Hair update- Afros and co.

August 27, 2015 Naija girl next door 17 Comments

    Hey people, how are you doing? Good? Good.
You guys though, can't even ask somebody what happened as she has not posted in twenty whole days. In fact I haven't been online at all, except for few moments of stolen wifi greatness.
    I actually squandered my data went deep undercover infiltrating a crime ring and gathering intel for a top secret spy organisation. :| :| 

About my hair and what we've been up to. This is not the post I initially intended to put up next, but it's been almost three weeks so let's get up to speed with le 'fro.

Bantu twist out
    I did this shortly before my last wash day.
Had about 10 sections, misted lightly with water, then some Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, then  sealed with raw unwhipped shea butter because I had run out of whipped.
   I put the sections in two-strand twists and then bantu knotted. It was night and I was drowsy and it was dark so I didn't take pictures.
  In the morning I carefully took apart the twists and separated them.
    I prefer volume to definition so I tend to separate more than most would advice. I was that way with my relaxed hair too.

Anyway I wore it out to work and I was walking on sunshine with my wild hair.

  The younger people (fellow house officers) and much older people (mostly matrons and older nurses) really liked it. I got compliments from them. Those in the middle though, my immediate superiors- they didn't get it.
Not very pleased with my edges atm

Dr N.- what is that on your head?
Me- um, my hair? (Giving my best "isn't it obvious?" look)
Dr N.- hmm.

Dr O.- Did your hair explode or something??
Me- yes, yes it did. (Nodding slowly and stifling laughter)

   I've noticed that when I wear 'out' styles I'm more in my element than when my ends are tucked away in up-do's. Exposing your ends though is a gateway to dryness and breakage; and if you're not careful,  your health and length goals will slip through your fingers with all the drama of a scene in a romance flick. These h**s ain't loyal.
This is why I moisturise and seal with a heavy butter before and after wearing my hair out like that.

Almost every style I do eventually ends in a puff by day 2-3.
Accessories like this bandana keep puffs interesting

Kinky twists
    They've become my go-to protective style when I just want to put my hair away for a couple of weeks. I've been in these blonde twists AGAIN for the past three weeks.
I did a honey wash twice; moisturised (inconsistenly) with water spray and sealed with the coconut-jojoba oil mix that I'm currently using head to toe.
    That's it.
   How are you wearing and caring for your hair lately?



  1. Your hair is beautiful and awe inspiring

  2. Lol @ your supervisor. Your hair looks great.

  3. That's a good looking puff. I'm currently protective styling with crochet braids. I'm trying to grow my hair out for a big trim

    1. Thank you b. Get those ends! Lol
      I'm thinking about crochet braids too... or maybe box braids next

  4. looks great! The older generation need to get with the program

  5. Hello Doc,

    ""isn't it obvious?" look" cracked me up. People's varying perspectives always amuse me.

    Your hair is so luscious. For some reason, henna has really helped thicken my edges.

    My hair is currently threaded, it's easy to maintain, I simply spritz with my water and glycerin mix every other day. All my work colleagues love it, especially the older males, the hair style probably reminds them of when they were courting their wives, lol.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Nedoux :)
      Henna scares me cos I'm not a very careful person when it comes to stains (lazy girl bants) but yes I've heard that these ayurvedic powders have helped people regrow their edges.
      Too bad mine went mouldy

  6. I am loving your hair. the bandana style will be a good one for me. Keep teaching us girl! Beautiful hair Beautiful girl! No homo!

  7. Forget the hair, your sense of humour is infectious.

  8. Your puff is amazing. So you too, you went on the down low? We all need to revive our blogs o. This is not good for us. As for my hair, it is as if God wants me to go back to natural. I have tried to self relax in the past 3 months (twice) and my hair refused to relax! I don't know why. Maybe i should transition again....#confused

    1. Girl, I disappeared for over two weeks. I'm back now though in technicolour :D
      Wow, your hair is resisting relaxer? Maybe it was oily or something. Or it's a sign like you said. Lol

  9. Your hair is just amazing. t's do dark .I have always been a fan of dark hair because my hair isn't so dark. #hairenvy
    Coily Head of Hair Blog