. I went with the overlying knot for more security.

      We used three packs, save a few twists from the last pack. I was done in about an hour, give or take twenty minutes.

This is why crochet braids are going nowhere.
Think about it. Five or six hours trapped between the knees of a talkative hairdresser, wondering who I offended, are firmly in my past. The first few days of headache and nights of discomfort, being afraid to smile lest I burst a scalp vessel; parting with individual braids at the most embarrassing possible moments, with my precious edges snatched from me. All these things have passed away...

     Kudi was very happy with her hair for all these reasons and more. She sent me these pictures.

I love this messy bun

UPDATE: Hair was bought from at 2k each, 6k for 3 packs.

I'll leave the links to other crochet hairstyles I've done below:
My first crochet weave with Xpression braiding hair
Bob-length grey box braids
Invisible part crochet braids
Faking a tapered cut and colour with crochet
Crochet braid fail
      Have you used the crochet method for braids, twists or a weave? What's your favourite style? Do you like this one? I love to read your comments. :) :*



  1. Big fan of crochet braids you know! Gone are days of micro braids..

  2. Loving your hair!! This is so weird I had the exact same hairdo as you!! I am so loving my crotchet braids!!

    1. Hi ya! Thanks :)
      That's not me though, it's my friend. I just crocheted it in

  3. Beautiful!
    You're giving me ideas!
    And your Kudi looks like one of my closest friends, D :)
    Could you ask Kudi where she got the braids and for how much?

    1. Lol, we should meet all these our doppelgangers o. Marilyn and I should have a 'spot the difference' photo.
      The braids were from for 2k each or 6k for 3 packs.
      Updating post now...

  4. Nice,easy and I will try it out. Welcome back!

  5. Hi Sandra,

    How've you been?

    Ah, crochet braids for president! The ministry is really moving with new brands releasing their products, the more the merrier. Lol @ "trapped between the knees of a talkative hairdresser"

    I'd never heard about Wow Braids before now, I hope their products comes in a variety of colours. I'll check out their site.

    Thank you for sharing this. :-)

    1. Haha, you're welcome Nedu. They have a small range of colours, and even some ombre ones.
      Crochet braids be changing my life

  6. Nice and neat pls how many strands per pack?

    1. Do you know, I've been quiye mad at myself for not remembering. I actually counted before I started. If I had to hazard a guess I would say 20-something to 30.

  7. Oh man!! I love it!!!Looks very natural on Kudi!

    1. Right? I love it too, I was even inspired to get mine done after

  8. Is this what you're wearing now?

    1. No, I twisted mine myself. I had braiding hair laying around so I used that, and then crocheted it in.