I style: Crochet braids with invisible part (no knot)

January 21, 2015 Naija girl next door 17 Comments

 Hey you guys! What's up?

 I have 1-week-old crochet braids in and I just want to share how it all went down. It's not a tutorial on how to actually install the hair because there are lots out there (just type 'Crochet braids' into the YouTube search box and feast your eyes); I'm sharing the steps I took to get the style I wanted. I hope this helps!

    You know how I've been whining about the harmattan and what it's been doing to my hair? It was time for hair to take cover until the whole thing blows over.
I decided on crochet braids/weave and as usual I got on YouTube for direction even though I've done this once before. I'm glad I did because I came across this method of doing an invisible parting. I never thought it would be possible with crochet braids honestly, but here's the tutorial I followed that showed it clearly:

 The hair: Black (1b) Xpression Kinky Hair used previously for twists here.
Blonde (27/613) for highlights out of which I only used 7-8  pieces total.

   Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner- to moisturise my hair and the extensions.
Olori Damage-Be-Gone treatment (full name contains 'deep conditioning' but I'll leave that out from now on to avoid confusion. It's a butter) - to seal both my hair and the extensions.
Tail comb for sectioning my hair.
 Wide toothed comb and hair brush for detangling the pieces.
Bobby pin in place of a latch hook/crochet.

Braid pattern:

I wanted to be able to flip between a side and a centre part so I braided accordingly.
The halo braid running from ear to ear is another idea I picked up from YouTube. It allows you to add hair that'll cover any spaces visible between the cornrows.
The invisible or no-knot part. I'm impressed with how good this method is

    Time frame:
It's harder to detangle hair that has been used for twists before.  Whew! This is one of the reasons why it took me from 2pm on Saturday til 11pm when I slept, then 2 additional hours on sunday to complete this!
Another reason is the bobby pin struggle. I'm going to make sure I have a latch hook before I attempt another install.

Anyway, I added the blonde only when I got to the front. It was a new pack and so much easier to detangle.
When I was done the hair was biiiig, and the blonde turned out to be so pale in contrast with the black, that it looked grey! Lol. It wasn't what I planned but I was really feeling it. Heh!
Centre part
Side part
To curl it: I did bantu knots which were quite big, and dipped them in hot water.
 I was too tired to make smaller ones, haba. *covers face* and so I got a little less ldefinition than I had hoped.

I pinned it to the back on monday to make it work-friendly but after day 2 I combed out the curls. I fully intended to recurl with flexi rods but I've been loving the afro look of it so I haven't yet.
I didn't have a wash day this past weekend, I wasn't sure know how the hair would react. My scalp is so not pleased and this weekend is my limit.
 I'll do another post on the reactions I got to this hair, and the ways I styled it.
Questions? Comments? Please hit me up below. :)


  1. Very nice. Its worth trying out. My first time on ur blog n I ve been glued. Am also transitioning n am 7months gone

    1. Hello Uju :) thanks. High five fellow transitioner! I hope you'll keep coming back :)

  2. That looks great. I might try this when I have recovered my edges enough

    1. The great thing about it is you don't have to involve your edges. You can leave them out

  3. Very nice! I so feel you on taking cover from this harmattan! My hair was not feeling the weather AT ALL!!! I just quickly put it back in crochet braids.

    1. The harmattan was out to cause damage I tell you. Thanks KL

  4. Hi...I love ds luk on u aldoe ur braid pattern isnt rily cleae...pls cn u put d link of d youtube video u usd? Tnx a lot

    1. Hi Anon, sorry I didn't get the pattern on youtube. It's quite simple, I just put the parting I wanted and made sure I had plaits lining them so i could attach the hair along the parts. However you choose to line them up is down to your choice

  5. I really like it! I'll be trying this very soon and I'm precurling! Ain't about the hot water spill life!

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  7. Oh aren't you talented!! Love it. I have tried doing crochet braids my self a couple of times now. I can say it looked nothing like this. And I always had the knots showing!! LOL

    1. Awww thanks
      Maybe the size of each hair piece was too big? Or the kind of hair or something. When I used straight hair the knots kinda showed too

  8. Mama Mia! Baby got skills!!! I'm sure my spine will curve out of frustration by the time I'm done, that's if I ever get done. Quick question tho : how do you keep your hair moisturised while rocking this? Is there some oil - water mix that might work?

    1. Hi Ash! Thank you.
      Water in a spray bottle + a bit of oil, with or without a little conditioner.
      I lift up the hair every few days (sometimes just twice a week) and spray my cornrows.
      No dryness

  9. Somebody should please teach me how to do crochet braids o and also tell me where i can get a latch hook. I am begging oo..

    1. You can get one from thekinkandi online shop or from olori.com.ng

  10. Nice one, right there!
    You got ur blog a regular visitor !