Wash day files: hot oil treatment and my go-to style

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The Wash Day Experience is 1!

This link-up has been amazing. I got introduced to blogs I may not otherwise have found.
    (Almost) every week I get to be part of a community of ladies with hair of every kind; long, short, natural, relaxed, transitioning- who do everything from a water-only regimen (yep. Absolutely nothing else) to inversions to using jell-o in their hair! (protein treatment).
    Everyone is so sweet and supportive. Picture bubbles and sparkles all over the place.
It also put my blog out there and my views went up up.
Shout out to KLP of savingourstrands.com who created this and to Jen of justgrowalready.com Congrats you guys.

   On to wash day
It was week 4, so it was time to shampoo.
 I had to do a hot oil treatment a few days after my last naughty protein treatment that left my hair a bit dry.
Hot oil treatment- I warmed up extra virgin olive oil over hot water and put it in my hair in sections, then twisted up each section afterward.
 Washed with African Naturalistas shampoo, conditioned with African Naturalistas Moisturising and Detangling Conditioner. It's actually an instant conditioner as par the instructions, but I used it as a dc for almost an hour and it clearly wasn't meant for that purpose, so it's my own fault my hair didn't get that freshly dc'd feel.
Oh well.
I noticed my strands clumped on contact with the conditioner. It was pretty where I have curls...

...not so much where my hair is relaxed

All the clumping went away when I rinsed. #tougherthannigerianhair
Leave in- my usual. Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner, sealed with my oil mix.

I let my hair dry unstretched because I was soooo tired and in the morning I was ready to panic because I had a convention to go for and my hair...

My SOS style has become to just pin both sides down. I'd fuss a lot and then do this, and it finally looks like I'm getting somewhere. It works on just about any length of hair so you should try it on one of your struggle hair days.
After pinning down the sides with bobby pins or styling combs, I

  •  leave the rest of my hair free usually when it is curled and defying gravity or
  • Coif the front and pin the ends under and out of the way as a protective style. This is my default since it's usually for work or
  • Make the back into a big flat twist and tuck the end under.

That's my sister in the background. I have no words. She's crazy

Even with my hair missing the dc effect I liked that it looked right and full of health so no complaints. I got some compliments, always good for the soul ya know.
 How was your wash day? Finally ready to join the link-up? Go on, you know you want to ;)


  1. Look at alla-dat new growth!!!! Your hair still turned out good. It has shine and looks fluffy and healthy

  2. Nice routine, great stylings. Can I use melted shea butter for my own hot oil? My wash day is tomorrow, never tried the hot oil thing, here is wat my routine is like

    1. Hi Uju! Just checked out your post. Thanks for the shout out :* :*
      You can use melted shea definitely, but I would say use sparingly because it's heavier than oils, and shampoo after. I've done this before swimming and I washed after. It made my hair so soft

  3. I like your go-to style. How are the African Naturalistas products? Is the shampoo sulfate-free?

    1. Hey Uzo,
      The shampoo is sulphate free. It's creamy so it's like a cowash. It was my first time using them so I'm still weighing

  4. See the cute baby hairs behind your ears..
    Babe your hair has grown o! You're making the transition look easy!

    1. I saw them too after taking the pictures! I was like "ah ahn. Hello there"
      Easy is one thing this transition is not o, we thank God for his mercies. This was after a near panic attack. Lol

  5. I want to join this link up badly but the way my wash days are set up, it wont work out well.


    1. No jor I've seen your seen your wash day posts. You really should

  6. oh my, your hair is making me envious! ;) I have been thinking about transition, or big chop....oh, your post is not making it easy! :p

    1. Lol... maybe you should try transitioning first. It's no commitment and you can always big chop if you get tired of it

  7. Struggle hair? What the heck are you talking about. That hair looks great :)

  8. Your hair looks amazing. I wish that my hair would be as good as yours when it is that long. How can I join the wash day experience journey? I have been washing my hair weekly for the past 12 weeks and I have been too lazy to write on it, the wash day experience might spur me to write more.
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    1. Hi ya! It's really easy. The instructions are on the wash day experience page: link is in this post. I hope you do, would love to see what you do on wash days

  9. love ur hair! but wait- is dat a necklace or its part of the top? where did u geeeet itttt! i waaaaant!

    1. It's a necklace :D
      I wanted to do a post on iy and the rest of my outfit that day and it's been should I, shouldn't I? Guess I will

  10. Your hair texture is gorgeous! How long do you want to transition before you chop?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands