The Wash Day Files: Out with the old, In with the new

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Hey people!
I'm sharing two wash days today because I made some changes and feel like I should put it out there.

Wash day 1- The first one after the yarn twists.
    Detangling was paramount. I used the ORS Replenishing Conditioner + EVOO to detangle and two-strand twist each section, then I covered with a shower cap to dc for an hour.
I rinsed, shampooed my scalp and hair, undoing and redoing twists as I went along.
Tshirt dried for 30 minutes, sealed lightly with my oil mix and let it dry in twists.

I noticed there was buildup from the dc and I wished I had used more shampoo on the hair itself. My hair felt coated and stringy after I undid the twists.
Two days later (saturday) I cowashed. It didn't get out all the buildup (Cowashing never does with this dc) but it was much better and to make sure I got to retain moisture this time, I revived the LCO method.
Liquid- water. My hair was damp
Cream- Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
Oil- my usual oil mix
   My hair felt so soft afterward... Though this conditioner doesn't have much slip (at least the way I used it), the softness seriously eased detangling. It was so easy to pull into two sleek plaits to stretch my new growth whilst drying.

 The next day I did a lush updo, then at night I put in cornrows and wigged for the week. Yes I wore a wig :D

  This wash day marked the end of an old era (am I being dramatic?). I made a flash decision to give away my hair products that aren't all-natural since I now have their replacements. I have used them for the last time. *tears* #beautypageantwave
The CON Argan oil shampoo I'll miss for its amazing detangling and gentle cleansing. The ORS Replenishing Conditioner I'll miss for its awesome slip, moisturising and mild strengthening. I won't miss the buildup. It seems my transitioning hair is more averse to buildup than when I was fully relaxed.

Wash Day 2- The New Era, or should I say new HAIRA (just go with it ok?)
New shampoo, new conditioners. All new everything.
Now you know I usually dc then wash, but I figured that won't let me properly analyse a new conditioner, so I washed first.
 Prepoo- Extra virgin olive oil.
I'll always say how much I love this oil for detangling. It did a great job after I undid my cornrows. I twisted in sections and covered for 30 minutes with a plastic cap then a shower cap. It was a really hot day.
 Shampoo- Shea Moisture Red Tea and Babassu Head-to-toe Wash & Shampoo.
I undid each twist, washed, rinsed and redid the twist. It got out all the buildup from last week without stripping my hair at all. I've been using it for my face and body too by the way, and I'll have a full report soon.
 Dc- I went with Aubrey GBP Glycogen-Protein Balancing conditioner this time because it's been a while since my last protein treatment and I needed to infuse some protein without doing a hard treatment. I applied in sections, worked it through with my fingers and twisted. Covered again with a plastic cap, wrapped around with a towel dipped in hot water, then put a shower cap over that. I removed the towel after 15 minutes and continued for an hour before rinsing with cool water. My hair had absorbed virtually everything and rinsing was just perfunctory. My hair felt oh-so-good: light and fluffy and moisturised.
 Tshirt dried- 40 minutes
 Leave-in: LCO method
        Liquid- water. Hair was damp
        Cream- Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
        Oil- my oil mix. Few drops per section.

The good times kept rolling. I hadn't done bantu knots in a while because they don't turn out right if my hair isn't feeling this light and fluffy. This time I had a good feeling and I did 10 bantu knots and I'm so glad...
Wild and free curls :D 

I'll do a hair update post with pictures of all the ways I've styled my hair lately, including the wig. Coming shortly.
So happy with this wash day. How was yours?
Please catch up with the Wash Day Experience and see how other ladies have pampered their hair.



  1. LOVE your bantu knots!
    I don't know why mine never come out right!!!

    1. Thanks Britt!
      I'm the same way with twistouts. I just cannot get them to come out like they're supposed to

  2. Welcome to the new HAIRA! LOL! I love that! I'm totally stealing it! I've had Aubreys GBP on my wish list forever! I just need to buy it already.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. LOL. I might have been on a sugar high when I wrote this post...
      You should definitely try it. I only have the sample size but I'll get a full size one when I run out

  3. Your hair looks great, Look at all that new growth. :-)

  4. What else is in your new all natural stash? I am taking notes since I am also using up all my products to get ready for a new haira (love that term) too

    1. From Shea Moisture I have the African Black Soap deep treatment (supposed to double as a dc and a cowash) as well as the wash and the Restorative conditioner in this post; Aubrey's GPB also mentioned here; bentonite clay, my ayurvedic powders, and then the regulars- oils and shea butter. That's pretty much it.
      Oh yeah- I have my blender and sieve on standby for homemade hair masques. Lol

  5. Your hair is amazing. The new growth looks so lush!! Hahah. Would you say the Shea moisture red tea and babassu head to toe wash and shampoo is a great replacement for the CON Argan oil moisture and shine shampoo? I wouldn't mind replacing it with an all natural product too. Would you also say it's a clarifying shampoo?! Hope my questions aren't too much. Hehhe ����

    1. Thanks Dumsy :) No they're not too much lol.
      I've used it on my hair just once so far but I like it as a replacement- cleaned beautifully without stripping. It's not as slippery as the CON but then I haven't met another 'poo that is. Lol
      I wouldn't say it's clarifying but I only lathered once. You could do the lather-rinse-repeat process to see.
      I'll do a full review when I've used it enough times to have definite info

  6. Such a beautiful Bantu knot out! A great start to the new haira! :D

  7. Whew, I am feeling that bantu knot out! Why didn't I come up with these ideas when I had longer hair a few years ago? Oh well, I am taking notes now. I came by way of Saving Our Strands. I have one question: how do you know when your hair needs a protein treatment over a moisture treatment? I am still trying to understand this protein/moisture balance.

    1. Thank you Kristal!
      When I need moisture my hair feels hard and dry, breaks and is very difficult to manipulate.
      When it needs protein it loses its fluffiness and feels stringy and weak

  8. Your bantu knots turned out cute. I love anything Aubrey Organics.

  9. Your new growth is amazing. I can't wait to see your hair fully natural.