Who said men don't care about hair?? Crochet weave reactions

February 02, 2015 Naija girl next door 4 Comments

Hey you, how are ya?

   You know how some people commonly say men don't care about hair? Like when the Brazilian hair fever started in Nigeria (then Indian hair, then Peruvian, Malaysian, Cambodian and Godknowswhatmore), and the resisters of the movement kept saying "Girls why are you stressing yourselves? Men don't know the difference".
 The men also went "We don't care" (All this on the assumption that it was all for men which I disagree with but that's not the topic for today abi?)

     Anyway the point is we hear it a lot that men don't really care about hair. Maybe so, but my experience with my own hair and recently my crochet weave show me that it only applies where your hair conforms to the norm.
  So yeah, my crochet weave. I had grey highlights (details here) and I got a wide spectrum of reactions ranging from "I love it!" to "Get rid of it". Almost every guy I know had an opinion. Notable reactions are below, all men.

The bantu knot set that didn't go exactly as planned. I pinned it up for work.

"Your hairrrr, I love it! This is new, the colour... I hope you're not going to change it anytime soon. Now look this way, let me take pictures!"                               
                                       -D.D. Friend

"Hmm. Grey hair. What was the inspiration? Ok I get it, to discourage all the men disturbing you in this hospital abi? You want them to think you're old."
                              -Dr F.O. Colleague.

"This your hair is nice o. Did you go to the salon for this one? Please tell me you did".
                             -Dr O. Senior colleague who is aware of my salon aversion.

I combed out the bantu curls

"Come, you've changed your hair again. When did you do this one? It's like it's every few days you change your look. You have money o".
                        -Dr A. Very senior colleague
I didn't bother to tell him how little it cost me.

"Woooow I really love your hair! It's so different, is it your real hair? Wow! It's beautiful". Over and over again. 
                                    -Dr G.A. Colleague

Bun and bangs

"You changed your hair. The other one was nice now, why this grey one? This is not the Sandra I know. Please remove it by tomorrow. You will, right?"
                                   -Dr O. My consultant.
I promptly informed him he would have to endure it for two weeks.

"Dr Sandra, the youngest old woman I know. I'll keep disturbing you until you change this hair"
                                    - Dr A. Senior colleague

Twist and tuck. This was taken after a sleepless 24-hour shift. All evidence of lipstick gone.

"Did you tint your hair? Very different.  I've been staring at you since you came in".
                                                    - N. Friend

[From two friends almost as attached to my real hair as my mother is]
"You put something in your hair! *crying emoticon* Why why why why!" Then...
"Looks good though. *Big grin*"
                                       -Dr Y.A. Friend. Via bbm after reading the crochet post.

"Noooooo I want your real hair back! *fake cry*" Then he lol's. "Wow, I'm more fixated with your hair than you are I think... anyway this is nice so..."
                          - O.O. Friend and realest G.

[Conversation with two guys after the hair came out]:
"You took out the hair? Awww. I liked it"- D. Friend
"What hair is that?"- U. Other friend
"Oh right you didn't see it. She looked like Storm (from X-men)" - D.
*Blush Blush* - NGND

"Ehen! Don't you like this one better? You now look like yourself again. Pretty!"
   -Dr O. My consultant again. After I took out the hair. :(

       So yeah, those are some of the reactions I got. I noticed that majority of the guys that liked it were younger, more hip, unmarried. The ones that hated it- the older, married with kids type.
 Me? I luuuurved it! Especially big and bad.
 You couldn't tell me nothin' the way I was swinging that hair; not at work though (the horror).
Wild and out!
As for women, the older ones absolutely loved it. They kept asking me about it; how? What hair is it?
Younger ones- some liked it, others were silent. Perhaps they're more wary of hurting feelings than the guys.
I can take it though. I don't expect everyone to like what I do to my hair, I've had loads of experience with that in my decision to go natural.
So what do you think about this crochet weave? Please speak freely. :*


  1. I loved the crochet weave. What hair did you say you used again? I might try to do a crochet weave again seeing your success

    1. Hi Yvette, I used kinky braiding hair, black from Xpression and the blonde/grey is Janet Collection marley hair

  2. Hello dear, pls whr do I get the marley hair, am in lagos

    1. Hi Vivian, you can get kinky hair in just about any shop that sells hair, but the marley hair I got from Tunmise Naturals at a hair meet up. They're online too.