"My hair now defies gravity" (and other musings)

January 24, 2015 Naija girl next door 9 Comments

It's true.
One of the things I've rediscovered about my natural hair especially now with more new growth, is that it's definitely the kind of kinky hair that grows up. My hair has a tendency to run wild if left to its own devices.
My unstretched new growth does not lay down by itself! It defies gravity, carrying along the submissive relaxed hair attached to it.
Here's a pic:
New growth was quite shrunken

    I adore big hair so I'm ecstatic for this option, however I have to be conservative for work and other formal settings. On the particular day this picture was taken I had no fight in me for this hair so I just let it stand and worked with it to create this erm, tall up-do.

   Another style that works to calm my big hair is a bun with a twisted front section. My front new growth is denser, more tightly coiled and tends to rise more. The twist tames it with no struggle in a few seconds.
At 9 months post relaxer
Still working now at 14 months post
    Buns, especially low buns are no longer the two-second style they used to be when my hair was all-relaxed.
Now a simple style like this takes planning: I do it on wash day when my hair is softer and moisture levels are at peak:
 I slick my hair back with a bit of Ecostyler gel, quickly bun with a band and then tie down with my satin scarf 'til morning. Lord.
I did not wake up like this!

I'm relearning my hair and loving it ( most days).
I've also noticed that my regimen has really changed. I used to be quite strict, now I'm basically winging it from wash day to wash day.
It's good in that I'm working according to what I feel my hair needs; and bad in that it's really lacking consistency.
 How would I know the long term benefits or demerits of a particular product/method?
So, I've deleted the My Regimen page and I'm revising it. I'll soon have another up and I want it to be short and sweet; consistent, while giving me some wiggle room. And colourful, with pictures :)
    Meanwhile, my crochet braids are coming out tomorrow. The Lagos harmattan seems to have run off as quickly as it came and I'm happy my hair can come out to play again.

What about you? What's new with your hair?


  1. You know I've been feeling "some type o' way" about my kinky hair - it hasn't been co-operating lately. Had to *dap* you for this one. Thanks hun. It's encouraging.

    I was also about to look at your regimen lol. I'll check it out when it's back up.



    1. Thank you Gibbie! I'll hop on over to your blog now

    2. Love how you style your hair, and Gibbie your hair is wow

  2. The harmattan in Ghana has slowed down too so less struggle with moisture.

    1. Finally we can stop dealing with straw-like hair. Whew!

  3. Love this post! Since I big chopped---I'm in the process of seeing what from my old regimen still works and what doesn't---especially in the style department.

    How long do you think that you'll transition?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Hi KLP, thanks! :D
      The plan is to keep going and do monthly trims until all the relaxed hair is gone, so I don't have a date in mind. Never say never though

  4. I like your flat twist. I need to know how to do it.


  5. Am really getting practical steps here on how to style the hair as a naturalista. Mine is still in the growing stage, am loving my edges, no more breakage. For now I like to cary lovely Afro. I learnt the treading for stretch here on this blog. Thanks for sharing