My threading results

July 06, 2014 Naija girl next door 10 Comments

  Hey beautiful people!
For the past three wash days I have been stretching my hair, especially my natural new growth, by going back to a childhood style: threading.
Back then on our two-weekly wash days, my mum always gave me and my sister a choice- "plait or thread?"
If you replied "thread", more choices- "full or some gaps?"
      I still laugh remembering how we seriously used "some gaps" as the name of a hairstyle.
This is what we used to call "full"
Threading was something the sis and I dumped the instant we thought we were grown. I never imagined I'd ever again thread my hair willingly until threading started getting a lot of love from naturals home and abroad (they call it African threading).
       It was after reading blog posts and looking at pictures of how naturals have been using it that I remembered how straight my natural hair used to look after taking out a threaded style as a little girl.
 I bought a roll of rubber thread for N50 (just a little over 25 cents). The first time I did it was almost two weeks ago when I was getting my hair ready for my crochet weave. I threaded after I had washed, used my leave-ins and detangled. My hair was slightly damp.
Chinese thread behind,  rubber thread in front.

"Some gaps". lol
I did it at night before bed and took it out the next morning.
I absolutely loved how my new growth was so well stretched out. Threading has bumped bantu knots into second place for me as favourite stretching method.
New growth blending well with texlaxed hair

The next day it was very easy to put my hair into cornrows for the crochet weave because I didn't have to deal with starkly different textures.
    Second time around was last week. I threaded a day after wash day so my hair had dried. I did fewer sections and still got the same great results. I used the opportunity to snip off some thin ends.

    Third time- Friday. Same procedure as the first time.
I took out the thread yesterday and as usual,  hair was very well stretched. I wasn't satisfied with the mini trim I did earlier though, so I snipped off some more and then put it in a bun.
    I haven't gotten rid of all the thin, bone straight relaxed ends but for now the hair has quit being a nuisance with those dead ends. I still have enough out of that N50 roll of ruber thread for one more go.
The pros are obvious. The only con for me is that I usually have to break my no-comb-unless-detangling-after-deep-conditioning rule.    
    When you take out the thread, the sections hold the shape and stay in place so you have to take time to separate and fluff. My comb makes it easier but I really don't want to continue to use it like this.

I love how threading works and I will continue to do it when I want to see some of my length or get a smoother bun. Next time I do, I'll find a way to separate and fluff without a comb.
What do you think about threading? What's your favourite method of stretching your kinks? Holla.


  1. Hi, I've nominated you for the sunshine blogger award!!

    1. Thank you so much :) I'll do a post soon. Your blog is great btw. Now following

  2. Lol. I remember having my mom thread our hair when I was young. Living in the US, you can imagine how that went. :-/ It looks like a great way to stretch the hair. After yours and Ekene's results, I may try it out.

    1. I can imagine, lol! Strange for people not used to seeing it I'm sure. I'll say it's the best heatless stretching I've had

    2. BTW, I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Here are the details:

  3. I am a regular threader!!! Its the best way to look like you got a blowout, but with out heat :). Since I am trying to start exclusively finger combing, I just have to take the extra time to detangle and smooth my hair when I take down the threads. Oh and here we call threading , buns ( most likely cos of the shape the hair can take when you do huge sections)

    1. Right? It does look just like a blowout... I need to learn patience with detangling.

  4. I usually thread my hair and keep it for two weeks and do matting braids for anodr two weeks, since i cover my hair (hijabi) i dnt mind keeping my hair in diz protective styles. Nyway wat i found is dat threading is a great way to stretch out d hair and matting is a great way to keep it full and voluminous. I always wash and moisturise befre doin any of the styles and i end up wit nyc length or texture after takin dem out. To loosen d hair after threading i jst use a lil oil on a section, apply thru d roots n down d hair which makes my strands easier to seperate, takes some time bt i dnt lyk d combing either.

    1. I'll try that instead of the combing. Thanks for the pointer Sultana

  5. I tried threading my hair, but it didn't come out as I expected. My hair was dry and frizzy. When I tried to comb, I noticed I had split ends. What could've been the problem?