The Versatile Blogger Award: 7 random facts about me

November 18, 2015 Naija girl next door 20 Comments

Heyyy people
     I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the t-t-t-talented Dupe of modhancrochet Thanks girl, it's an honour. You guys, she crochets whole dresses. Everything I crochet becomes a beanie :(
    About this award, you accept by:
  1.  Thanking the person who nominated you and linking back to their blog, as above.
  2. Sharing 7 things about yourself and 
  3. Tagging 15 bloggers you'd like to honour as well.
Alright, 7 things about me. Let's see if I can mix fun trivia with deep, dark revelations. Jk; those shall stay in my cupboard Mwahahahaha!

1. About my name, Sandra. My mum loved the name Alexandra and what it means- Helper of man. Then last minute, she thinks her baby daughter might grow up and complain that the name is too long, so she has them put a shorter version on my birth certificate: Sandra.
I am so salty about it. I find Sandra quite basic and would have preferred to have all nine letters of Alexandra in my birth cert.
I have a friend who's Alexandra and every now and then Momma smiles and says "That's your name you know". Yeah I know, but I can't really use it can I? I am "Sandra" *sulk sulk*
      Fun fact: I'm living up to my name, helping people medically. That makes me happy.

2. I'm really bad at returning personal calls. Someone or the other is always angry with me. I'll want to leave it until I'm settled and then somehow I forget, or I have it at the back of my mind "Have to call A back, should definitely return B's call" and then I don't. Next thing I know, the person is calling again and I'm like "Kai. I should have called first."
    At work on the other hand, I'm a robot with vibrating antennae. Will not even miss your call unless I'm gloved, and then I'll call back immediately my hands are clean. Why I can't translate this to my personal life is beyond me.
Wofai Fada's Instagram kills me

3. I look nothing like my mom except for the gap in my upper front teeth. I love my gap but didn't think it was anything until people would point it out and call it cute.
Details of this hairstyle here
  All my siblings had it but theirs gradually closed up after they got their permanent teeth. Mine is the last survivor (Roarrr) and Mom is very happy it stayed.
Fun fact: Diastema is the medical term for it. Plural is Diastemata.

4.  I hate watermelon. I'm not a picky eater at all but growing up I was convinced it smelled and tasted like Quinine and would spit it out each time I braved it. The sight of a heavily seeded watermelon gives me goosebumps and makes my back itch. It's the seeds. Ick.
Now I can stomach it, but I would never just volunteer to eat it or buy it with my money.

5.  Speaking of food, I would try almost anything. Bring on the Octopus. But, I draw the line at Lungs and Intestine (no "assorted" thanks), Dog, Cat, Snake and for some years now: bush meat. Did I hear a gasp? I know, I know, Nigerians don't play with their bush meat. I mean Grasscutter specifically, although I haven't had any other kind either.
If I were to tell you the story of how Rats terrorised me in my hostel, third year Uni...
Let's just say I don't see the difference between house rat and bush rat aka Grasscutter.

6. I'm very possessive of some of my music. I love finding obscure artistes that perhaps only a handful of people know about because they're not commercial. They're real, raw. Lyrics for daysss. Concentrated content. They reach deep. The icing on the cake is I won't hear them elsewhere. It feels extra special and I become like Smeagol with The Ring. It's ugly.

7.  I really wanted to dance ballet as a little girl. Ah! Naija rained on my parade with this one o.
Now I'll never know if I had the talent. At the very least, I would be able to do a full split now. *takes a moment to daydream*
Once in a while I incorporate an attempt into my solo locked-in jam sessions in front of the mirror.
And that's my deepest secret. No one will ever see.

     I feel like the bloggers I know that might do this have already done it or have been nominated, but I'll still nominate a few and if you do it you can leave a link below so I can read it.
   Not up to 15 but more than half is pass mark eh?



  1. Living testimony to the no call back... It's never too late to dance ballet :D....Really Sandra, CAT :|

    1. LOOL! I'm sorry Davo, I think it's kind of late to be very good at ballet but I guess I could learn some basics.
      And haven't you heard some people eat cat? Hohoho. Ask before you eat. Or don't, if you'd rather not know.

  2. Lol comfort knowing I'm not alone in the not calling back lane. I think your really pretty and I like your gap tooth...
    Clingy Girlfriends, What's not to love

    1. Thanks E29... lol, calling back is a struggle. We should have our own version of AA

  3. Loved reading this!! Lol @ the rat terrorists. In other news, That's how you breezed through ABJ without a beep. No wahala.

    1. Olly! I'm coming to find you on BBM now.
      Those rats! Equity hostel C block. Terror

    2. My diastema is wider than yours. Hehehehehe. Nice one bebe. Mwahhh. Don't worry we shall learn the dance, shan't we?������

  4. Nice one dear.

  5. Hahahahahaha! I dont like watermelon too, I have gap tooth but by the side, I love to dance, I teach people how to dance but not a ballet dancer. Things we have in common! Am posting mine right away. Thanks for choosing me.

    1. My comrade-in-arms against watermelon. *Fist bump*
      We should talk about this dance thing o

  6. I see a bit of me in about the gap tooth,I also hardly ever return calls infact I rarely call people sef(bad habit),and about my music,Im exactly the same,so when I meet someone that know that song or artist,its like we are kindred spirits.Im so-so about watermelon,and Im pretty sure i will never try more than a handful of new meals in my to see you are living up to your name.

    1. Sooo true about meeting someone with similar taste in music. We click instantly. We should compare libraries b.

  7. You don't like watermelon and assorted? Na wa o. Diastema is cute, though it is seen as a disorder in the western world.

    African Threading for Natural Hair

  8. @Sandra,Yup we should.Just tell me you know yanni or Enya,puhlease.*winks*

    1. Hahaha... I do. Wild child has always been my favourite Enya song. I don't know as many Enya songs as some of her diehard friends in my life do.
      Yanni does good stuff but I guess I'm more enticed by more lyrics

  9. Hi Doc,

    Congratulations on your nomination, I enjoyed reading your witty responses and getting to know you better.

    Lol, @ "Ballet", me too ! I wanted to wear glasses as a little girl, bespectacled people looked so cool to me.

    Thank you so much for the nomination, I am off to write down my responses. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Haaa! I wanted to wear glasses and got my wish in a very bad way. I still regret that wish.
      Can't wait to read yours, I love how you tell stories

  10. You don't know what you are missing o. Lungs and assorted! :D
    I can eat anything and everything from a cow, pig, goat... it's always fun to guess what part I'm eating. Lungs o, Tongue o, freaking wind pipe. As long as it's soft, as long as it's not hair or bones. Even the blockos ^_^

    1. Lmaooo here! I've had blockos suya. very amazing something! Sadly it was in port harcourt and I haven't been back and I've not seen it again. (How do u ask for it at the suya place???)