Wash Day: With Green Tea

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   When I saw this week's wash day theme I was skeptical- Tea for two. You may have read my post on my experience with black tea. I had long given up on tea rinsing.
 Coffee has been bae for shedding so I was just going to skip the tea and offer my hair a Starbucks instead (as if)...

Until I discovered there was no coffee at home.
My sister had accused me a week earlier of not properly closing the jar of coffee. I went, "I don't even drink coffee!"
"You use it on your hair!"
Fair point. I probably didn't tighten the lid. Still mumbled a denial. Hissss.
 It was on wash day I was informed she had thrown out the coffee. Le sigh. Tea it was.
I'm a tea drinker. Mostly herbal and fruity infusions, black tea occasionally. But green tea? Ugh. Tastes like despair. I bought a grapefruit flavoured one but it was even worse. I literally gagged when I had it. It's been sitting in the cupboard and I finally found a use for it.

The Wash
I started with a dry, matted, old twistout

  • Poured the cooled green tea brew into a spray bottle and with my hair in sections,  spritzed my scalp.
  • Because black tea hardened my hair badly I restricted the green tea to my scalp initially, but I noticed that where it touched my hair there was no hardening, so I misted my hair as well.
  • Applied the last of Shea Moisture Purification Masque + honey + olive/coconut/soybean oil on top- softness and slip followed [my review of the masque here]
  • Finger combed and twisted up the sections. 
  • Covered with a shower cap for three hours (laziness), then rinsed thoroughly. 
  • Wrapped in a cotton tshirt for thirty minutes to soak up excess water. 
The green tea worked just as well as coffee for shedding. I'm so happy I have options, and that I get to use up my tea.  
  • Leave-ins: very important because I was going to thread my hair which tends to dry it out. Shea Moisture Replenishing Conditioner and diy Cocoa butter cream to seal.
Before threading

  • Threaded each section then used flax seed gel on my edges and tied down with a satin scarf.
See the stretch compared to the twists? 
Takedown: the next morning. The thread still sucked out some moisture from my hair, but did a great job of stretching my kinks.

How was your wash day? 


  1. Love the length and thickness! How many teabags did you use?


    1. Thanks :* :*
      I used just one. Since I was just going to spritz and not pour, I didn't need a lot of tea. :)

  2. I'm not a tea drinker but I agree with you about the taste of green tea. My wash day went well. No complaints. What type of thread do you use to stretch your hair?

    1. I used Brazilian wool leftover from my faux locs. I prefer rubber thread to this one and acrylic wool, but my sis mistakenly threw my rubber thread in the trash. Lol. Will replace.

  3. Yay! I had the same experience with my first black tea rinse too! Green tea all the way!

    Your stretched hair looks so fluffy!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. Green tea for the mula! My pleasure KLP, love this link-up

  4. That's thread for you, it sucks the moisture out. I've been thinking of using plastic thread instead.


    1. Plastic thread is way better. It's not as drying. The few times I used the other kinds, I had run out.

  5. Hi Doc Sandy,

    I laughed so hard @ "Tastes like despair" Ah! Green tea is an acquired taste, one either loves or they don't, no middle ground whatsoever.

    When I used to do tea rinses, I observed that black tea hardened my hair and left me with crunchy hair that was prone to tangle, so I switched to Green Tea. Now I skip that step on my wash days, I didn't see the point.

    I imagine green tea will be great as a setting lotion for roller-set styles. The curls will be crisp and shiny.

    I enjoy reading your wash day posts. :-)

    Have a lovely rest-of-the-week!

    1. I'm so grateful you read :* :* thank you.
      I believe you about green tea Nedu, my palate revolted completely.
      The green tea setting lotion- that's an idea!

  6. I am gonna try the Green tea thing. Talking of fruit infusion in tea, I love the strawberry lipton tea. In the main news, Sandra it is either you keep me informed on watsapp or your next post where you buy all this essential oils or you get ready to give me yours. It isn't a treat, but a friendly style of asking. Lol! not begging.

    1. Hey girl! I'm laughing in tears...
      I get my essential oils online- olori.com.ng. Almost all hair vendors carry though. In pharmacies they're more expensive.
      For carrier oils I'm a food aisle shopper o. My EV olive oil, coconut oil and soybean are from supermarket shelves. I add our well known Grand soybean oil to my hair and skin oil because it doesn't really smell, unlike Sunola.

  7. Ah! Your hair is so beautiful and fluffy. Some how I just think my hair loves so much attention and revolts when I ignore it. It is just STUNTED! *cries in 4c hair*
    I'm an addicted tea drinker and i've tried the green tea rinse on my hair. But that was last year(why did I stop? I don't know) but I'd definitely start doing this to my hair again. Very sad sturvz.

    BeautifullyJune Blog