A Very Hairy Weekend

July 24, 2015 Naija girl next door 12 Comments

Hello people,
  How was your long weekend? Mine was utter bliss. Can we do this more often?

     Besides the fact that it was a full one- I was out every day- my hair was on a roller coaster, finally ending up under that wig in the picture above.

Friday: Afropolitan Vibes at Freedom Park
   I'd been getting psyched for this one all week. Every third Friday of the month it goes down at Freedom Park with a live outdoor music concert. MI took it home this time and it was an amazing experience. I rocked OUT with my people.
     Meanwhile, Freedom Park is the natural habitat of afro hair- afros and puffs of all sizes, locs etc...
    My phone camera is pretty useless in the dark so I didn't even bother.
My friend Emmanuel took this pic when I wasn't looking
     I let my respectable-sized 'fro out for this one and surprisingly, it started more convos with guys than girls. All said they loved it. One guy even pleaded to touch it (I let him, he was really polite, and tipsy.)

Spotted: Yagazie herself with the mother of 'fros. We sidled up for a picture.
Me, Ada, Yagazie, Ezinne
There was a Pulse party going on in one of the buildings and we went in for a bit, then on home.

Saturday - Speedy wash day, Chinese and Ice cream
   Friday had taken its toll, seeing as I'd been on call on Thursday, home by noon friday, gym, then out at night... I just wanted to sit still and have a long wash day on Saturday. It was not to be. Ada and Ezinne met me pre-pooing with palm kernel oil and honey. I was only on my second section when I was bundled off to the bathroom.
      I ended up washing my Nubian Heritage bar soap (more on that later) and quick conditioning with Shea Moisture Purification Masque, then sealing with castor oil and undoing my quick twists for a damp, more shrunken afro. I put on a burgundy hat...
Pop pop
...and happily relinquished my keys to Ada so I could take selfies at the back.


    We went to Yin Yang for lunch. I have to review it, it was my first time there even though it's just above Ice Cream Factory, my regular haunt.
  Speaking of which, I had ice cream there later at night in another group of four.
I started out my crochet braids at night before bed.

Sunday- Art Exhibition
   Finished up the crochet braids quite early.
    Ooo, so in the evening I went for an art exhibition by the African Artists' Foundation at the Ford Foundation HQ in Banana island.
     I don't claim to know art in terms of brush strokes, shadow etc, but I do know what touches me and what I find beautiful. I'm most drawn to art depicting the female form... oh never mind.
My look for the evening
The burgundy hat made a reappearance

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  There was also a video by Akwaeke Emezi, a short film. It took my breath away.

Maureen and Ada, caught duck-lipping

Watch out for Maureen Madu, she's a talented artist
Monday- Cooling down
    Took out the crochet braids. I'll explain why in a proper post on it. My scalp was sore from all the manipulation by the time I was done so I let it rest and tried my first puff!
    I cooled my spirt with ice cream with a group of friends at yes, ICF again. I think I go there too much. Or not.
     Evening found me at Ikoyi waterside watching the water and drinking in the cool breeze and making peace with the end of a beautiful holiday.
       Unfortunately, my hair wasn't at peace yet. I wasn't sure what to do when I got home so I put it in four cornrows with the intention of wearing a puff to work. Tuesday morning I was NOT in the mood to talk to my hair so I left the cornrows in and finally put to good use one of the wigs my mom got me.

    That's been my hair for the rest of the week. Been moisturising my cornrows nightly with a spritz of plain water, and sealing with my diy cocoa butter cream.
Till next post :*


  1. Tag me along naa, you like flexing ooo. I will tryout freedom park next month and the 3rd saturday in August. Most importantly I like your Afro.

  2. I forgot to say, I love arts. please inform me when next there is another exhibition.

    1. Hi Uju! Thanks :*
      We should meet up there, it'll be fun. I'll let you know about any exhibition I get wind of too.

  3. Oooh. Sounds like you had a ton of fun ūüėÄ. I do agree with Uju though. Could you like put up a post for next month's Freedom Park, like put in a time and a place where we can all meet up and hang at the park together Cuz I think it would be fun if we're in a group.
    Oh and I forgot to get your number at the salon day out. So could you please email me your number? Send it to siteno.ebulu@gmail.com

    1. Alright I'll include it in a post before the next date for Afropolitan Vibes. Check your email

  4. Can see you had mad fun... Haha! Wish i was there, love your fro,outfits and the pictures.... Damn! You are too beautiful.... Mwaaah!


  5. This flexing doctor eeh; always on point. You look great and that wig..................me lovey.

  6. Please send me a mail.
    Re; your HairChalk I've been hoarding, forgive me :'(