I style: two-strand twists on transitioning hair

August 21, 2014 Naija girl next door 10 Comments

Let me take a second to say a big fat thank you to all of you who read this blog, leave comments, contact me personally to ask questions, or to send your hair pictures and say thank you. You guys are the butter on my bread and I will find a way to appreciate you soon.

    So. After I took down my bun, hair was still soft and moisturised, but my new growth had shrunk all the way up because I didn't stretch it. I wasn't about to struggle with that in the name of an updo.
I was standing in front of the mirror by almost 10pm and decided to put in two-strand twists. The style I chose is one I planned to try soon with extensions, but this time I did it with just my hair.

  I sectioned with my fingers only, no comb, because I didn't want those clearly defined parts. I like the full look that undefined roots give on natural hair.

(Tip) I started with the front and twisted forwards so they fell on my face. This is key if you want volume in front for styling. If you twist to the back they'll lie flat.

Then I put in three short cornrows on each side. I had gone halfway before I remembered I should moisturise and seal. Sigh. I started moisturising each section with my L'ozrael Hair Rescue and sealing with my shea butter mix.
    The style took me two hours and I finished still standing in front of the mirror.
The next morning I got a chance to peruse my handwork.
   I loved how plump the twists were at the top where my natural hair is, and disliked how they tapered at the tips where the relaxed hair is, to almost a single strand.
I pinned the ends under to hide them.

The next day I wasn't having any of that limpness and I used my hair scissors to snip off the thin ends of the twists. I'm getting very scissor-happy these days. Call me miss Snippety.
I now felt more comfortable wearing them down.

How I cared for them-
Fam, everything is easier in twists.
1. I was moisturising and sealing everyday because it was so easy. No struggling to get under mounds and mounds of new growth.
2. I cowashed and deep conditioned mid-week. Also the easiest task in twists. Hair was purring with moisture and satisfaction. The process loosened up some of the twists so after drying I redid those.
3. I covered with my satin scarf at night.
4. Though I enjoyed wearing them down around my shoulders some days, I always put them back up after say, 2 hours of letting them hang. Gotta keep those ends alive.
A day before takedown

I kept them in for 8 days until wash day. I will definitely do this again soon. What's your favourite protective style?


  1. Ur so pretty! I like to do braidouts. And like you, they're going up soon after I wear them down for a while. I'm one of ur (most likely) many blog stalkers :P I hope be at ur hair length soon. Urs in one of the blogs that keeps me going. Stay beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Fiwasewa, you just plastered a huge grin on my face. Sounds like you're treating your hair right. I'm sure you'll meet and exceed your hair goals :)

  2. Your hair is so pretty! Kent believe that's all you, but of course, I can.
    and I snipped off dead ends after chunky twisting tonight.
    I feel like my hair isn't growing these days, but those scraggly ends really aren't helping the cause

    1. Thanks AB. I hear that mehn. Those ends have to go when they have to go. I'm not even sure what length I can claim these days with all the snipping

  3. Wow!!! Your twists is lovely. You are so gifted in protective styling. As for me, i suck. All i know is to put my hair in a bun, That was what frustrated me in my natural journey. I am clueless in styling my hair *wailing* I am so jealous right now.


    1. Thanks ms diva :)
      I spent too much time as a kid witg my hands in hair. I'm sure you were doing more fun stuff. Lol

  4. I wore my hair in a bun with a side bang in front today for my first day back at work. Everyone loved my hair and thought it was pretty. Just introduced 2 colleagues to your blog *wink* They couldn't believe your hair was real till I told them I knew u personally. This hair journey is a movement oh. Mwaah!

    1. Oo Olly I'm so proud :D you're getting creative with your hair! Thanks for the referral doc :*
      It's a movement my dear!

  5. Sandynez, I want ur twists anyways still rocking my faux dreads will send u a progress pic when I take it down

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