The Savvy and Chic Garden Partay! (Pic heavy)

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    Remember when I harped about winning an invite to a garden party? Well it was last sunday. It was hosted by Dabs of and Savvy & Chic Hair and Beauty Hub, which also has a magazine (Dabs owns them); and it was fabulous!
     Like I mentioned in an earlier post I was Kemi Lewis's +1. She's the blogger behind, a natural hair blog I've been following for a while.

     The dress code was strictly florals and I decided on a floral midi skirt. Initially I tried on the skirt with a blouse and a headband: charming but not my style. I toughened it up with a studded denim vest I swiped from my sister (she's had it forever and has refused to wear it) and a stainless steel necklace (which simply refused to show).
Peach wedges, white clutch and I was off. My hair was in that flexirod set of last wash day.

Kemi came to get me from a prearranged location and was utterly gracious when I ran a little late (*shamefaced*). She's so cool.
 I'm a painfully shy person in a new place with new people but somehow I found myself engaged in great conversation with her.

Tiny me and the beautiful Kemi Lewis

At the venue- The Social Place in VI- the beauty that greeted me ehn. Peep this:


Our place settings came with a flower hair pin or a headband, and a goody bag.
My spot :)

    Berry Dakara aka Mrs Cakes was the first person I recognised and I took me 5 minutes to brace myself to tell her "I love your blog". She was like "Awww thanks, what's your name?"
Me: Sandra. *blush blush blush*
Berry: Sandra N.U? We know you too!
   I went all warm and fuzzy inside. Here's a big one Berry: mwaaah!
Berry Dakara
 I met some other lovely people and we were all going crazy taking pictures. 
Our delectable host Dabs

Titi who blogs at, a warm and bubbly soul with a gorgeous 'fro.
I met Uzo of First time seeing her face since she usually doesn't photograph her face in blog posts. Gorgeous gal...

Me and Uzo

Sisiyemmie, superhuman blogger who blogs and puts up youtube vids effortlessly while holding down a fulltime job and a home. Whew!
Her high puff!!
   I saw naturalnigerian, a person whose natural lifestyle I aspire to and I couldn't even step up and talk to her. I need a spanking.

Alice of

   Dabs had prepared conversation topics and it was time for baby bloggers like me (7 months old) to sit back and EAT and hear from the veteran bloggers (4 years and tinz). There were fashion, beauty, hair, lifestyle bloggers.
   There were bloggers I follow, bloggers I have stumbled across while surfing the net, bloggers I had never heard about until that day (under the rock is my home) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself dontcha know.

   Then the rain came pouring down. You see this Lagos weather ehn... but we weren't going to let a downpour few trickles stop us. We went indoors and continued the gist.
Did I mention the food? And the drinks?

Dessertssss :
Frozen yoghurt from Sweet Kiwi
Cupcakes from The Cake Factory's Cakes, Berry's hubby. I thought they were flowers at first. Turns out they were yummy, velvety cakes. Everyone oohed and aahed and in a few minutes they were gone.

Cheers to Dabs for organising this delicious affair. You're fantastic.
Can you tell I had fun? No jor, it wasn't just about the food...

P.s- All the pictures not watermarked are from a couple of blogs whose links are in this post.


  1. and you looked Hawwwttttt too, very soon i'd be attending great events like this when i get my private jet *winks*
    Are you transitioning ???

    1. Pick me up on your way o! Lol
      Yes I'm transitioning

  2. Sandra! Sandra!! Uzoma! Shey you guys know that there is God ehen. I won't say more than that o. Enjoying without me, okay o.

  3. So nice to meet you Sandra. Wanted to tell you I loved your hair but after the rain, all my thoughts fell apart, lol. Will definitely be coming back for more DIY tips.

    1. It was so good to meet you too! I'm already a fan of your blog so I'm in your hair for good :D

  4. Erthang, erthang was niiiiice. The decor, the FOOD, the decor, the florals everyone was wearing, the decor!...(hehehe) You ladies definitely had a ball.