The wash day files: Smooth sailing

September 17, 2014 Naija girl next door 15 Comments

Hello my people, how are ya?
It was another September wash day on Saturday, with the theme 'Smooth sailing'.
I have to admit, this week's theme had me scratching my head. Smooth? That has never been a goal on wash days which are focused on 'soft'.
I had to think back to times when my hair felt smooth and I remembered these three things:
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Threading
  • Shea butter
Dry hair dc- ORS Replenishing conditioner + PKO+honey.
That's PKO being poured. See how dark it is? The other dark fluid already in is honey.

Finger detangled, then secured the detangled sections in twists. I covered with a plastic cap, then a shower cap and left overnight til Saturday morning. I was exhausted. I rinsed off on Saturday morning and...
 Cowashed- with Beauty Formulas Apricot conditioner and rinsed again. I finished with a cold water rinse.
T-shirt dried for almost an hour. I did this so my hair would be able to dry fully in threads. 
Leave-in: I loosened each section and applied my shea butter mix.
 Finished by threading in seven sections. 
I looked like a seven-horned Ram when I was done...
(My sister insists on seven-horned demon but I'm ignoring her).
I always leave thread in overnight but this time I had to undo the sections after a few hours to go out. My hair wasn't completely dry so my new growth wasn't stretched out as well, but I styled it anyway and it dried smooth while I was out.
I took pictures when I got back:

I declare 'Smooth sailing' a success. *pops something*
I wore my hair down for hours but my hair rwasn't dried out when I got home. It was still soft and moisturised. Sealing with shea butter does this for me.
How was your wash day? Share and see how others fared on the wash day linkup over here
P.s- I just realised I've completed my four-wash-day trial of exclusive finger detangling, plus one bonus. Yay! :D I'll document my thoughts on that very soon.


  1. You definitely achieved a smooth look! Great Post!

  2. WOOOOTTTTT for finger detangling! I swearrrrr by it! Once you start---it will be hard to re-incorporate a comb back into your regimen! Who know that a part of healthier hair was combing it less!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. Your hair is long! And I need to try that; your hair looks really smooth.

    1. Hey Aise, would love to see your results if you try

  4. I have a question. I thought shea butter was used to seal in moisture why do you use it as a leave in? I need to get that PKO. Nice write up...

    1. From her posts, most days Sandra uses water as her moisture bit and since she just washed I guess.. Oh yeah and her shea butter recipe involves whipping with water also.. Hope that explains it I think..

    2. Hi Diva:)
      Yes Noelle, you're right. The water in my hair from the wash counts as my moisturising step, and the shea butter mix serves dual purpose- a softening leave in (it contains water as Noelle said) and a sealant.

  5. Wow ur hair is beautifuuuuuul!

  6. Lovely as always, Sandra. I want smooth hair too! I'm gonna re incorporate sunflower oil in my regimen as soon as I have my senegalese twists out

    1. Really? It's actually on my list of stuff I want to get soon. High 5

  7. Your hair looks so lovely.