I style: Transitioning hair styles

December 22, 2014 Naija girl next door 10 Comments

Hello my people! How's it going?

 I have finally come out with this post. Basically, it's an update on all the ways I've styled my hair since like, 6-7 wash days ago.

1. Textured bun
Sometimes I dry my hair in twists but on my transitioning hair, twistouts are puffy at the roots, stringy at the bottom and me no likey.
I have only ever had one successful twistout. Ever. It was on fully relaxed hair and it was too tame, with less volume than my beloved wild and free braidouts.
    For this one I fingercombed and simply secured my hair in a bun with a claw clip.

Slicked my edges and side part with water and a bit of ecostyler gel.

2. Fluffy up-do.
Next wash day I slicked my hair back into two firm braids and tied down with a satin scarf to dry overnight.

My hair was stretched by morning; I parted into front and back halves, rolled the back and pinned the ends out of sight. Then I very loosely braided the front and tucked under. Finished with a bow clip.

3. Short wig.
I was about to have an insane week with zero time to fuss with my hair so I put in cornrows and wigged for a week.
     I also got these sassy new glasses at just about the same time and I enjoyed the combo of boyish hair and conspicuous glasses. I played up the look with a shot of androgyny- dress shirt, vest, Oxfords.

4. Curly mohawk.
Remember this wash day with the bantu knot-out?
Day 1 curls
I put up this pic on Ig:
but here's a clearer one just for you guys:
Day 2
All I did was use bobby pins to hold the sides straight while I left the top curly. Then  I gathered up the long ends especially at the back, and pinned out of sight for a short-looking mohawk (ok this was a fauxhawk).

5. Twists.
A huge favourite of mine. The ease is amazing. These days I can only wash my hair midweek if I have them in.
After day 3 the bantu knot curls went flat and I put in these twists for the rest of the week.

6. Another fauxhawk!
I was so in love with the first one,  I made another for NITC 9. This time I let a curl rest in front my forehead.

 I bought this nifty tool duo at the event:

The next day I used them instead of bobby pins. Just slide one in on each side. Finito.

7. Mohawk twists. 
I was really in a Mohawk place o. Right after the curls fell I got my tools together...
[Fruit smoothie, Family Guy playing, spray bottle of water+conditioner+oil for moisturising, tail comb (or brush) and clips for organisation. My sister's stuffed dog got involved somehow.]

 and created this look:

I braided the sides and twisted their ends, then did mini two-strand twists all the way down the middle.
This style lasted two weeks and got a lot of compliments :D

8. Wavy ponytail. 
Remember the revent wash day where I stretched with thread? I took advantage of my stretched hair and held it back in a smooth ponytail. I moisturised the ends with water and sealed with my oil mix, then used a single flexi rod for the ends.

Took it out the next day and rocked a wavy ponytail to work.

9. Messy bun.
I haven't had the time to do something fun with my hair since then. It's been in a messy bun- the kind that starts as a ponytail and then the ends get tucked under.
My colleague took this picture on saturday:

How have you styled your hair lately? What's your go-to quick style? You know I love to hear from you. :)


  1. Awesome styles,especially the twisted mohawk/ fauxhawk. My hair has been in cornrows for weeks cos harmattan is here. I've been doing crochet braids and using clip ins.

    1. Do you know I was just reading your blog archives? Still have the tab open. I need to protective style too, the weather isn't being very kind to my hair

  2. Ooh, harmattan. I miss those. I've been wearing twists, but I rocked a twist out last Friday. I've got two weeks off work so I've done some calabar and I wear a scarf and a beanie if I need to go out. Over Christmas I'll try a braid out. They have never worked for me but my hair is a little longer so I want to try again.

    I love the fluffy updo. And you look really pretty in that faux hawk.

    1. Thank you Aine :D
      Is your hair relaxed or natural? I envy the gorgeous twistouts I see. I think the way you're handling your hair is brilliant with this weather.

  3. I adore the mohawk twists.. Unfortunately if I even think about braiding or weaving my hair I get bumps and my hair pulls off. Meanwhile, the other day at casabella, I saw a lady making a scene. Apparently she bought aphogee 2 step and her stylist used it as a leave in. Her hair fell off in clumps like 4year old bow low cut patches left over.. The shop ladies did their best to calm her down, I had to Google the product and showed her. She then calmed down. Whew...

    1. Whoaaa! As a leave-in! I feel bad for her, hair falling out in clumps and all. Kai, product labels are important o. You would think I had a test on them if you saw me reading one

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