The best of 2014: Hair Hits and Misses

January 01, 2015 Naija girl next door 15 Comments

Hey you guys!
 This post was supposed to go up in 2014 but here we are. It's a beautiful new day and I'm so grateful for everything. It was a year of many milestones and achievements for me, real solid ones.

Where hair is concerned, 2014 was totally relaxer-free. Whaaaat...
A lot of healthy hair practices from my relaxed days are still working but this post is about stuff I tried for the first time in 2014 as my hair needs changed.

Threading- I tried it and it became my go-to for thoroughly stretching out my new growth and have my hair looking like I got a blow-out. I get to see some of my length and acheive smooth ponytails and buns without any heat. It's like a cheat code fam.

Going organic- I gave up chemicals in virtually every aspect of my life (with few exceptions). It's been a resounding success and I'll do a full post soon. Benefits include no product buildup, at all! Calm, quiet skin and peace of mind dontcha know!

The LCO method- When I got to about 5 months post, my m&s routine with just water and oil after a dc wasn't cutting it. I needed help softening my new growth and retaining moisture.  Introduce the LCO method with a creamy product in between water and oil, and I checked the above two needs off my list. Winning.

Twists- What a lifesaver! Nothing has made my hair life easier than twists. They're worth every second of the couple of hours they take to install. I get to just spray with a moisturising spray and dash out. I can wash and go out in 15 minutes. Love em. Love em love em love em!

Black soap- I so badly wanted to like this. All-natural, African, can be customised as you please with endless possibilities, glowing reviews everywhere... Unfortunately my body and hair rejected it. It dried out, no it dessicated my skin and hair, peeled my palms and gave me tangles that frustrated my soul. Read about it here

Black tea rinse- I tried it to help with shedding and it hardened my hair and caused tangles so bad that I lost more hair than the shedding I was trying to prevent.
I'm going through shedding again now and took another stab at it, with precautions. More about that next wash day post, but I'll go ahead and call it a miss.

Hello 2015 :)
I'm going right ahead with the things that worked. I'm forgetting about length for now and just concentrating on successfully completing my transition to natural hair.
I just want to see a giant thank you to all of you that visit this blog, leave wonderful comments that make my days shine, send me emails and actually try out what I recommend. You guys are the real MVP's. Gbayi!



  1. happy new tried the tea rinse to my hair was so stiff, so I tried a coffee rinse much better and hair is still soft

    1. Hello Mutale!
      That was my experience too. Coffee's much better for my hair. I just never have coffee at home

  2. Girl I just took down my threading (did it for the first time) and it was awesome! My hair is stretched and straight and I think I'll be doing it more often!

    For your tea rinses, maybe use a good moisturizing conditioner (like Hello Hydration) after a rinse?

    That pic with the twists looks great (and elegant at the same time). Great stuff. Love the post.

    1. Alriiight :D yay threading!
      I did condition after the rinse and it got softer but still not as good as usual and I still had more detangling to do than was typical

  3. Your twists are really lovely. I wish i could rock twists like you but my edges would suffer. Happy new year Dr Sandra....

    1. Hello Diva :D thanks.
      I'm very gentle with my edges since I do them myself. I have fragile edges too so I have to

  4. lol @ tangles that frustrated your soul!
    Happy New Year, Sandra!
    Looking forward to your Organic Progress post. I need the inspiration! :)

  5. Welldone on your stretch!! Cant wait to see your hair fully natural!!

  6. Sorry about the tangling issues you had with black soap. Using natural products is da bomb because as you said, there is no product buildup. I have also experienced this even though my hair is relaxed. I try to avoid silicone products et al.

    1. It's a huge plus! Great to see your comment Dr Fomsky

  7. Hi Sandra, please send your email address to, so we can process your winnings. Just realised we don't have it

  8. Hello sandra
    Just started my hair journey and am lost n the hair regime part. How often do I need to deep condition and how do I differtiate a protein condition from deep conditioner or are they same

  9. Yugo l like when your hair covers your 4head. those pics r beautiful but please do not colour ur hair silver ever again. try red or maroon but it should never be permanent pls. love ya