Product Review: Creme of Nature Argan oil Shampoo

October 26, 2014 Naija girl next door 17 Comments

Hiiiiii! I hope everyone is having a fantabulicious weekend.

Today I'm reviewing a shampoo, full name: Creme of Nature Moisturise and Shine shampoo with Argan oil From Morocco.
   I've used it as my only shampoo for months so I'm more than ready to say how it went for me. This one came with a sample of their Argan oil treatment.

This is how much I've used:
Those arrows are where I got burned doing my yarn twists :(
Price: I got it for N1400 (a little less than $10) from Casabella at The Palms in Lagos, but I've also seen it at Ebeano for N1100.
Packaging: 354ml/12 oz squeeze bottle. The label is waterproof and has stayed firmly on.
Smell: This smells to me just like detergent, I do not like at all. It lingers for a bit but thankfully not until the next day.
Colour and consistency: Golden yellow, pearlescent, somewhat thick so it's easy to control and doesn't make a mess, yet it pours easily.

Ingredients: Aqua, Trideceth-7, Carboxylic Acid, Decyl Glucoside, Glycol Stearate, Polyquarternium-10, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Quaternium-15, Parfum (Fragrance), Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, CI 14700(Red4), CI19140(Yellow 5).

  ◇◇◇◇It's sulphate-free, also has no petroleum products. Still, it has other chemicals including meth & meth and parabens.◇◇◇◇

Promises: This sulfate-free formula nourishes and adds brilliant shine, while gently cleansing and detangling.

Directions: Apply a generous amount to wet hair and massage into lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. Follow with Creme of Nature with Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment (I didn't).

My Assessment
This shampoo is the best thing I've ever used to wash my hair.
Cleansing: I used it undiluted- it lathers a LOT and is so effective that even with the yuckiest buildup, I usually don't need to do a repeat lather. It just melts away the mess and rinses clean but never squeaky. It never leaves my hair feeling stripped even when I lather twice which surprised me, considering all that rich foam.

Detangling: They are not kidding about the detangling! In fact I think they didn't play up that part enough. This stuff detangles better than a lot of conditioners. I wash my hair in twists and it as totally unravels them as if they were tangles.
The fact that it lets me run my fingers from root to tip while washing is a miracle for my 11-month post relaxer hair.
   This was my first sulphate-free shampoo and it was a game changer. It leaves my hair so soft and happy that I'm tempted to not condition my hair.

Now the oil treatment sample was just ok. It has silicones which coat the hair and make it feel smooth so that's what it did, but I avoid stuff with 'cones.

What I don't like
1. The detergent smell.
2. The chemicals in it. Unfortunately that's a deal breaker so I'm saying goodbye. I made a personal decision to cut out all products with chemicals and replace with all-natural ones unless there's absolutely no alternative to be found. There are alternatives to shampoos with chemicals.

If you're not finicky abour ingredients you should totally try this shampoo. I predict love.
Have you used this before? How did it go? Any natural alternatives you've used successfully (besides black soap)? I'm all ears.


I style: Yarn twists

October 23, 2014 Naija girl next door 15 Comments

Hello people, how una dey? It's crazy how things happen sometimes... my family is dealing with a recent loss and I just hope you and yours are well.
   I got tired of my hair and decided to put in a protective style a little over a week ago: yarn twists (or wool as it's popularly called in Naija).

I used 9 and half rolls of acrylic yarn. They're anywhere from N100 per roll (local market) to N200 (Supermarket). I didn't know how many I would need initially so I bought in 3 installments with 3 different price points.


  1. Hair deep conditioned, washed and detangled. 
  2. Yarn cut into strings and arranged in groups of ten: this takes a LONG time so you should do it days or weeks before, to give you time to start your hair with fresh energy. OR have your hairdresser do it before you go to the salon. 
  3. Got on youtube to see how others went about it.
  4. Movies and series organised for entertainment. 

  • No combs. I made the parts with my fingers
  • Moisturised each section with a spritz of water and sealed with oil before twisting.  
  • I used 10 strands per twist. I just felt it up until I was comfortable with the thickness I would get. Turned out to be 10.
  • I was going to do the Havana method ie start two-strand twisting from the roots, but one of the Youtubers specifically said starting with a braid helps make it more secure so I did that.
  • Braid a few cm - twist to the end - tie the ends.
I started on Sunday afternoon and by 11pm I ran out of yarn (I took several breaks to cook, eat etc. Can't flatten my bumbum for hair). Halfway I knew it was going to run out so I made sure the undone area would be in the middle so I could show up decent to work.

I wasn't even on call that weekend so why didn't I do it before Sunday? Turn up. Smh.
  So. Your girl did a french braid to disguise this... situation, and went to work Monday. I finished the last section when I got back.
  • Sealed the ends by burning with a candle and then palm rolling. 
Now there's an art to this. You have to wait a few seconds after you burn to palm roll. This stuff burns a little on contact with fire, and melts. The melted stuff is HOT. Ensure it doesn't drop on your skin. It BURNS. Yes I got burned. Hair is a battlefield. Right? *Crickets* ūüė£

Here's what I had when I was done:

I'm very happy with the size of the individual twists and with the length. Plus you already know the benefits of protective styling. 

