Crochet Braids: Senegalese twists with Wow Braids

May 29, 2016 Naija girl next door 16 Comments

Hello guys, how've you been?

       It appears crochet braids have taken over, with all the brands coming out with their own version of pre-braided/twisted hair. One of them is Wow Braids, which I saw for the first time when my friend Kudi showed up at mine on a Saturday, demanding my crochet services.

      The first thing to figure out with crochet is the braid pattern to use. How do you want to wear the hair? Kudi wanted to be able to wear her twists in ponytails and buns; so the sides, front and back had to be neatly braided, with no bulk.

Crochet braid pattern
All-back cornrows would create bulk at the nape, and a high ponytail or bun might look messy at the back. With this braid pattern, the bulk is hidden in the centre where nobody can see.

    I used a latch hook. If you need to see how to use a latch hook to attach the hair, Youtube is a great resource.

     One thing I've noticed- the knot at the root of each braid faces the direction of the latch hook. Here's what I mean-
Knot is overlying when the latch hook points up.
Knot is underlying when the latch hook points down.
I found that the method with the knot overlying was more secure, while the underlying knot looked a little better in a ponytail. I went with the overlying knot for more security.

      We used three packs, save a few twists from the last pack. I was done in about an hour, give or take twenty minutes.

This is why crochet braids are going nowhere.
Think about it. Five or six hours trapped between the knees of a talkative hairdresser, wondering who I offended, are firmly in my past. The first few days of headache and nights of discomfort, being afraid to smile lest I burst a scalp vessel; parting with individual braids at the most embarrassing possible moments, with my precious edges snatched from me. All these things have passed away...

     Kudi was very happy with her hair for all these reasons and more. She sent me these pictures.

I love this messy bun

UPDATE: Hair was bought from at 2k each, 6k for 3 packs.

I'll leave the links to other crochet hairstyles I've done below:
My first crochet weave with Xpression braiding hair
Bob-length grey box braids
Invisible part crochet braids
Faking a tapered cut and colour with crochet
Crochet braid fail
      Have you used the crochet method for braids, twists or a weave? What's your favourite style? Do you like this one? I love to read your comments. :) :*



Upcoming Event: The NHCG Salon Day Out

May 21, 2016 Naija girl next door 6 Comments

Hey guys,
How're you doing?

        I'll explain my absence in a bit, but first let me do you one and let you know about the June Salon Day Out.

        It is a yearly event hosted by Dabs, owner of Naija Hair Can Grow blog and the Savvychic Hair & Beauty Hub.

    I was at last year's event, and I was privileged to speak about my hair journey. I blogged about it here.
The first event I attended that was hosted by Dabs was her garden party and from these two, I can tell you that Dabs knows how to put an event together like no tomorrow. The programme is always packed full.

       This year, the Salon Day Out is on the 5th of June at The Red Carpet Hall Oniru (Four Points Sheraton road) at Victoria Island.
You can see what she has planned for the day here. If you want to battle for 100k worth of products, click here to see how.
Oh, and Ekene and Uzo, my blogger boos whose links come up here a lot, will be speaking this year.
    I'll be there and you should come too. Please say Hi, I would love to see you, take selfies, and get in your snaps, hehe. I still haven't been persuaded to join Snapchat but you know, photobombing game is tight.
Can't wait.


P.s. Yes, my absence, hmm. Is your internet service provider treating you right? Mine has been showing me pepper. It's not even a joke. It has been epileptic over time, and dead for over two months, and I stayed, like a long suffering spouse because I'm really attached to the number as I've had it since secondary school. Well no more. I won't be defrauded. I'm back now.
   Thanks to all those who noticed and commented about my blog's new 1look. I see you! I should have done a whole launch and everything but I was taking a shot in the dark, just feeling it out. I hadn't done anything like it before, never tinkered with html and css code. I'm so proud of the way it turned out. Not bad for a first timer ey? I'll do a post on the process.



