wash day files- stretching with thread

December 10, 2014 Naija girl next door 20 Comments

I have missed sharing my wash days with you guys... how have you been?

   This wash day happened after two weeks in twists which I had no time to wash. Two weeks without a wash and it was gnawing at me. I had a work-free weekend and boy, was I psyched.

 I undid my twists with olive oil. Its slip makes it my favourite oil for taking down styles. I couldn't detangle properly because I was going to spend the night at Kudi's. She's my smallie.
I had a big, oily, frizzy mass when I was done. I know, I know it sounds "eww" but I was totally in my zone with all that volume to toss around.

In my mind

All that oil I left in overnight qualified as a prepoo to me so I shampooed straight away and trust me, it was needed.
Shampoo: Shea Moisture Red Tea And Babassu head-to-toe baby wash. In sections.

Extreme Dc: Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. I picked this up from KLP of savingourstrands: massaged in olive oil after applying the conditioner. Covered with 2 plastic caps for 2-3 hours.

Rinsed: cool water. I definitely see the appeal of the oil over conditioner. My hair was really soft to touch. Thanks KLP!

Tshirt dried for 20 minutes and then sealed my damp hair with the Olori Deep Conditioning Treatment from NITC 9. Despite its name it has a whipped-butter-to-oil consistency and the ingredients are butters and oils only, so I'd rather use it as a prepoo or sealant than a dc. By the way, it smells yummy.

I did bantu knots at first...

... then decided I didn't want curls, I wanted stretched hair. I was out of rubber thread so I used yarn this time.

The 7-horned Ram again. Lol

I took down the thread on sunday morning...

Closer view of stretched hair
   I noticed my hair wasn't feeling soft and moisturised as it was before I threaded. I don't know exactly what caused this.
Could be that the yarn sapped the moisture, or the SM conditioner is not as potent as a dc, or my hair revolted against the sealant.
That's the issue with using more than one new product/method at a time- you won't know the weak link. Sigh.
I did a big, rough bun and went on my way.

On monday I did a twist and tuck, same on tuesday. Today I'm rocking a wavy ponytail.  More on how I did that in my coming 'Hairstyles' post (yes, it's still on its way).

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  1. That Beyonce gif is everything!

  2. LOL @ the Beyonce gif versus reality. Love the big bun!

  3. I love the Beyonce GIF. I can totally see you like that. :-) I like that the SM Restorative conditioner can be used is different ways, I really like it as a leave-in/moisturizer. I dilute it to moisturize my new growth. Have you tried to use it any other way?

    1. Lmao! *hides*
      This was actually my first time using it as a dc. It's my usual leave-in these days. I also use it as the cream when i moisturise with the LCO method ie if my hair feels dry before wash day.
      I use it like you do too- mixed in a spray bottle with water and a bit of oil to spray my twists. It's great

  4. Your hair is so looooooong! *dreamily* Love your blog already! New fan!!


  5. That pic with your hair in threads, the black robe and that facial expression? Rotflolol.. You could stand in as an extra in a naija movie as someone in an evil forest.. lol

    1. OmG Noelle, lmaooo! You got me there...
      Someone recommend me na

  6. That bun my dear!!!!!!!

    I've never tried stretching with thread...

    1. You and that gorgeous hair of yours, I'd love to see your results of you do

  7. You are so funny. I love the bun!

  8. I tried stretching my hair with thread after seeing this post and it came out really stretched! lol @d 7 horned look
    Also... i nominated you for the Versatile blogger Award :-)

    1. Thank you Judith! I'll get on it.
      Glad the threading worked for you :D

  9. Yasss for Beyonce! Lol

    And for some reason, I try to like the Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner but it never works for me. :( Not enough slip or thickness for my strands.
    The threading method sounds very interesting!

    1. Hey Miss Thornberry (I like that name), sorry it's not working for you- I've had that issue with some products I wanted to like so badly

  10. Gorgeous hair! And that Bey GIF lol!