Naturals in The City 10

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Hey guys, hope your week has been good so far.
I was at NITC 10 on Saturday and I was privileged to be a speaker! The theme was "Making the most of what you have".

I'll just apologise now for not taking enough pictures. In fact this time I took way fewer than previous meetups (CN3 and NITC 9) but have beefed up this post with pictures from posts by Nappyhaired, The kink and I and Nigerian and Natural so never fear.

The event started with AB, hostess with the mostest, breaking the ice. She got everyone talking about why and when they started their hair journeys.
Next up was me, talking about how to get more out of less with hair products. Uzo of Don't Touch the Hair was right on it, live tweeting the event and has it all here for ease. She's a rockstar.

Nkechi Ofoegbu of Formula Botanica spoke next. She's FFFlawless. I wish I could have captured her skin for y'all to see. She spoke my language with caring for your skin using natural stuff around you eg yoghurt, lemon, honey (aye aye!), clays, avocado, vitamin c, rosewater etc. I hung on her every word and took copious notes.

Fola of Folasoasis came up to me and I instantly recognised her. She's just beautiful, with a matching personality and sunny vibes.

Dr Patrick Ijewere's talk about making the most of our local foods. He spoke of highly nutritious foods we rarely pay attention to: Tiger nuts (aka Aya, Ofio, Aki hausa), Moringa, Dates (Dabino), and even about getting enough sunlight. I can give myself a pat on the back for eating local stuff (Right now, udaraaaaa) but I can always do better.

Lastly, Isioma raved about loving yourself and accepting your self, looks, hair, situation. She was upbeat and funny; and everyone was so hyped afterwards! I was hopped up on self loooove meself...

To round up, we had a hair panel made up of five of us, all with very different hair so we had the same questions, different answers. Goes to show how it's all about what works for you, no hard and fast rules.

I got so much out of this meetup. I couldn't spend time at the vendors', just picked up my order from The Kink and I stand (you can now shop here) which was manned by guys! Big ups to the men that get involved in hair matters.

I don't even know how I missed a free hair consultation
I had a great chat with another Sandra (Hey girl!), she's awesome, as people called Sandra tend to be :p :p

Also met Bolu. Just lookadat face, hair, style, dimple...
AB and Bolu

 If you weren't there this time, try and make it to the next one in a few months.
Until next post...



  1. Enjoyed your talk,I like that you're all about being realistic and smart.Looking forward to more from you.
    Ify's Musings

  2. Did you mention free hair consultation? *tears* Bolu's skin is really amazing. I didn't recognize Fola x_x and she sat right next to me.

    1. I'm crying with you o. Next time. This cannot happen twice

  3. I know right? Have no idea how i missed the free consultation! *crying*

    Nigerian and Natural

  4. I feel so left out; you guys are making me wish i live in that Lasgda. By the way, Nkeiru, that your outfit will fit me so sis, sow a seed cus I’m a fertile ground........Halleluiah somebody.
    You all look "fantacious"!

  5. This is not fair o. You didn't come to me, so we could finally get acquainted physically.

    1. Ahh! I didn't know o, hope you'll be at the next one

  6. Hi sandra, pls how can I get involved in the next session. I need an invite to come listen in person