Loves and Lessons from the First Half of 2015

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  Like play like play, half the year has gone by. Unlike usual, I'm not getting that "where did the time go?" feeling and I think it's because so much has been crammed into this time space of six months (I think you can already tell this will be a very introspective post).
      I either changed a lot, or I got to see myself from a different perspective. It ranges from stuff as trivial as my hair, to handling the death of a loved one; and everything in between.
   Some of the loves and lessons below are recycled from the past and just recently rediscovered, others entirely new to me. Coincidentally, they're six. :)

1. Frilly books

 Recycled from my teens. I've always been a reader. If you can name a popular book or book series from childhood, chances are I've read it (meanwhile with movies, you may be shocked at the ones I haven't seen).        Somewhere in between the ridiculous romance novels of pre-teens (yikes!) and getting caught up in serious books, I forgot about funny novels...
Until I found a bunch of pre-owned books at CMS, Lagos Island at insane prices: I bought three for N400 after haggling.
Oh the joy of laughing out loud by yourself! (As long as you trust your family and friends not to bundle you off to Yaba Left)

2. Good conversation with new people
    I forgot how good these can be. Reason: you form a small, tight circle of friends as you get older. Others fade to just pleasant acquaintances and it's okay, everyone can't fit together.
It's these friends-turned-fam that I'm sure inspired all that #nonewfriends #youcantsitwithus business on social media. That's nice and comfortable, but sometimes you meet new people and have the most scintillating, thought-provoking, challenging conversation...
#Yes to those people.

3. Goodbyes
  I used to avoid them but they can be very good for you. It might be sad but if you get the chance to say goodbye, take it. I got to be at my grandpa's funeral last month even though I couldn't get time off work and had to travel the day of... it was therapeutic to be there.

    I think it applies to everything- romantic or platonic relationships, school, habits, even cutting off your hair (lol), say goodbye for closure and set your mind forwards. You'll be okay.

4. Old Songs
   Ughhhh the feeling I get when a song I loved and forgot comes on! When nostalgia mixes with excitement, nothing compares. Especially these days when half the songs on tv and radio are chaff, I find myself downloading more and more songs from the past.

5. Tea
I developed a taste for tea sometime last year and it surprised me. It started with the black tea I couldn't use to rinse my hair (caused terrible tangling so I might as well drink it); then I switched to herbal infusions and love was born.

Rooibos, red berry, hibiscus tea (please, this is just hot zobo and I'm not buying it in teabags again) are my loves so far and they're caffeine-free which is important to me. Drinking tea is one of the most relaxing things ever. I feel like I'm pampering myself.
Experiment but beware. I tried one grapefruit-flavoured green tea and immediately had nausea. I retched so much. Yuck.

6. Freshly Pressed 98.1
I love this show! It's part of the Morning Drive on Smooth 98.1 that I started listening to on my way to work after I stumbled on it. It's now part of my daily routine.
Do you listen to this show?? Who's your fave? Mine is Cheta! His matter-of-fact take on things cracks me up even when he's being serious.
Love them all though; Sope Martins, Ma'zino, Tunji Andrews... have added spice to my mornings.
Ma'zino. I love how he says "Good morning Lagos" :) :)

Ok that's that. Anything here resonate with you?  What has the first half of 2015 taught you? Any loves lately? I always love to hear from you. 




  1. Gotta say I relate with "Good conversation with new people", "Goodbyes" and "old songs". Sometimes losing people from your life opens the opportunity to meet new people and that new experience can be really exciting. Routine is keeps us sane but every now and then it's good to be insane. nice post!

    1. Thanks Bishop :)
      I agree, new people and experiences can be exciting

  2. Hmm! What can i say? Winnie the pooh said it all. To the old songs, it brings back memories... memories that either makes you happy or sad. And meeting new friends i love, they either make you(to be a better person) or break you(to have lots of experience which shapes us into becoming a better person). Have learnt to always trust in God,be strong,confident,hardworking,have a never say die attitude and be optimistic in this first half of 2015.

    1. You've said it all. I need to work on being more optimistic too. A lot of the time I'm not, I spend too much time under the "realist" umbrella

  3. I relate with the tea, its soothing and relieving especially when you add lemon and honey to green tea. o! its divine. Then I listen to the morning drive on radio on my way to work. I will try frilly books too, the part of good bye just reminded me feeling guilty when my Grandmother passed on without telling me goodbye, I was her favorite grand daughter, but I was happy I paid my last respect to her

    1. Ah you just reminded me, I'd forgotten how nice tea and lemon are together.
      Grandparents are the best. We are lucky to have had time with ours

  4. Hello Sandra,

    Freshly pressed on 98.1 is my early morning radio Holy grail. Yes, Cheta Nwanze always keeps it real, the banter is always witty and intelligent, I really like how Sope Martins and Ma'zino moderate the discussion.

    I've followed your transitioning journey and was pleased to see that you persevered. You made it seem so easy breezy, quite like Jen (JGA).

    Well done :-)