Going organic- Diy coffee scrub

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What's up people?
I made the most delicious scrub a little while back.
     Homemade scrubs are among the simplest and most effective of popular homemade products.
The usual suspects are sugar or salt mixed with a natural oil- olive, coconut, sweet almond etc.
We already know coffee hair benefits: helps with shedding and darkening if you have light-coloured hair, but coffee has some great benefits for skin as well. Read more
   I got the recipe from fresh lengths here but tweaked it a little to suit what I had available at home.

 My recipe
In a small glass jar:

  • 2 parts instant coffee 
  • 1 part granulated sugar
  • Carrier oil. I used olive and sunflower (heavier oils for my dry skin).
  • favourite essential oil (optional). I used rose

    I didn't measure the oil, just added carefully and mixed until it was the right consistency which is thick but spreadable, for a scrub.
Then I added a few drops of the rose essential oil.
The smell of coffee plus rose is simply divine ugh! I couldn't keep the jar away from my nose.

As a scrub, it was freaking awesome. I scrubbed my legs and shaved and I couldn't stop touching my legs. Even my knees! My knees were made of smoothness baby.
 I tried it carefully on my face. I say carefully because it's an intensive scrub and you don't want to hurt your delicate face. I got the same very smooth results, although my skin felt just a little tender. So remember, go gently on your face or not at all.

     I like that instant coffee dissolves in water so it goes down the drain, no mess unlike coffee grounds.
   Downside: Over time it congealed. My sugar/salt and oil scrubs don't do that. It got really stuck together and firm in the jar and I couldn't get it out. It's definitely the instant coffee; you know how Milo does this when it's left alone?
I recommend that you only make enough for one use at a time. Notice how I use ratios and not actual amounts in the recipe?

Would you try this?


  1. I would! Let the weekend come!!! I heard coffee has skin tightening properties due to caffeine.


    1. Exactly I read that too. And that it reduces cellulite. Hope you like it

  2. I can already imagine the coffee and rose scent! Im so up for trying your recipe. My favourite diy body scrub is oats +honey+ olive oil + sugar.

    1. Oats and honey sounds bomb. I'd love to try that

  3. Woww that looks like it will smell DIVINE!!

    1. I could have eaten it Dabs. So tempting, if not that I know coffee is bitter. Lol

  4. Very impressive photography!... and I'm certain it WILL smell divine.


  5. Cofee smells amazing. Ama try it