Porsch stores in Nigeria

April 11, 2015 Naija girl next door 5 Comments

This is a post I've been wanting to do since forever. If you've noticed I'm doing more non-hair posts lately because there are other stuff I like to share too, but there will always be hair talk here.

There's a new retailer in town: Porsch stores. Well, they've been on since 2013 but now have come to Naija.

I love online shopping. I go through entire sites searching for stuff I want, pick out some and then eliminate according to budget. Most times it's either I want basics or I want something very unusual. Basics is easy, unusual is hard so I asked for pictures to get a feel of their pieces and I was pretty impressed.
      I'll just leave you with pictures and quotes from their statement.

They promise "Impeccable service, an extensive selection of wears and attention to detail... competitive pricing, outstanding customer service."

 "Being an online retailer specializing in made order and off the rack designer wears and accessories, Porschstores is looking forward to supplying Nigerians with everything fashionable from shoes to  casual wears and much more."

 "One of our comprehensive lines of service includes an exclusive wardrobe/personal style and shopper option which was created to help customers find and compose their favourite looks at the best price."

 "Customers will be receiving a dedicated and experienced fashion professional whose aim is to save them time and money." - I am here for this.

For more information or to contact a representative, visit www.porschstores.com

What are your favourite pieces? I love the polka mini, everything about the outfit with the big striped hat especially the pink flats; and I want the beige hat. I'm also curious to see how I would look in the denim dungarees.



  1. Love love this. Quick question though. Are they going to have physical stores in Nigeria, or have a nigerian domain name like porschstores.com.ng or are we going to make our purchases from their international store and then they'll deliver it to Nigeria?

    1. Hi Sandra!!!!
      You can change to naira at the top left of the site.
      They deliver in 6-12 days from the US to Nigeria, according to them it doesn't even take up to 12- they just say 12 to make allowances for any unforseen hold-up.

  2. They have lovely pieces! Got an 'unusual' jumpsuit from them last year and I'm still in love with it.


    1. I think I need to assign them a place in my budget

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