A regular fan's review of Asa Live In Lagos Concert

May 03, 2016 Naija girl next door 13 Comments


 Hey guys, how was your long weekend?
 I'm holding all planned posts to tell you how my YEAR was made with the Asa Live in Lagos Concert!
Don't you love her bob locs? 

Asa's music is beyond. She releases an album and it becomes the soundtrack to my life, whatever the subject.
     If Asa sings about heartbreak, it doesn't matter if you're in a fulfilling relationship or blissfully single, you gotta clutch your chest and howl about your broken heart.

That is what happened at that dream-come-true of a concert.
 It had been a long wait, nine years a fan and finally I see the Asa live in Lagos poster.

 I informed my sister that no jupiter would stop us from going. We got tickets and she paid for both. That is true love- Love is patient, Love is kind, Love takes you to see Asa.

    To let you know that she's a world class professional, the show started at 7pm just like Asa said. I got into the hall by 8:30pm so I missed some of the opening acts. Bez was performing, and after him Rachel Kerr. Great performances, but you know, I was all about the main attraction.

 Then Asa came on stage. We rose, cheered, roared and happily risked high tone deafness.
 She started with Awe, one of my personal favourites. She took us once again through the story again of Wahidi and the Aunty that he knocked up.
 "O l'oyun fun o/ iwo iwo naa" and the entire crowd as one cried out in time, "Wahidi! Omo Sekina, omo Muina! Omo Mohammed!" 
Yes sir I was in my zone.
      Then we had jams from her third album- we rejoiced with Eyo, thundered to Satan Be Gone, expressed our commitment issues with The One Who Never Comes.
All the feels.
Asa connected, and held us firmly throughout.
 I wish I could take you through every single song she performed but.

 Ah! When Cobhams came out <3
Imagine Cobhams' voice. Imagine Asa's. Now imagine them together on Beyonce's Halo no less. Real chills. I must have levitated on the magic that was that duet.

 We confronted our betrayers, real and imagined as we sang "so it was you/so it was you/ you picked up the knife and you cut me in two!" in Left for Dead.
     Awww, and the ode to her mother and all mothers- So Beautiful always moves me. I'm sending that one to my momma.

    Asa spoke to us at intervals. She was funny, witty. She was happy to be home performing for us finally; she shouted out the strong, beautiful ladies in the house (cue fists in the air and cheers); and when she paused a girl shouted "We love you!" and as we clapped and whooped our approval, I was thinking "Dang I should have done that". Lols.

My jam, The way I Feel! When she got to that "I feel there's gonna be an explosion" part, there was an actual explosion as her supercallifragilisticespiallidocius band delivered a rousing instrumental and Asa did that! Baby girl got moves, and when she busted out the shoki, the roof went offffff....

 Of course the classics- Fire On The Mountain, Jailer, Bibanke were the ones that got the most rooted attendees off their feet. Everyone knows those. It was like group karaoke. Our oyibo friends in the audience sef were all "Bibankeee bo jo ba n ro/ fimisile!"
     It was a mesmerising two hours that felt longer for its intensity and shorter because we didn't want it to end.
Asa is ________ (insert favourite slang eg Fire, Bomb, a beast!) and her concert was indescribable.
   She ended on a cheery note with Why Can't We, and then it was good night to us Regular folks. Time will come for VIP tickets  and it will be worth every cent to right in front of Asa's stage.
For now a Naija youth corps member has to cut her coat according to her khaki, even if someone else is paying.

You can see video clips, more pictures, more talk on social media with the hashtag #asaliveinlagos. It was trending yo! If the red carpet is your thing you'll see those too.

I saw this tweet:

Yassssss cosign, copy, paste, print and stamp!
I came to lose my voice. I mean, I could have posted the videos I took but I don't think anyone wants to hear my unflattering shrieks.

So, if you were in Regular, stage right; and you saw one small, light-skinned girl jamming with composure, that was my friend Kudi.


Puff life

Roseline, my sister, me, Kudi; before Asa came on.

Picture with my best friend