Hair update: finger detangling- first two trials

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    Hey you reading this post. How are ya?
Let me share what my last two wash days were like. I'm sharing this as an update post because it's everything I've been doing with my hair since last post.
You know I'm trying exclusive finger detangling and all combs are out of reach.

Here's how the first attempt went-

  • I undid my twists with olive oil. You know how hair tends to get matted together when in twists? The oil separated my strands and helped the shed hairs to slide out easily. However, being patient requires time and this took looong. It took a 3-hour Bollywood movie + an additional 15 minutes to finish.
  • Dc'd on dry hair with ORS Replenishing conditioner only. Even on dry hair the slip is amazing. I detangled at this point by running my fingers through section by section.
  • Covered with a shower cap and left it in overnight.
  • By morning I shampooed with Creme of Nature Argan oil shampoo and followed with a quick condition with Beauty Formulas Apricot conditioner.

By this time my twists had soaked up so much goodness they had unravelled for the most part.

  • I covered with a tshirt for 40 minutes then took it off to air dry for a bit. 
  • When it had about 30% moisture, I sealed with my oil mix. I separated what was left of the twists and there were no tangles people! I just ran my finger through sections of hair a couple of times, put it in a bun and tied down with a scarf.

A couple of hours later:

I never knew I had a curl pattern that could be this obvious. Plus, my new growth was all meek and humbly lying down. I was able to style my hair without stretching my new growth.
So happy with the results of trial no. 1 despite the fact it took forever to undo my twists and detangle pre-wash.

Trial no. 2

 I followed the same steps with just a few differences. No twists this time so it was faster.

  • Finger detangled with PKO, worked in ORS Replenishing conditioner and then put in 12 twists to wash. Covered with a shower cap overnight.
  • Cowashed only with Beauty Formulas Apricot conditioner. I had to go over three times due to product buildup in my hair and I still had icky gunk afterwards. Ugh. I was skeptical about shampooing again only days after so I didn't. 
  • The rest was the same. Air dried, sealed with the tiniest bit of my oil mix ( because of all that build up) and fluffed out the twists I washed in. It wasn't as smooth sailing because my hair seemed coated with buildup and i didn't enjoy touching it. I put in a bun and tied down with a satin scarf. 
   Next day, hair had dried and didn't feel as gunky. I did twists again. The ease of this thing is just addictive. I can literally get up and go, cowash as I please and moisturise and seal like this *snaps fingers*
Only one side plaited this time
It's been a blessing since I recently started work and was thrust from miss all-the-time-in-the-world to Dr Busy bee. That's the reason for the fewer posts lately but I'm settling down so they'll pick up.
 How's your hair doing lately? Trying anything new or sticking to old favourites?


  1. Sticking to old faves, n so tired of it*weeps*

    1. Temi don't get bored, try something new even if it's just a new oil or a new hairstyle

  2. i recently started deep conditioning twice a week cos i noticed that as my hair gets longer its getting dryer.and gurl i cant imagine how i had gone without it for so hair just feels moisturized all week long

    1. Isn't it great when you just try something new and it works? Nice

  3. Yay!!! Another convert to finger detangling. I can go on for days about it, but the curls that pop even when you have 50 generations of pure African ancestors is amazing. I tried a beer rinse, smelled horrible but my hair felt great.

    Congrats Doctor... Wow your patients with your amazing hair