Wash day files: Featuring New Products and a Braidout Fail

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Hello there, you okay?
  I know I said in my last wash day post that I'll share my clay wash next, but I'll push it until I've used rhassoul clay a couple of times.  I want to compare it to bentonite clay which I have used a lot (Including here and here).

   Alright. So the wash day after: I was excited to use my new products from my latest haul [the giveaway is still on and ends on Sunday].
  My scalp was clean because I washed with Aveeno Naturals baby wash (not much to say about that really) before taking down my kinky twists.
So I-
  1. Parted my hair in four sections and detangled with water + oil in a spray bottle.
  2. Deep conditioned with Aubrey's GPB conditioner, twisted and covered with a processing cap for hours.
  3. Rinsed thoroughly and wrapped loosely with a towel to drain excess water. My hair was not soft unlike previous times I used this dc. Could be because it's a new formula, or because this time I needed moisture more than protein, but used it anyway. I'll know more with further use.
  4. Leave-ins: a spray bottle of water + Shea Moisture Superfruit Conditioner + olive oil; sealed with a few drops of coconut oil per section.
  5. I parted my hair into front and back halves, and did a few quick cornrows. I remembered halfway to try out my Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle. So only the front half got it. I used a pea sized amount per section. You want to use it this stuff sparingly.
     Now here's where the problem began. Power failure. If you live in Lagos you can probably relate. Heat, no light, no fuel to power the generators. Is this life? 

Day 2- The result of the power failure was that all my devices were dead the next day.     I didn't do all that to my hair to not have pictures taken! Thankfully I didn't have to work, so I spent the day safely under my satin scarf. 
Day 3- still no light. You have got to be kidding me. I didn't spend a whole day under a scarf just to give up now. I have a chiffon scarf that is too light, so I had to use a tank top to add volume to the scarf and go to work. The deepest hair struggs I've ever had.
Day 4- happily back in Lekki where the generator works at least.
Time for takedown. So rough now
 I finally got to undo the braids. Hmmm... Turn my head this way and that. No volume. All that time in tight braids made my hair refuse to rise. Plus, my hair seems a lot shorter since my very necessary trim, even my sister mentioned it. I didn't think I had taken off that much. 
Anyway I attempt to separate, which I'm not even good at. Mis.Take.
I end up with frizz and no definition.
That's Adaeze, having a fabulous hair day with her bob faux locs.
Hair acting up...        But who cares!
Adaeze and I went to Surulere and were thoroughly overfed by Abiakam, who is undeniably Bae. A fantastic day.
      By the time I was home, Lagos humidity had laid its hand on my hair and it rose. Oh it rose. And I loved it, but couldn't decide what to do to it.
    Then inspiration hit and I put in my loose twists that night. I'm still wearing that. 

  Next day was Sunday. Sunday, my people, deserves its own post. Drama smacked us in the face on sunday. The post is coming. 

How was your wash day? How was your weekend? Remember to join the Wash Day Experience



  1. We all pray for the day our braid outs come out like the youtube tutorial we watched. But Until then your chunky braid out is still a hit. Anxiously waiting for the Sunday drama post.

    1. I tell you! They make it look so easy and definite. Thanks for consoling me about my braidout. Lol.
      I'll put up the drama post by the end of today.

  2. You did a really good job neatly braiding! And your hair is beautifully stretched.
    I haven't gotten the hang of braid outs yet. I always feel like the results are too "spikey" and piecey on me. Then my hair doesn't quite lay like I want it to. I'm guessing that I just need more length..

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. Awww thanks. I wasn't too happy about the results but you guys are so kind...
      I feel on the "not laying quite right". That's how I feel too

  3. This no light issue tho! But the hair turned out nice! welldone!

    1. Thank you b :*
      No light, extreme heat. Only God can save us

  4. Despite NEPA wahala, your hair still turned out nice. Well done!

  5. You know part of your title "Braidout Fail" got me laughing...........lol

    I know the feeling and that's why I'm amused. But you know you always have a fabulous hair; fail or not, even if na scatter your dada......lol, it's still gorgeous.

    1. Hehehehe! Scatter your dada. Thank you Tochukwu.

  6. Hair acting up. But who cares? Lol. Beautiful hair btw.


  7. im not reallysure this is a braid out fail because your hair looks gorgeous. please go check out my blog.