Transitioning update: How much relaxed hair do I have left?

June 02, 2015 Naija girl next door 12 Comments

Hey everybaaady, what's good?

   It's time for an update. I'm 19 months into my transition and it's been *deep breath* wow.
With the monthly mini-trims, the frustrated grabs for scissors each time there's a knot or an impossible tangle, and of course ALL the breakage... how much is left of my once waist length relaxed hair? *do you smell the nostalgia?*

Front: 0-3.5 inches
    This area is where I have the least relaxed hair left. My temples are all-natural, my crown has about 3.5 inches. Other parts, 2-3 inches.
    My natural texture is kinkier and somewhat denser in this area which makes the contrast with relaxed hair very marked. That equals more breakage, more tangles= more trims and cuts in this area. Even with relaxed hair, this area required more tlc for length retention especially when stretching my relaxer.

See the potential for tangles?

Middle: 5-7.5 inches
My relaxed hair is the longest here. Of course some strands are longer than others.

Back: 5-6 inches

You can see that out styles no longer make any kind of sense on my hair with all these different lengths.
 I have to keep the middle and back tucked in like this:

   This transition was about keeping my hair at comfortable lengths while gradually getting rid of my relaxed hair. At this point, the relaxed hair is really just a source of tangles. I can't even enjoy the length because it's so thin and so uneven and I have to tuck it away.
My natural hair is at a length I'm just about comfortable with (I think) and I'm pretty sure I'm ending my transition very soon, definitely before the 24-month mark I initially and prematurely announced.
The thought is exciting and scary all at once. Until then, I'll continue with the back to back protective styles.

   Ah well, as they would say on BlackGirlLongHair, Peace, Love and Detangling.

P.S- The June salon day out is here already! It's this Sunday, the 7th at Oriental Hotel from 12pm. It's a packed programme you don't want to miss. Holla if you see me, let's take selfies :D


  1. You are really patient o!Can't wait for Sunday really o! Selfie time. I still owe you a bag tag post, forgive my irregularities. The post has been in draft, see you soon

    1. If you knew how long it took me to do my own tag... hmm... take your time girl. Can't wait to see you Sunday!

  2. More grease to your elbow, Sandra. 19 months no be beans. What styles are you looking forward to after your transition? See you on Sunday.

    1. Big bad 'fros (or you know, whatever size my hair can do) and fro-hawks! :D
      Thanks Uzo, see ya Sunday

  3. Sandra. Sandra. Sandra.
    How many times did I call you?
    So you took out those beautiful ombre twists!!
    I tried leaving a comment last week begging you not to but your mobile site did not let me be great.
    19 months is not easy o. And I think that back looks more than 5-6 inches. You have to do a length check for us when you finally chop ^_^
    See you on Sunday!

    1. AB I'm sooorrry, I had to, I didn't make them firm so a few started to unravel halfway down the length.
      I redid them after a week though, but bigger and fewer.
      Do I still get cake after I chop? *bats eyelashes*

  4. Replies
    1. Getting pumped to do it :D Thanks for the encouragement

  5. Don't chop it yet oooooo, wait till you reach 24months....*coversmyfaceandruns*

  6. I love the way you packed your hair on Sunday.... Guyssssss Sandra is a very fine woman. Don't let her pictures deceive you o... hehe *runsoff*

    1. Mobyyyyy! *blushes ×5* thanks for selling my market. Lol
      It was lovely to meet you. I love your hair colour. Matches your vibrant personality