Product review: Olori Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning Treatment

September 17, 2015 Naija girl next door 14 Comments

    Hey fine people, how you dey?
This review features a product that is not just natural but 100% organic AND it's made in Nigeria- the things that make my belly sweet.
    Full name is Olori Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning Treatment. Because life is too short for long names (side eye to my blog address), let's go with Olori DBG.

   I got this product at NITC 9. It came in a little bag, with a card that had the directions on it.

Price and Packaging: 6oz for N2500, 13oz for N4000, 27oz for N8000 (jumia)
Comes in a white or a transparent scoop jar with a paper label. Not fancy but respectable.
Smell: A smoky, nutty, sweet smell.
Colour and consistency: very light brown, smooth, creamy, whipped butter.
Not listed. It just says it's a blend of natural butters and oils. It's an old family recipe so I understand that they want to protect it. Anyway it's 100% organic, I'm good.
   Deeply moisturises to improve the texture of your hair as well as restores its lustre and shine. Also great for easier manageability.
   It states that its for alll kinds of hair- natural, relaxed, coloured, damaged, dry, frequently braided etc etc.
   It says you should use as a prepoo or deep conditioner/steam treatment and then rinse or lightly shampoo out.
My Assessment
   I know what the instructions said but guys, I couldn't see past its whipped butter texture and for a while I only used it to seal after applying my leave-ins.
For that purpose, it's great. It softens and helps me retain moisture well.
   Then when it was about to run out, I used it as instructed and whoa! Somebody smack me for not doing that before. I prepoo'ed and lightly shampooed out- it's all in this post. My hair was sooo soft and my curls clumped and popped, hallelujah!
  Sadly that was the last of it and I haven't repurchased yet. My next plan was to use as a DC.
And yeah, I even used it as a body butter during the dry harmattan and it was cool. Like using whipped shea.
I love this stuff. My hair loves it. It's 100% organic, it's Nigerian, it WORKS.
 The downside is, it's pricey. The big jar my sis and I bought cost a whopping 8000 naira.
Will I repurchase?
 Yes, but a little at a time. Can't be shelling out 8k for one hair product when some people have not eaten.
   It'll be a while before I repurchase sha. I still have butters I'm using, other butters and products I want to try and I'm happier when I have a few products at a time.
   This product is available on, Konga, Jumia and KLS Naturals Beauty Bar in Dolphin Estate.
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  1. Hehehe @people have not eaten. True! Might just give this product a try cos my hair needs help!!
    Who Says Black Ain't Fab

  2. 8k and yes some people have not eaten(lol),but i guess its good as it served several purposes for you.
    I support #buynigerian.

  3. At least don't be stingy now,give me some because I can't afford it yet. Lol!
    Anyway, I have nominated you for the
    Versatile Blogger Award, please do
    check it up on my blog:


  4. This looks great but that 8k is a bit steep. How many uses do you think you can get out of it?

    1. Lots and lots. I'm not a heavy handed person at all and I got sayyy 5 months use out of the 6oz jar

  5. Replies
    1. I know right? It's a lot. The fact that it's made in Nigeria from ingredients sourced here added to my confusion.
      But it works so I'm chilling

  6. You make me want to run for it! That was an awesome review.

  7. Mehn, you're a funny girl.
    I can't believe you used it to seal. I never thought of that, also because they say rinse out, I didn't know you could leave it in and it wouldn't have any negative effects.
    I got a small sample sometime last year and I used it for deep conditioning. Repurchased the N2,500 one early in the year and it's been Great. I did a review of it too :)

    1. Lol I knooow *covers face*
      I felt it couldn't possibly have negative effects in that sense since it's oils and butters, no preservatives or chemicals etc.
      I read your review. It's great, your hair looked lush.