I style: Yarn twists

October 23, 2014 Naija girl next door 15 Comments

Hello people, how una dey? It's crazy how things happen sometimes... my family is dealing with a recent loss and I just hope you and yours are well.
   I got tired of my hair and decided to put in a protective style a little over a week ago: yarn twists (or wool as it's popularly called in Naija).

I used 9 and half rolls of acrylic yarn. They're anywhere from N100 per roll (local market) to N200 (Supermarket). I didn't know how many I would need initially so I bought in 3 installments with 3 different price points.


  1. Hair deep conditioned, washed and detangled. 
  2. Yarn cut into strings and arranged in groups of ten: this takes a LONG time so you should do it days or weeks before, to give you time to start your hair with fresh energy. OR have your hairdresser do it before you go to the salon. 
  3. Got on youtube to see how others went about it.
  4. Movies and series organised for entertainment. 

  • No combs. I made the parts with my fingers
  • Moisturised each section with a spritz of water and sealed with oil before twisting.  
  • I used 10 strands per twist. I just felt it up until I was comfortable with the thickness I would get. Turned out to be 10.
  • I was going to do the Havana method ie start two-strand twisting from the roots, but one of the Youtubers specifically said starting with a braid helps make it more secure so I did that.
  • Braid a few cm - twist to the end - tie the ends.
I started on Sunday afternoon and by 11pm I ran out of yarn (I took several breaks to cook, eat etc. Can't flatten my bumbum for hair). Halfway I knew it was going to run out so I made sure the undone area would be in the middle so I could show up decent to work.

I wasn't even on call that weekend so why didn't I do it before Sunday? Turn up. Smh.
  So. Your girl did a french braid to disguise this... situation, and went to work Monday. I finished the last section when I got back.
  • Sealed the ends by burning with a candle and then palm rolling. 
Now there's an art to this. You have to wait a few seconds after you burn to palm roll. This stuff burns a little on contact with fire, and melts. The melted stuff is HOT. Ensure it doesn't drop on your skin. It BURNS. Yes I got burned. Hair is a battlefield. Right? *Crickets* ūüė£

Here's what I had when I was done:

I'm very happy with the size of the individual twists and with the length. Plus you already know the benefits of protective styling. 

 The fullness on the other hand, c'est le probleme. I actually like it but
  • It won't fit into anything- not my shower cap, not my satin scarf for sleep (hair threat alert); it's even a thing at work because it won't fit into one theatre cap. I've been using two!
  • It's like a pillow if I bun it for bed so I sleep with it strewn all over (I don't use pillows once it's time to shut my eyes).
  • It's heavy (I don't feel it anymore though, I'm 10 days in) so I'm scared to wash. I'm scared I'll be a bobble head from the weight of the water. I'm scared it won't dry and then get mildew. 
    I'm terrible at keeping in protective styles. Three weeks is my usual limit even for problem-free styles. Ah well, I like this one regardless and will repeat it definitely. Just less full, especially at the back. Let's see how long before I can no longer bear to keep it in a minute longer.

Whatcha think? Please drop a line :)


    1. Love your hair and the blog. How did u manage to pull it off. Also wonder how you manage this with work ��
      P.S: I'm a medical student :)

      1. Yay Dr! Hello Audrey :D
        When I'm stressed or tired I usually need to unwind before I can sleep and that's when I work on blog posts. Blame my insomia issues.
        Sometimes I nod off while proofreading.
        I don't post nearly as often as I would like to cos it gets REAL at work.
        Thanks for reading and making it worthwhile.

      2. sandra you are really trying ,am a Doctor myself too and couldn't start blogging during my housejob had to chill till afterwards.the stress was real mehn! especially in upth.nice protective style.

    2. Hiya Sandra! I stumbled on your blog and I'm loving it...err, I don't blog aabout hair but I tagged you http://seyonhundeyin.blogspot.de/2014/10/tagged.html?m=1

      1. Hey Amaka, thanks for the tag! I just hopped over to your blog

    3. Sorry to hear about your family's loss. I hope you're feeling better.

      I'm quite jealous that you can do all these styles yourself. :-) It turned out really nicely. Maybe next time you can use less wool or make bigger sections so that it won't be so heavy.

      Don't Touch The Hair

      1. Thanks a lot *hugs*
        I've learned my lesson, less wool/bigger sections next time.

    4. Come Sandra, I don't like this oh. How will only you just be making fine styles by yourself? Na only you Waka come? *Rant over* I loooove looove looove it.. Oh well, since I can't braid to save my life and I'm never putting my hair in a braider's hands(lesson learned) I'll likely never get my hair done again.. oh well, there's always buns and more buns..

      1. Lmao! Diaris God o!
        If you want braids, the good thing is there are now natural hair salons that are gentle on hair and good at what they do.
        Don't mind us diy people

    5. hey beautiful Dr. Sandra!! :-) love your blog plusss you are such a good DIYer! Your hair looks cute!

      i'm new to blogging... hope you stop by my blog some other time:-D

      1. Hi Judith! Thanks :)
        I'll definitely check out your blog

    6. This is gorgeous. I've been looking for what to do to hide my hair for a couple of months before having to go to the salon. This seems to be the perfect solution. Will probably make it less thick but section my bigger so I can pack it when I need to.
      Really lovely. Thanks a lot for this.


      1. Thank you Barbara :* :*
        That's exactly what I should have done. Hope you'll share when you do

    7. Sorry about your family's loss, Sandra
      You style like a professional, I want to be like you when I grow up!

      1. Thanks AB, *hugs*
        Ah! Lol... you're my natural hair guru I hope you know. Just wait til I'm fully natural. I'll move in with you