Curls: Rod set vs twist & curl on long term transitioning hair

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Hello people! I've honestly missed you guys. I'm doing the last posting of my housemanship now, I cannot believe how time flies. I took a break before starting this one and realised that *gasp* I missed work.
I'm starting to believe people that dub me "workaholic".
 All four postings have been very interesting, but stress + physical and sometimes mental exhaustion can get in the way of work satisfaction. Internal medicine is noticeably less tasking and I'm really enjoying it. I even catch myself looking forward to being on call (please don't tell my colleagues I said so).

Alrighty. The reason for this post. First of all, a kiss for you reading this:
(And also to show AB that I reinstalled the ombre kinky twists. Lol. I made them chunkier and without curls this time).

    When I was ready to take down the twists, I didn't want to have to deal with washing my hair and then stretching so I kept them in, washed with Bobeam shealoe shampoo bar and followed with Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and didn't rinse out. When it was only slightly damp, I sealed with whipped shea butter and let it dry.
 Finally took down the twists and had clean, stretched, soft, moisturised hair. Winning.

Rod set
  I had a wedding to attend the next day and I wanted curls, baby.
 To get a tapered look, I used perm rods for the periphery and flexirods for the centre. I used white perm rods for the front sides, grey for the back for tighter curls.


I fluffed a bit and pinned up the sides, then tucked my ends in and secured too. See that errant bobby pin at the back.

Smh at my edges

The wedding, with my friend. I like what my hair was doing here
Twist & Curl
  Unfortunately I didn't have battery power to take pictures of the twists but they were medium-sized flat twits, then I rolled the ends on grey perm rods.
After takedown

Ran my fingers through the roots to obscure the parts
Pinned up the sides and tucked in the ends as usual

How I wore my hair to the June Salon day out

The twist & curl definitely won this all-around.

  • Definition 
  • Installation time
  • Take-down time
  • Slightly better at blending the two textures

Unless you don't know how to flat twist, it's a no-brainer.
What's your favourite method to curl your hair? Which would you like me to try?


  1. Chai see gorgeous hair!! For posting this..... Bless you sis. I'm in love with your style and hair.... BeYoutiful. Ehnehn i've saved this post before asking for permission o. *tongue out* Lovely post!!!

    1. Thank you Dup zzy:*
      Please save as you like, in fact save more. Hugs

  2. Came back for my hug.... Thank you. Lol!

  3. great blog, have a nice week!

  4. Sweet potatoe nwa, this your wedding hair-do is soooo on point. Your hair sure do know how to cooperate. I dey envy you ooooo. Did a rod set myself yesterday in preparation for work today but the outcome is not so amazing, but what can i do? i'm rocking it like that jare and celebrating my one year transition journey. June 28 2014......and still counting.
    Wishing you and all your readers a fruitful and blessed week.

    1. Thank you Tochukwu :*
      Sis, best believe I'm the one cooperating with the hair and what it wants to do, lol. If I don't... hmm.
      Hope you try again, practice makes perfect.

  5. Yay you did the twists again! ^_^
    Fave method/ most predictable for me is a twist & curl or a braid out. Just dabbling into perm rods. You should try curling your hair round the rods in a spiral fashion next time. You have the length for it!

    1. And again :D
      I don't have the length for it anymore. Just big chopped. Woot!

  6. That Iro and Buba is so nice on you, I just got a style inspiration. I dont have the length for the rod twist o, I will just do braids out of straw curls. Lol

    1. Yay, thanks Uju! You wouldn't believe that buba is actually a shift dress. Hehe.
      The time it would take to get straw curls done is why I haven't done it yet

  7. Your hair looks lovely.