Wash day files: styling my new 'fro

July 09, 2015 Naija girl next door 19 Comments

      Hi everybody *kisses*
Wash day rolled around with my hair still in kinky twists- more on that soon- and I took advantage: shampooed with the twists in to let my kinks stretch out while drying.

      I washed my scalp only with Bobeam Shealoe shampoo bar and let the warm water and runoff clean my hair.
    Dried by wrapping gently in a towel then air drying until damp.
    Sealed in the remaining moisture with a cocoa butter cream I recently made- more on that soon too.

The next day I took out the kinky twists with oil on my fingers for lubrication and to minimise breakage.  I worked in sections and put each one in a two-strand twist afterward.
   Conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture Replenishing conditioner in the sections, finger-detangled and sealed with the Diy cocoa butter cream, replacing the twists with braids as I went along.
    Took out the braids when I was done:

Does this already look bigger than my post big-chop hair 3 weeks ago? 

 I find that braids give me a better stretch than twists.
I played around in my hair (symptom of hand in hair syndrome?) and decided that the pic below would make a great style for the next day:

So I made smaller, firmer braids to get a bit of curl in; put on my satin scarf and went to bed.
By morning I was taught a natural hair lesson: you can have the nice curls, or you can show your length- never both.
What do I mean? My hair had curl to it but was nowhere near as big and bold as the pic above.
Style had to change.

Gotta love updo's

Process is similar to a roll & tuck

Basically all I did was part my hair into four sections from back to front, fold each under and bobby pin in place. To slick them edges: flax seed gel, tie down with a scarf.

      How I wore my hair to work today:
Three sections this time: rolled my hair over instead of under as before, pinned in place. Edges slicked with flax seed gel and satin scarf from the night before.

Laid edges
At night I moisturise & seal, then braid to stretch out my hair for the next day.
I've decided that's quite a bit of manipulation so a protective style is coming soon. Tryna grow out this baby y'know.
   How was your wash day? Did I describe well enough or do we need how-to posts? Join the Wash day Experience link-up right here.


  1. Truth be told.... I'm feeling your natural hair. Makes me wanna go natural but i resist all forms of temptation. Amen!!


    1. Looool @ all forms of temptation...
      Thanks girl, you have gorgeous hair too and it's grooowing

  2. Love your updo GIRL!!!

  3. You can't have your length and curl at the same time smh. Love the styles you came up with.

  4. I love the hairstyle in the second last pic! Are you sure you did a big chop, you still have so much hair, wouldn't think that you just cut it!

    1. Hi Becca,
      I transitioned like forever (19 months) just so I would have enough hair left over when I cut.

  5. I love your natural hair, and your updos are so cute!

  6. Love your hair. I bet big chopping was a huge relief!! Kudos to you. I'm 10 months post and loving my juicy NG

  7. Awww when did i miss the big chop?? The fro is so cuuuuute!

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  9. Naturalista ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah... couldn't resist cos you slaying.... Lol

  10. Heyyy
    Hair looking good!
    And it's so long!
    I sent you an email btw x

  11. Your hair DEFINITELY looks bigger now! I think that in lieu of length checks, I'm gonna do volume checks because my hair is just so big that trying to get it to lay down is futile!

    Thanks for contributing to the #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

  12. Beautiful hair.. I like the fullness to it..

  13. Hey, love your hair. Someday mine would be as full as yours :D. Could you share a post on your DIY cocoa butter? How you made it?

    1. Hi Gbemi, you know what? I'll make that my next post. Check back by the end of the day. Thanks for reading!