 The fullness on the other hand, c'est le probleme. I actually like it but
  • It won't fit into anything- not my shower cap, not my satin scarf for sleep (hair threat alert); it's even a thing at work because it won't fit into one theatre cap. I've been using two!
  • It's like a pillow if I bun it for bed so I sleep with it strewn all over (I don't use pillows once it's time to shut my eyes).
  • It's heavy (I don't feel it anymore though, I'm 10 days in) so I'm scared to wash. I'm scared I'll be a bobble head from the weight of the water. I'm scared it won't dry and then get mildew. 
    I'm terrible at keeping in protective styles. Three weeks is my usual limit even for problem-free styles. Ah well, I like this one regardless and will repeat it definitely. Just less full, especially at the back. Let's see how long before I can no longer bear to keep it in a minute longer.

Whatcha think? Please drop a line :)


    The black soap post

    October 15, 2014 Naija girl next door 16 Comments

        I cannot believe it's been eight days since my last post! Why didn't somebody tell me? :( I've been such a bad blogger...
    I know saying I've been busy sounds generic but for real you guys, life (work) has a way of pushing everything to the background sometimes.

      I've been meaning to share my experience with black soap and here it is finally.

    My history with black soap
    1] My first encounter was with a brand called Village Fresh. It came in a white jar with green print and a green cover. I was in High School and still looking for the best thing for my sensitive skin, so when classmate spoke highly of it I got it. It was a goopy semi-solid, dark brown, had truckloads of lather and it was FULL of strong fragrance.
     It dried the heck out of my skin and I had white flakes all over, especially on my face and legs + my skin felt very tight and ready to crack.
    2] Next was Dudu Osun, few years later. It's a hard, dark bar that lathers a lot. Also had too much fragrance for me and dried my face out, thankfully not as badly as Village Fresh did but nonetheless drying.

      At this point you probably wonder why I tried again.
    I. In my quest for an organic lifestyle, I've been looking for an all-natural top to toe cleanser to replace both shampoo and body wash. You've probably this too much on here: I love multitasking products. This was the most viable candidate from all my online searches.
    II. I figured that the previous ones I tried had artificial additives especially synthetic fragrances which are known to irritate sensitive skin.
    There's so much praise online for the raw, pure African Black Soap that I became convinced it was the best thing for me.

    The Purchase
    I was going to order from Natural Nigerian but I came upon this baby at Ebeano supermarket.

    Full name: Namaste Organics Exfoliating 100% African Black Soap Conditioning Hair and Body wash with Rosemary and Ylang Ylang oil.
    It goes on below to say "stimulating and deep hair conditioning". You can see the ingredient list in the picture.

    My bentonite clay is the same brand. I got this tub for N2, 250, almost $15 for 400g. I know it's rather steep for a locally made soap but since it already contained essential oils which I was planning to buy (those cost a lot) + carrier oils, I figured the price was okay.

    When you open it the first smell that hits you is the rosemary- very spicy and warming. If you inhale deeper you'll smell the soap base clearly.

    How I used it + Results
    Straight: I used as a body wash with no extras, just to get a feel of it. I even used a little bit to wash my face. The first thing I noticed was a squeaky clean feeling all over. Definitely not what I'm now used to. For my face, that's a huge no-no. Read all about that here.
    I needed more body oil than usual and that kept dryness away from other areas but my hands which were as dry as Okporoko.

    Mix no. 1- I scooped some into a pump container and mixed with water, honey and olive oil. The water only made me use more to get a good lather. Still squeaky clean. Didn't use on my face. Hands started to feel rough after a few days. I tweaked each time I mixed- more honey, more oil. No appreciable difference.
    This is when I tried it on my hair to remove product buildup. Oh my days... you could literally hear my hair squeak. That's how stripped it was. It tangled badly. Worst part was: some areas still had buildup! I had to follow with the shampoo I'm trying to replace, then conditioner all over again. Bad bad experience.

    Mix no. 2- Left out water and added a lot of honey and olive oil. In desperation I grabbed everything: palm kernel oil and even melted some shea butter.
    My hands finally stopped feeling rough and the soap lathered well without the dilution with water.

    Mix no. 3- lots of honey, olive oil and sunflower oil. I mean lots. After mixing, the quantity of soap went from 1/4 to an almost full container.

    While mixing, it went from irregular semisolid to creamy...
    ...At rest it stiffened and set.

    This is the mix I'm currently on. It also lathers just fine and doesn't leave my hands rough or too dry. I even used it to wash off my makeup today and it got my face really clean without making it dry and flaky. That said, my face and body still require oiling while damp to get some moisture.

    Verdict: I really wanted this to be it but it's not for me. If I have to tweak a product so much to get just fair results, it's not worth it. I won't repurchase.
    I understand that loads of people love black soap so who knows? Try and see.

    The search is still on for my perfect all over cleanser and my next experiment will be from Shea Moisture.
    Have you used black soap? What was your experience? Have you tried any other organic alternatives? Let's talk :)

    P.s- I also won't be trying Dr Bronners liquid castille soap because I read reviews and a number of people found it drying. Personally I figured if it's such an effective all-purpose cleaner- even for dishes, floors, bathrooms etc, it will more than likely dry me out. I'd rather not find out.


