Product haul- old and new products

July 31, 2014 Naija girl next door 8 Comments

Hello beautiful people,
Yes, this is a haul for me o. I am not a product junkie :|
    It happened that at about the same time, important products in my hair stash got entirely or almost used up.
     I ran out of all my oils except PKO, deep conditioner went poof, my homemade shea butter cream container was shiny and empty, and I was left pressing and shaking the life out of my cowash conditioner bottle.
     I have since whipped up another batch of shea butter, and I now have a fresh bottle each of pure coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. My skin and hair are singing with joy.
I went to The Palms, Lekki in search of vo5 conditioner which is my regular cowash conditioner. After an exhausting search through Shoprite, Game, Casabella and Medplus, I had to look for an alternative. I found this 750ml Beauty Formulas Apricot conditioner at Shoprite for N790 (about 5 USD).
   I liked the big size and simple ingredient list, no red light. There was the olive oil version which was green had the same ingredients as this, except for the olive oil included in that one.
The one with olive oil would seem like the obvious choice for a girl on a healthy hair journey, but I sniffed at both of them and that one smelled just like my sister's Febreze air freshener at home- which I now associate with bathroom, not my hair.
 The peach one smells like peach flavoured custard.
 I found the Eco styler gel at Ebeano supermarket, Lekki for N980 (about 6 USD). It was all I could do not to jump for joy. Ever since I saw online that i could get at Casabella, I've made several trips there both in Lagos and Abuja and never found it. Besides this red one (argan oil), they had the green (olive oil) and the pink.

 The ORS Replenishing conditioner is my long term hair lover. After I realised we should never have taken a break, I showed my commitment by getting this huge 1 litre bottle. My friend Kudi helped me get it at a store in Ikeja for N1500 (about 9 USD). I also saw it at Ebeano for an itty bit less (N1480, negligible difference unless you want to buy Tom Tom).
   I've been trying out my new products and and when I've used them sufficiently, I'll review.
What's new in your stash? Have you used any of these products?



  1. I have so many new products in my stash (too much to write here). I love the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I always have to keep it on hand. I didn't really like the ECO styler gel since it didn't give me the best hold. I've pretty much given up on gels for now. How often do you co-wash? I've seen VO5 Conditioners at the market (Utako) so maybe you can find it at your local one once your run out.

    1. I cowash once or twice a week- as a shampoo alternative on big wash days when I dc; and as a quick moisture boost before the next dc.
      I alter the routine when I do longer lasting protective styles.
      It surprised me. Vo5 conditioners are usually everywhere

  2. Wow i never knew that beauty formula had a wash out conditioner. I knew they had hair masks. Please do a review on it soon...Thanks

  3. Two weeks ago, I got two small bottles of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and I'm so sad to say one is gone already. Favourite conditioner! :)

    1. I've heard so many good things about this conditioner. It's on my to-try list

  4. My staple co wash conditioner is v05 and dc's are CON argan oil and ORS replenishing. I ran out of the CON argan oil so I went hunting and came back home with 6 bottles of v05(hides face in shame). Wish I could send you one. I've been searching for a hard protein forever, and decided to try ORS hair mayonnaise. The smell omg. Like men's cologne. Gave me a migraine so I had to get rid of that.. I got pko and coconut oil from a nearby village so I'm good to go. And oh, I used your creaming method and made the yummiest tub of shea butter. I feel like licking it 'cause it looks like melted chocolate ice cream..

    1. 6 bottles! :'(
      I'm so glad you like your shea butter, I love how yummy it always looks!
      CON argan oil is another dc I've heard good things about