Wash day: One day as a Redhead

September 10, 2015 Naija girl next door 27 Comments

Hello everybody!
     Notice the more frequent posts lately? I'm done with housemanship; the mandatory one-year programme that cements the bombardment of book work and clinical exposure of Medical school; and sharpens your skill as a Doctor.
   Yes I'm happy to have reached another milestone but some days I miss work, other days I'm pondering the serious crash in income that service year will bring. I'll be an Otondo serving my country by the end of October. My pocket weeps.
   Of course I'm taking full advantage. Im doing the expected eating, sleeping, expermental cooking/baking and other aspects of the good life, as well as running and blogging frequently.

   Right, wash day! The reason for this post. Before I get into the actual wash day, let's talk about the day I spent as a redhead.

I used Hair Chalk I got from Nappyhaired.
The red has been through a lot
Look at all these colours, you can be a chameleon.

    I decided to start with red. You're supposed to wet the chalk and use on damp or dry hair. I used wet chalk on lightly misted hair (misted with water).
  My hair was really stretched from threading, a good base for the braidout I wanted next. I'd take a section, mist and seal with two drops coconut oil; then run the moistened chalk along the length of it, going from the top to the bottom so as not to raise my hair cuticles and roughen up my hair. Next, I'd braid it and use a little more chalk on the ends.

Next morning:

It was exciting having red hair for the first time; in fact any kind of colour in my hair.

   I pinned up the sides and let the front fall forward.

After taking this picture I realized I can do better with creating parts.
Many people thought I had dyed my hair.
     Why did I keep it for only a day? Hair chalk transfers like a...!
It stained my hands which I easily washed off with soap and water, but all day at work I had to consciously avoid raising my hand to my head for whatever reason.
It stained my blue shirt, my WHITE ward coat; my sports bra went from grey to red, and my car headrest used to be cream-coloured fabric. Tears.
Even though I wore a bonnet to bed and put orange sheets over the white one that was already there, I still managed to stain the white patterned pillowcase.
By the end of the day I had had enough.

Wash Day
    No pre-poo because I couldn't stand packing oil or conditioner or anything else on top of that red powdery hair.
  Washed with Nubian Heritage bar soap first, then abandoned it in favour of African Naturalistas shampoo. The red came out easily and stained the tub. Sigh.
   I didn't even deep condition *face palm*
It was late, I was tired, and my hair just felt much better without the drying powdery chalk in it.
   Wrapped in a towel for about five minutes to catch drips.
   Leave-ins: Shea Moisture Replenishing conditioner, sealed with raw unwhipped shea butter - it's like a putty so it helps stretch out my kinks for styling; then I topped with a little of my coconut+jojoba oil mix for shine.
   Styling: I remembered an old favourite from my transitioning days: big bantu knots. They're lightening fast to do. If your hair is long enough you get waves; if like mine it's not, you get it stretched without the trouble of twisting, braiding or threading.
     I wish I had gotten a clear picture but my phone camera is fantastic in daylight, hopeless in the darkness. I had no more than seven bantu knots. When my hair is much longer, four will be enough to get a good stretch minus the curl.
    By morning my hair was stretched and shiny and very easy to put in this up-do for my last day of work.
Bobby pins are magic. Just pin pin pin and a hairstyle appears.

I started working on my edges after this

I pulled my tail comb out of retirement to get a neat part
 As for the hair chalk, The box is going to the deepest corner of my closet until I figure out what to do with them. Gift them to an artist maybe? If you're in Lagos or Abuja and you still want it after reading this, hit me up in the comments ASAP.
    How was your wash day? You can join the #Washdayexperience here



  1. Congrats on your housemanship,the red hair looks good on you......only the fact that it stains. Too bad! It would have been totally awesome. You sure have ways of styling your hair,too beautiful.


    1. Thank you :* :*
      I was in love with the colour but the stains! I'm terrible with stuff like that. I can't be that careful

  2. Freebie!!! I want!!! *Wink* And might I add, your hair is growing out soooo fast! I need u in my life so bad. PS: When are u opening ur salon? Some of us can't do it on our own.

    1. *side eye* Olere can I trust you to use it? You and DIY are not very good friends.
      Bbm now babe

  3. Yay, African Naturalistas shampoo did the job.

    I want, I want, I want the challlkkkkkkk. Gimme gimme gimme. We will most likely sell some of these chalks on the store by November.

    How I Used Ayurvedic Powders On Natural Hair

    1. Heyyyy! Yes it did. I've been meaning to review the 'poo and the conditioner.

      I will send you an email if you've won the chalk. I need to have a heart to heart with my friend above who requested it first. She's not a DIY'er at all

  4. Yay!congrats on the housemanship completion.The hair looks greats,ill try that style,still haven't tried the one I saw you with at the salon day out.i was the girl in the competition with the big hair you snapped with.The style is on my to-do list.lol.

    Oh as for the hair chalk,id definitely love to have it.sisters abound to try it on.thanks.loooove the blog,i think i qualify as a stalker now.

    1. Hey girl! Thank you. Just add it to the list of to-try styles. That's what I do. Hehe
      Aww the chalk has been won already. I'll try to get more freebies up in here

  5. Lol at "my pocket weeps"!
    You have great definition in your braid out. The chalk really gives a realist dyed look. Another great one Sandra! Congrats on completing your housemanship.

    1. Yay thanks Bee!
      If only it didn't stain so much right? I'm on the lookout for another temporary colour that won't stain so much

  6. U always have lovely updo. I love *smiles* congrats on your housemanship aswell.

  7. Maybe you should try those temporary hair sprays. I don't think they run off as easily as the chalk. Your updos are bomb btw..

    1. You are so right. Temp colour sprays stain but not as badly. Try intense beams temporary hair colour. Casabella stocks them

  8. Aww,next time.Who no like awoof.lol.Did this updo today,one down,about a hundred to go.

  9. This is really great. your are really slaying this natural look! I so much looked that pinned look.

  10. its great. your hair looks gorgeous!!!.

  11. Your updo is so pretty and your hair is growing so well!
    When I first started reading, I was like "OMG, I have this box of hair chalk too sitting in my cupboard. I better whip it out". By the time I got to the the stains, my mind changed. I'm still going to try it though but after reading your experience, at least I will be aware of what I'm getting into.
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. I knoow it's acting very weed-like...
      I'm thinking, maybe put in a puff and then chalk it. That should reduce the stain on clothes.

  12. Nice one Sandra, but am scared of the hair chalk already. It looked good on you, but the stain is what am skeptical about. congrats on completing ur housemanship.

    1. Thanks Uju :D
      Yeah the stains changed my mind about that

  13. Hey Sandra,

    Lol, I am laughing with you, not at you :-)

    The colour looked great on your hair, the upside is that the chalk would be a super effective cure for hand-in-hair-syndrome.

    Congratulations on completing your housemanship.

    Your hair is doing so well, I love how you style it so beautifully.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Hahaha, it's soooo funny reading the effect this had on your clothes, car and pillowcase. I don't like the fact that it transfers but I'll love to give it a shot. My cousin has a pack of it.
    I used one deep conditioner today that made my hair look grey and I was telling my parents this is what I will look like when I'm older. They said this is what my hair would look like but my face won't be as youthful, it'll probably be older looking and it'll have wrinkles too.
    This one that you have said the chalk is drying, maybe this harmattan period isn't the best time to try it.


    1. Hahaha, your parents painted a graphic picture. Now it's all I can see.
      I really want to see how you use the chalk, but yes perhaps wait for the harmattan to go away