My Five latest pleasure points

November 01, 2014 Naija girl next door 11 Comments

Hey you guys!
First let me just apologise for replying comments late these days; your girl is on the grind. Thanks for understanding.
   I'm here to share a few things that have made me happy lately.

1. Finally wearing my vintage midi skirt
   I bought two midi skirts from one of these Instagram stores. I got them several months ago. You know how online purchases can be hit or miss, even with all the pictures?
 Well these came quite long and didn't look at all right on me. I'm petite and the whole thing enveloped me and cut off my legs mid-shin. The waist was also too big even though the skirts were advertised as small.
I abandoned them for months and then decided to have them altered after fussing and fiddling in front of the mirror.
Here's one-
Waist nipped in, length hemmed to below knee: winning

I kept everything else minimal. This skirt is a bright gold check print so I kept the focus on that.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I'm such a foodie. I usually keep it healthy but Ice Cream Factory don jazz me with their red velvet cake.
This stuff is pleasure on a plate. Yum! I don't eat it often but when I have a craving,  it has to be had.

I think I'm gonna propose soon

3. My yarn twists
The ease is just the best thing. I know it's very full so I can't even pack or style it as normally would, but the fact that I don't have to worry about doing extra before I run out is bliss.
Granted, I had the evil urge after both first and second weeks to grab my scissors and take it all out but I fought it off/got talked out of it by my girl Kudi. I'm glad for it because honestly, I'm not missing my own hair that much. It was more out of my usual restlessness with hair. *shrugs*
I made it to friday and I'm on a long weekend call at work so it can't come out til next weekend, 4 weeks old! So proud of myself :D

The only way this hair lets me style it

4. Friends: Getting the trio together again
Gbemi and Tope and me, we used to live together in med school and now we hardly get to spend time as a unit anymore (Growing up is annoying).
Recently we did and we got so squealy and huggy and I lost all my street cred in the process :| :| :|

 I sha love you guys. Don't "Awww" -_____-

5. Saving the best for last....
I have a new niece! She's a brand new Naija girl and she's beautiful and pink and curly haired (hellurrr naturalista) and I adore her.
Naija niece next door
   Her royal cuteness is Munachi Blossom and I have plans for her hair if my cousin Chioma would please just give me the mantle...

That's all folks! What's been making you happy lately?


  1. Aawww, congratulations on being an aunt. These lil bundles just know how to worm their way into our hearts. As for the friend get together, I feel you. Life is moving too fast, and friendships are getting harder to maintain in the process. The midi skirt is a HIT dahling..and please send me some of that cake *yummy*

    1. Too fast...sniff. Like, how is it November already??
      Thanks thanks thanks:*

  2. Your niece is so cuteeee....big congrats dear!!! awww...your friends are making me miss my school friends:-) *lovely reunion*

  3. Erm, now I'm hating the fact that that cake can't fly out of the screen into my mouth...
    Your niece is faaaainEeee!
    You look terrific ma'am.
    Well, nothing is making me happy per say at the moment. *sigh*


    1. If only food could leave screens and materialise, ha! I'll be buried under a pile of something scrumptious

  4. Aww welcome baby Muna! Such a pretty girl :)
    After a very disappointing episode with their cheesecake two years ago, I started limiting myself to the ice cream at ICF, but I'll try this red velvet next time
    And, growing up sucks. Boo.

    1. It sucks. It sucks bad :(

      Your mouth will sing when you have this cake (I better not oversell this thing)

  5. she is a cute lil mama. You the latest aunty in town lolol

  6. Lol your cousin's cutee! And love the way you wore your skirt, spot on.