2015 in a post

January 01, 2016 Naija girl next door 22 Comments

What. A. Year.
  I think 2015 was my fullest year yet. I went back to blog posts, pictures, messages and I'm surprised how much I did and how much happened.
It was also the year of my big chop and so will always be an important year in my hair journey.
  I don't believe the new year "brings" some kind of change as if by magic. Just a euphoria that passes quickly as people realise the same old things are still there. God's blessings aren't bound by time of year.
     January is my favourite month of the year though;
 Everyone calms down, no turn up. It amuses me how much people regret having spent too much, as if they had forgotten there's life after the holidays. Everyone counts the minutes till payday and grumbles "this January no dey finish?". Oh and the rude awakening- back to work, back to school, don't even dream about public holiday until March/April. Buhahahaha. I love dark humour. It's also my birth month.
Anyway, a look at 2015.
Work and career

I changed in 2015.
For the first time in my life I felt like a grown-up.
Most of my housemanship happened in 2015. I think the job, all that responsibility and accountability made me into this serious person. I learned so much, settled into my profession, fell more deeply in love with it as a whole but fell out of love with what I had thought might be my chosen specialty. I wrote a bit about it here.
   Financially, big paradox. I earned the most in 2015. I also got to my most broke in the same year. I started thinking about investment, business, practical career steps. I think more now. I'm no longer a free spirit. Darn.


It's been the time of my life.
 I have had FUN. I've been hurt. I lost my grandad and I'm still not over it.
I've realised how much I love the people I have.
   Thank you Gbemi for being there ALL THE TIME and for trusting me with everything.
   Thank you Tope because you can make anything seem small and funny.
   Thank you David for all the good you bring out in me.
   Thank you Solomon for the million ways you make me laugh silly.
   Thank you Ojay for making me run more than I ever thought I could. #fitfam
    Thank you Jayne for allll the no-occassion gifts, those are the best; and for dashing me money at this age when that never happens! This growing up thing is a problem.


    Can I let you in on a secret?
I'm kind of scared of my blog. Of planning too much and then losing the fun and dumping it. It's happened with novels I started in the past.
 My blog had a spur of the moment start in 2014 and I had no clue if I would continue to write. Now I can't imagine I'll stop. I'm comfortable, I just let it flow; no schedules, hardly any blog goals except to buy my domain name.
I want to step out of my comfort zone and start taking it more seriously, one step at a time so I can still have fun with it. I also want to do collabos with other bloggers if possible, online and offline stuff.

I can't tell you guys how thankful I am to you all for reading this lil blog... As Uzoma of Dont Touch The Hair said, I have a blog family now. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you. To those who actually take the time out to comment, I appreciate every single word you drop for me. And you who do so repeatedly, I see you. You're part of this blog family I just mentioned.

   The posts that turned out to be favourites, based on views:
Faux locs with Brazilian wool
The best darn box braid method for natural hair
Crochet braids with invisible parting
Wash day: A big trim and the heavenly homemade dc
Crochet braids: Tapered cut and colour
Short kinky twists and the shortlived crochet weave
   Hmmm. Posts on my protective styles got the most views, followed by wash days. Message received.
  What other kinds of posts would you guys like to see? Please please comment and let me know so I can work on it. Hair, non-hair, anything. Go crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Sandra baby😘😘😘😘

  2. ��������
    I wish you all the best on this platform,it's taking you to bigger and higher places

  3. Baby thanks for being a huge part of not only 2015 but my life in general, u need to big grin on my fave reading this 😀 God bless you for me and take you beyond your wildest dreams😘😘😘. Mama loves you

  4. Typos are so annoying....
    Oh well y'all get the gist

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  6. Never met any as focus as you are... Thanks for being a major part of my life....... Other kinds of posts, hmmm (Fooooooood and recipe)... :D

    1. ({}) you're awesome...
      And such a foodie, lol. I'll work on the food posts. You have to recreate them o, and I'll be judge

  7. *Bawling* *Drops acceptance speech*. I didnt make your 2015 list! In Chigul's voice "Waow" No problem, this 2016 ama be on you like a tough stain. In other news, Happy New Year Sandy! May all your dreams come to fulfillment! Worst behaviour!

    1. Olereeee lmaooooo *rolls off bed*
      It's the distance doing this to us. You know you're still very important to me and I'm so proud of you- all you've done, all the amazing things you're sure to do.
      Worst behaviour!

  8. Hello Sandra,

    Hahahaha! I love both your dark humour and your vision 20-20 as far as reality is concerned. Yes, a New Year doesn't automatically catwalk at midnight all fragrant and bursting at the seams with effortless change, one has to work hard for the change they desire.

    Growing up is great and comes with it's pains, but it's all good. One learns. :-)

    Your hair is doing well, in fact you are one of my inspirations with regards to how doable transitioning to my natural curls will be when I'm ready to take the plunge.

    I wish you happiness and blessings in the New Year.

    1. Nedu the word slayer *doffs hat* You make me happy truly.
      My hair and I are honoured to inspire. Please stay with us.
      I wish you successes in all you do now and always

  9. happy new year, hopefully this year will be your best yet :)

    1. Thank you so much. I hope so too, constant improvement is the goal. I wish you the best

  10. Go girl, I also don't believe in new year resolutions, I only see it as a fresh start As for online and offline collaborations, Something is in the brew. Better year ahead

  11. Happy new year dear

  12. Prosperous New Year to you girl.


  13. Lool, Madam Dark Humour.
    Happy New Year!
    Would love to collaborate with you, let me know if you think of something.


    1. Hey Tuke, Yayy! I have a few rough thoughts, I'll let you know when I have something ready to share