Ayurveda to the rescue

August 16, 2014 Naija girl next door 11 Comments

Hey everyone, how's it going?

Last week I knew I would have to alter wash day to deal with my scalp issues from the weave- itchiness, areas of tiny painful bumps and shedding.
 I turned to ayurveda which is all about healing and nourishment.
  These treatments call for mixing with warm water as I did here, but some weeks ago there was some fresh milk at home that no one was drinking fast enough, so I thought why not?
I used milk instead and treated my friend Anne's hair and mine. Powders+ milk+ coconut oil+ olive oil.
The mix was creamier, no more of that slight gritty sensation. Anne is almost fully natural, with soft and fine (thin) strands. The treatment made her curls pop like I'd never seen it before.
Anne's hair

  Here's how this one went :
Out of the powders I have, I picked three. They have other benefits of course, but these are the characteristics I needed:
1. Shikakai. an effective but mild natural cleanser. It lifts impurities and is ph balanced so won't alter or irritate.
2. Brahmi. It is believed to strengthen hair at the roots and stop hair fall.
3. Methi. In addition to strengthening roots, "it soothes the scalp and gets rid of itchy red bumps on the scalp caused by heat or dryness." I was so happy to see this online! Mine was caused by tension but an itchy red bump is an itchy red bump.

   I repeated it this time with warm milk (milk is known to soothe) and the same oils. Instead of following a recipe I just watch as I go to get that spreadable consistency.
Tip : If you add a little too much liquid by mistake, leave it to sit and it will absorb and get thicker. No need to use up all your supply.

    I applied it gently to my scalp- practically painted it- no rubbing the poor thing, and coated my hair as well. I covered with a shower cap and chilled for an hour+.
I rinsed out, then cowashed with Beauty Formulas Apricot conditioner.
    Wrapped in a towel for 10 minutes or so to get out the excess water.
    Dc with my staple- ORS Replenishing conditioner + palm kernel oil. Covered with a shower cap, wrapped in a big towel for warmth and slept off for over two hours.
      I rinsed out and did a final dilute ACV rinse. Apple cider vinegar is also known to calm protesting scalps.
About 10% of the dc was still in.

I wrapped in a towel again then sealed with my oil mix when it was damp. My hair just didn't need the LOC method this time. It was strengthened and well conditioned. I had very few tangles so detangling was fast. I let it air dry in a loose bun.

   How was my scalp by this time? Splendid. The itching was long gone, I couldn't feel the bumps anymore and the tenderness had all but disappeared, save for a spot at the centre but even that was calmer and by morning it was gone. The shedding didn't stop completely but it reduced to a level I was comfortable with.
I happily left my hair in a bun and just accessorised with a scarf the next day.

  So what do you think? Have you tried ayurvedic treatments? Do you plan to?
Make my day with your comments :)


  1. Oh yay your scalp is sorted!! :)
    Ayurveda seems to be the answer to a lot of problems (I'm currently trying an ayurvedic skin care regimen), and I love the curl popping these pastes bring to my 4C hair but, why they gotta be so messy? :(

    1. Lol...don't even get me started on the mess. I had goop in my bathroom drain.
      I hope you'll do a post in time and let us know how it goes with your skin

  2. I'm glad your scalp issues resolved. I tried some Ayurvedic mixes over 2 years ago. The first time I tried it my hair was so dry because of the mix I used. The second time was much better. Not sure why I stopped. I have some henna to try soon. Have you used henna before?

    1. Yeah they can be a little drying if you don't prevent it; like add oils or follow with a dc.
      I've never used henna because it colours hair reddish and I'm not after that right now, but some people want that. It makes an awesome strengthening treatment from what I hear

  3. Is henna part of ayurvedic treatment? I have never tried anyone. I am too lazy to do all that mixing. Thank God the soreness has gone and your scalp is better.


    1. Thanks dear, yeah henna is there with the rest of them.
      The mixing, the mess... I guess one does have to gather strength

  4. Is there anything such as "moisture sensitive"? If I do all that my hair will turn into a soggy mess. I'm relaxed, I can't wash then dc and all that. So I dc on dry hair then dilute conditioner and shampoo in 1 bottle and wash and rinse once. Anything more, trouble.. Hmmmnnnn. Maybe I can do the ayurveda thingy and rinse out and go.

    1. Oh wow, sonething to do with porosity maybe? I'm sure it's a thing.
      I'm sure there's a way to work it in if you do decide to try

  5. nice to see your issues are sorted. I really want to try ayurvedic powders now. Must remember to go look for them

  6. Oh waoo!! Nice one


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