Hair update: first flat-iron in years and the weave that made it happen

August 10, 2014 Naija girl next door 20 Comments

Hi everyone,
Hope you're all healthy and happy.
    Let me tell you what happened with my weave. I went to the salon on thursday with my hair well moisturised, detangled and even combed; my new growth was stretched from threading. All this to make it easier for whomever would land me as a customer, and of course for my peace.

     I got a nice hair stylist. She was very polite and listened as I explained before sitting: how to comb my hair, and how I wanted it as loose as possible. I even absolved her of any responsibility if the sew-in didn't last: "Don't worry about it, make the plaits loose, I'm only carrying the hair for a very short time". For extra security I left out my edges. Growing them back is not beans.
   It appeared to go okay- whenever I complained, she would go easy. She was attentive and fast too.  Then came time to straighten my leave-out (centre parting). I wasn't readyyyy... hadn't even thought about it. I hadn't straightened in almost 4 years you see. I needed a minute.

    She used raw shea butter on my hair, and did 3 passes of the flat iron on each of the 3 sections she divided into. I cringed all through but in the end it was fine and my hair blended well with the wavy Indian hair (I used 2 bundles of colour 1b. 20" and 22" which I've had for almost a year and never used before).
Right after straightening
 Day 1. It didn't feel tight when I left but by evening I had developed a headache that lasted 2 more days. By the end of the day my hair had started to revert to its normal texture.
Day 2. My scalp started to itch and the weave seemed to be getting tighter and tighter. By nightfall you could have sworn my leave-out was never flat-ironed.

Mo's wedding day- After makeup, before hair
Day 3. Wedding day! May I just say at this point that the bride was one of the most beautiful brides ever. Those who follow my personal Ig account have seen the pics and know I had a lot of fun that day. Congrats Mo :*
    As for my hair, it had to be straightened again! I resisted and whined through the whole thing. The guy was like "Oh you're doing the natural thing. Don't worry I'm using shea butter". I saw smoke and was too stricken to respond.
Monica if this is not love, I don't know what love is.
All done
I liked the look all in all. Professional makeup makes me look sooo different. I hardly ever go for a shiny lip myself but this was cool. I'm more of a matte lip girl. When I do glossy I go for barely-there colours. With makeup I tend to keep things minimal so I felt all dolled up and extra pretty.

Day 4. My scalp was itchier than ever. It was tight like you wouldn't believe. I kept trying to ease the tension with my hands. It didn't help. The headache was replaced by a different pain more to the surface- my scalp was peppery.
Day 5. I was losing it. My leave-out was drier than ever. I hadn't been moisturising to delay reversion but it was reverting anyway so I moisturised and sealed and was relieved to see my curls and kinks come back unharmed. My scalp on the other hand was being persecuted. I rubbed in some coconut + olive oil to which a few drops of peppermint oil had been added. The tingling brought some relief.
Day 6. I felt tiny bumps on areas where I had felt the most tension- my right temple, part of my nape, centre of my head. Some hair had been pulled clean off the roots! The bumps were itchy and painful at the same time. Scalp still itched and it hurt to even tap the weave. I had lots to do that day so I couldn't even take it out.
Day 7. Very early in the morning I woke up and freed my hair from bondage. Sweet relief! There was so much shed hair including, I'm sure, the ones that didn't shed naturally but were pulled off. When I was done I gently put my hair in a loose bun and let it be to let my scalp get some rest from the assault.
   I don't think I can take sew-ins anymore. Not like I was ever big on them but now? Ha. No. I'm turning them into wigs once I get the chance. In fact, it'll take a lot to let someone else do my hair again (trust issues). l'm just glad I left out my edges.
 Question- is shea butter a heat protectant?
Love to hear from you :) <3


  1. Oh Sandra you look so pretty. I am prepping for my wedding early next year, so I keep looking at all things weddings! Your makeup and hair were on point! Sorry to hear of your weave drama that headache and tightness hmmm.....

    1. Thanks Yvonne
      You'll totally make a stunning bride. I can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Sandra, you look purty, bae! Sorry about the unpleasant experience. I guess the stylist made the sew in too tight even though the braids were loose.
    Shea butter makes a reasonable heat protectant but it also has some humecant properties. A silicone based serum would have minimised reversion.

    1. I kept wondering how come the braids didn't feel tight... You're so right. It was the sewing.
      Thanks for the info. No wonder the hair reverted so quickly

  3. You look so nice. I'm sorry to hear that the weave experience went so poorly. I usually use rollers on my my leave out to keep it stretched.

    1. Thanks b!
      I just didn't want the extra tension from rollers. I was suffering already

  4. The make up is beautiful!! You looked stunning. Sorry about the itchy scalp and tight weaving..these women need to have more mercy sometimes.

    1. Thanks a lot ;;)
      They need a seminar, a course, something.

  5. Sadly I can't contribute nothing about the hair drama, but my God, the bride must have hated having you on her train. You look beyond stunning, Aphrodite will be proud

    1. Wow thank you so much Anon! The bride was breathtaking so she didn't have to worry about lil ol' me :)

  6. I know the feeling. Last year I had a weave in for 1 week, and I lost my edges :(. Glad to know your hair didn't suffer from the heat though

  7. Love the hair and make up! You just inspired my next protective style plus you look really familiar.

  8. Sorry about your itchy scalp and bumps. I thought you told the hair dresser to make the braids loose so why the reaction? You looked lovely and the person who did the make up did a good job.

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    1. The braids were not tight, but it turns out the sewing was.
      Thanks dear

  9. Too stricken to respond LOL I know that feeling!
    Sorry about the painful weave!
    *Makes note to self to remind stylist not to cornrow or sew my weave on too tight*

  10. Beautiful, Sandra! So are you planning now to have your own hair iron or you just wanna leave the job to the flat iron experts? lol! :)

  11. Hello dear! You look just gorgeous in straight hair. I think that wave will disappear within few minutes. I also use flat iron for straightening the hair but never had these types of problems. I think you should change your flat iron!