Crochet braids: Tapered cut and colour

October 08, 2015 Naija girl next door 25 Comments

   Hey you guys, how far? What did I miss?

  If you follow me on Instagram or are on my bbm then you probably saw my new blonde cut before this post. Maybe you sent me "Sandra!" And three bbm emoticons expressing suprise, shock, disbelief. "You dyed your hair??!" Lol. I guess after my big chop, cutting is much less shocking than a dye job. At least one thing was unanimous: everyone loved it. Not counting those that said nothing at all sha.
      I didn't mean to deceive you guys but the reactions were fun, I won't lie. Hehe. This is not my hair. It was made possible by the ever-evolving crochet braids. Don't worry I'll explain.

   I've been aching for some colour in my hair for quite a while. Remember my one day stint with hair chalk? I really don't want to process my hair with permanent dye, I fear damage from the bleach and the dye itself. Plus the results are well, permanent. I don't have that level of commitment to hair. I have been searching online for months and reading reviews for temporary hair colours and haven't really been excited about any option presented. Having dark hair is another obstacle to temporary colour.
   My ideal hair colour will;

  • Be semi-permanent: come out gradually in 6-8 or more washes
  • show up on very dark hair without bleach,
  • Not transfer to my clothes and sheets once it's in
  • Won't damage my natural kinks. 

    Meanwhile I have been taking screenshots of beautiful, coloured, tapered cuts for months with no intention of actually cutting. I figured I would do like the Youtubers and fake a tapered cut with my own hair (it's a thing o. Seriously) and temporary hair colour.
Inspiration from Pinterest. It's their own hair.

   Then I went into Pak's hair store at Finsbury Park in North London, looking for coloured marley hair for twists and so on, and I found kinky bulk hair from two different brands. Lightbulbs went off and I bought 2 packs of Sensationnel Afro Kinky Bulk Hair- in colour 4 and 27, 12 inches. They come in 3 bundles per pack.

One bundle of colour 4 12". This is the full length. Installing halves this.
Braid pattern was inspired by, but not exactly this:
She's HairbyGlenna on YT and she used this pattern for short kinky twists here. I felt it'd be perfect for what I was going for. 

I was working with freshly washed and deep conditioned but fully shrunken hair, so it was difficult. Next time I'll work on stretched hair.
 I didn't have to bother about being neat because they get covered anyway. Crochet braids- so forgiving.
Yikes. See how you don't even have to be able to braid to do this style?
 I couldn't even get a decent picture without contorting myself.
     I started out with the back and sides in colour 4 and that's when I realised how SHORT this hair really is. I intended to cut the sides after because it says 12 inches on the pack but that means when STRETCHED. I had to go back to the store and exchange the blonde in 12" for one in 20" for the top and middle or I would have had a twa, not the tapered look.
   Even the 20" is short but it was absolutely perfect for the look I was going for. I used two bundles of the colour 4 and all three of the colour 27.
   To show you how short it is, I didn't even have to cut when I was done. I just trimmed off a few bits to shape it up. It took me four hours after braiding to install the hair. I watched tv and I had my friend Alex for company.
    If you want to see how to crochet, there are a zillion YouTube tutorials. Really, just search. My latch hook is in Lagos so I used a bobby pin.

    Thanks for all the love. In return I really want to do a giveaway of this hair. Is that a good idea? I'll let you know when I'm ready with the details if you guys think it's a good idea.
  If you want to rock a twa- two 12". If you want a tapered cut like mine- 12", 20". If you want a nice full afro- two 20".
   Let me know what you think okay?


  1. Lol. Okay u got me! It's a good look on you. U still owe me hair colour thou. *side eye*

  2. I fell for it too. Then I remembered that you have many people invested in your hair. :-) It looks so real and natural and it suits you. Nice job.

    1. I can't tell what they'd do to me if I cut again. Hehehe
      Thanks Uzoh :D

  3. Almost thought you dyed and cut your hair, would've been interesting to find out the consequences of doing so, the crotchet hair looks so natural on you, great hair and choice of colour

    1. Yayy IT! Thanks Sug. I'm not willing to find out what would happen to my hair if I made a colour change this drastic. It would take a lot of chemical processing

  4. Ohhhh! SANDRA!!! I really thought you had it cut and dyed professionally and I was thinking, your hospital must really be lenient. Your hands are magical, I tell you! A Giveaway will be perfect.

    1. Thanks Hadassah :D
      I'm on holiday from all things hospital for now, NYSC is happening real soon so I can go crazy with my hair

  5. Really thought you went all out and got a dye job.Really pretty.A giveaway sounds good,the tapered fro is perfect.

    1. Ok I'll do the giveaway then : D Thanks for the compliments :*

  6. I don't know what shocks me the most. The fight that it looks so real, like your hair, or that you did it yourself. Wow.

    Demystefying Propelyne Glycol

    1. I have to credit this brand, the hair is so full of 4c awesomeness

  7. You had me fooled (-: it looks great.

  8. Whew! I saw your picture on AfricanNaturalista's blog and I had to literally run over to your blog, I never would have guessed crotchet. Looks too natural.

  9. Hey Doc,

    I really love the versatility of crochet braids, you look lovely :-)

    Your DIY-ing is on another level, great job!

  10. I absolutely looooooooooove it. I'm not sure if I could pull it off tho.
    Polka Dot & Jumpsuits

  11. did you leave some of your front hair out?