    The Savvy and Chic Garden Partay! (Pic heavy)

    October 06, 2014 Naija girl next door 12 Comments

        Remember when I harped about winning an invite to a garden party? Well it was last sunday. It was hosted by Dabs of and Savvy & Chic Hair and Beauty Hub, which also has a magazine (Dabs owns them); and it was fabulous!
         Like I mentioned in an earlier post I was Kemi Lewis's +1. She's the blogger behind, a natural hair blog I've been following for a while.

         The dress code was strictly florals and I decided on a floral midi skirt. Initially I tried on the skirt with a blouse and a headband: charming but not my style. I toughened it up with a studded denim vest I swiped from my sister (she's had it forever and has refused to wear it) and a stainless steel necklace (which simply refused to show).
    Peach wedges, white clutch and I was off. My hair was in that flexirod set of last wash day.

    Kemi came to get me from a prearranged location and was utterly gracious when I ran a little late (*shamefaced*). She's so cool.
     I'm a painfully shy person in a new place with new people but somehow I found myself engaged in great conversation with her.

    Tiny me and the beautiful Kemi Lewis

    At the venue- The Social Place in VI- the beauty that greeted me ehn. Peep this:


    Our place settings came with a flower hair pin or a headband, and a goody bag.
    My spot :)

        Berry Dakara aka Mrs Cakes was the first person I recognised and I took me 5 minutes to brace myself to tell her "I love your blog". She was like "Awww thanks, what's your name?"
    Me: Sandra. *blush blush blush*
    Berry: Sandra N.U? We know you too!
       I went all warm and fuzzy inside. Here's a big one Berry: mwaaah!
    Berry Dakara
     I met some other lovely people and we were all going crazy taking pictures. 
    Our delectable host Dabs

    Titi who blogs at, a warm and bubbly soul with a gorgeous 'fro.
    I met Uzo of First time seeing her face since she usually doesn't photograph her face in blog posts. Gorgeous gal...

    Me and Uzo

    Sisiyemmie, superhuman blogger who blogs and puts up youtube vids effortlessly while holding down a fulltime job and a home. Whew!
    Her high puff!!
       I saw naturalnigerian, a person whose natural lifestyle I aspire to and I couldn't even step up and talk to her. I need a spanking.

    Alice of

       Dabs had prepared conversation topics and it was time for baby bloggers like me (7 months old) to sit back and EAT and hear from the veteran bloggers (4 years and tinz). There were fashion, beauty, hair, lifestyle bloggers.
       There were bloggers I follow, bloggers I have stumbled across while surfing the net, bloggers I had never heard about until that day (under the rock is my home) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself dontcha know.

       Then the rain came pouring down. You see this Lagos weather ehn... but we weren't going to let a downpour few trickles stop us. We went indoors and continued the gist.
    Did I mention the food? And the drinks?

    Dessertssss :
    Frozen yoghurt from Sweet Kiwi
    Cupcakes from The Cake Factory's Cakes, Berry's hubby. I thought they were flowers at first. Turns out they were yummy, velvety cakes. Everyone oohed and aahed and in a few minutes they were gone.

    Cheers to Dabs for organising this delicious affair. You're fantastic.
    Can you tell I had fun? No jor, it wasn't just about the food...

    P.s- All the pictures not watermarked are from a couple of blogs whose links are in this post.


    Wash day files: Diy hair masque and curls

    October 02, 2014 Naija girl next door 13 Comments

    Hello you!
      It's another wash day wednesday and so I get to share how wash day went over the weekend. It's coming so late, midnight here, but I didn't get a holiday like most people in Nigeria today- I'm on call.

    Alright, about wash day.
    I was not in the mood for the usual smells of wash day- not the strong orange of the ORS conditioner, not the strong smoky smell of the PKO, none of it.
    Solution: homemade hair masque.
    I used half a large avocado+honey+olive oil+sunflower oil.
    **Yes there's a new oil in rotation :) I thought it about time I hopped on this ceramide bandwagon for a bit.

    I blended everything together and then passed it through a strainer to remove any particles. I've had bits left over in my hair before, not a good look.

      The result was this smooth, creamy, tasty (I ate my hair's food) smoothie that I slathered my hair with. I put in four big twists and covered for an hour with a plastic cap.
      Rinsed with warm water. It rinsed out easily and quickly, no mess.
    Cowashed with Beauty Formulas Apricot conditioner and finger detangled with the help of the cool running water and the slip from the conditioner.
    Tshirt dried for like 15 minutes. It hadn't dried as much as I would have liked but I had to speed things up, it was really late at night.
    Leave-in: shea butter mix to lock in the moisture from the wash and help with styling.
    Flexirods: I used 13 and slept with my head uncovered to hasten drying.

        The next day was the Savvy and Chic garden party and that's where I dashed off to right after taking down the rods.

    My new growth doesn't take to curls as easily as the relaxed parts do.

    How was your wash day?
    Join the wash day experience, read and share. So sleepy...