The Short and Sweet Wash Day + Twist & Curl

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 Sometimes it's great to have a full pamper session. We deserve it. We've been good girls all week, we've protected our hair, kept our hands off it; we've managed to maintain a relationship with our satin scarf/bonnet even though it's bent on walking out on us at night while we sleep; we even remembered to moisturise and seal most days.
 A pamper session would be appreciated: those tangles melting away under the command of a superior conditioner, then an oil, some sort of rinse, hair soaking up that good good, scalp singing shampoo praises... except we're the ones supposed to do all the work.
    As much as I would like to have a 7-step wash day from optional pre-poo to that essential seal, most of the time all I have in me is enough for maybe two steps. I live for those all-in-one treatments. Remember the amazing clay masque? Another one I like is the Shea Moisture Purification Masque [read the review]
     Heard about or seen Naptural85's video on her 15-minute co-wash? In the video she detangles in two sections with lots of coconut oil and follows with her cowash conditioner. [At this point stop the clock if you're going to cover and deep condition.] Then she gets in the shower and uses more of the conditioner to wash her scalp, rinse and out. 15 minutes and wash day is done. I mean.
     I did something similar last wash day.
1) I detangled my hair using a lot of coconut oil in four sections.
2) Applied SM Purification Masque on my hair and scalp. The slip gave additional detangling help.

Both pics taken just after applying conditioner.
3) I put the four sections in bantu knots and covered with a plastic cap and towel to have some heat, for an hour.
4) Rinsed thoroughly, rubbing my scalp to encourage cleaning. 
5) wrapped in a towel to drain, then applied a new leave-in: Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Conditioner. My Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Conditioner is almost finished so I got this.

6) sealed with a tiny bit of coconut oil and stretched my hair in twists, then wrapped the big twists on flexi rods. I was aiming for a good stretch not definition, so I wasn't precise.

My hair was really soft and mostly happy, except it was oily from the heavy use of coconut oil to detangle. Next time I'll remember that Nap85's hair and mine are not age mates. 
   Anyway, results:
Day 1

Day 2: put the barely-there curls in a puff.

    My curly styles hardly ever look the same the next day and by day three, gone. 
On day three I went back in the shower to get rid of some of the oil. I hate oily hair. I used just a tiny bit of Africa Naturalistas shampoo and it took out just enough oil, so I had the softness without the oiliness. Win.           How was your wash day? 
The wash day Experience is here



  1. Mine was easy breezy as I deep conditioned & cowashed my cornrows, currently wigging. I've got to try this purification masque. Your hair looks very soft & fluffy.

    1. Thanks Lisa, just read your post. It would be nice to get some wigs so I can start washing in cornrows o.

  2. Your hair looks nice, Sandra. My wash day took a while because I used perm rods. It took quite some time putting them in. Have you tried a wash and go before?

    1. Well I've literally washed and gone- I just fluffed my freshly washed hair into a shrunken afro. But I've never done the real "wash and go" with conditioner and gel. My shrinkage is too real.

  3. Love your hair. I don't have any wash day routine. I don't even section my hair when I want to wash it.*covers face *
    Clingy Girlfriends, What's Not To Love

    1. Loool! Girl uncover your face let me give you a talking-to.
      You know, you could come up with a really simple routine.

  4. That conditioner is a WINNER for you chica! It looks like your hair soaked every bit of it up!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

    1. Yeah it did! I love when that happens as opposed to just sitting on top.
      It's a keeper for me

  5. I love your curl pattern in the post-conditioner photos, you hair looks so ringlet-ty (if that's even a word) and soft. :-)

    1. Girl I wish I could tell you my hair does that all the time, but no that's the conditioner's doing. My hair is REAL Nigerian hair: very kinky kinks and shrinkage in all their glory

  6. Your hair looks so nice with the conditioner in.More style and tutorials*giving you the eye*.Like the second style pic.

  7. What Nedoux said.. And I totally agree with you. Not everytime use a whole day as wash day.. Sometimes 15 minutes lol.


  8. I love the post-conditioner photos as well
    + you look super cute in this post
    Very takeaway and stuvs