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Hey people, how are you doing?
 Here's how I am about products (hair and skin):

  •  I'm the opposite of a product junkie. I recently read this product review on thekinkandi where a lady said she's on the other end of the spectrum from product junkie... and that's exactly how I feel. I call myself a product skeptic. I see a product and pick it apart and find a reason why I don't need it. 
  • Certain ingredients make me drop a product right back on the shelf without a second glance eg petrolatum, mineral oil. I know they work for some people but for me they're a no-go.
  •  I read reviews extensively before I buy any hair product. I don't like having too many products. It confuses me. I find something good, I stick with it. 

So a few weeks ago I went looking for some hair products, armed with dozens of reviews. I knew what I wanted based on what I had run out of:

  1. A shampoo: sulphate-free this time. I was looking out for Creme of Nature Argan oil shampoo. It has excellent reviews, is readily available in supermarkets here and comes with a friendly price tag. What's not to love?
  2. A deep conditioner: I love my ORS but it's the only one I've used throughout my hair journey. I had just a little left and wanted to know if there was another affordable conditioner out there to love my hair as much or even more.
  3. Cantu shea butter leave-in. A reader (Noellie) suggested it and I thought why not? 
  4. Ecostyler gel. It's the gel with the best reviews I've read. Frankly I've never felt need to slick down my edges. I just brush and get it neat and go. I also hated the way gels dried stiff. But the reviews say this holds very well and doesn't dry, and has natural oils that nourish. 
  5. Bentonite clay: a natural, deep cleansing clay that can be used as a mud mask on hair and skin.

   I found the CON argan oil shampoo at Casabella for N1400 and bought it there (I also saw it at Ebeano supermarket in phase 1 for N1100 or so. It came with a free sample of their Oil Treatment from the same range.
    I bought Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair deep conditioner at Ebeano for N1300 or so. Not exactly sure but it was a little above 1k.
   I got Bentonite clay by Namaste Organics at Ebeano as well. It has essential oils- rosemary, lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint and ylang ylang for added benefits. it was N1500 for 250g.
    I didn't find the ecostyler gel or the Cantu leave-in at Casabella where I heard I could get. The storekeeper said I'd have to check back some other time. was doing a sale a few weeks back, when I was in Lagos. I've been very interested in ayurvedic treatments for a while and this was a good opportunity. I launched a prolonged Internet search and read about how to use these Indian herbs and about their benefits and I was excited to order. I got five of them- methi, brahmi, shikakai, amla, and bhringraj. Sound like latin? Just google and read them up. They're not just for hair in fact- they can be used on face and body and some can even be ingested for health benefits.
As for the sieve, lol. I decided to get my own and leave the one in the kitchen alone for cooking. 
     They were going for N300-N350 each for 100g packs during the sale. The customer service was wonderful and I got my stuff at the gate the very next morning because I ordered late in the day. Same day delivery applies if you order early enough. I paid N500 for delivery because I was at Gbagada at the time.

     I recently mentioned some exciting hair-related stuff have been happening to me right? Well, one was me winning a hair product in a raffle draw. My friends and I went to Silverbird here in Abuja and at the entrance there were lots of stands filled with hair- wigs and weaves, and some with hair products. We were told there was going to be a raffle draw that evening with prizes to be won. All we had to do was register for free by writing our names and numbers. All four of us won something. Mine was very fitting- L'ozrael Pure Performance Natural Hair Rescue from Janet's Hair. This was my first time hearing about Janet's Hair so I took her card.

     Of all my newly acquired products, I have used the shampoo and the conditioner a number of times. The bentonite clay I have used on my face 3-4 times but not on my hair yet. The rest I haven't tried. It feels like too many products already. I've a lot to say but I'll wait until I have used them for a while then I'll post reviews.

What's new in your product stash?


  1. Well I am your opposite, a product junkie and very happy to experiment. I just bought the Ecostyler gel. I am yet to use it though. You should tell me how you like the Beautiful Textures DC, my hair hated it :(. Congrats on winning the draw

    1. Yes I will definitely review it in good time.

  2. Hey Sandra. Love your blog. I have really dry hair and split ends and it bugs me because I may have to trim them but I don't wanna lol. Hair is really long almost touching my bum. Lol.

    1. Thanks Denna :)
      I know it may seem a little counter-productive when you want to keep your hair long but it's better for its health in the long run. Splits can continue up the hair shaft if left alone, and you may end up having to cut even more hair.
      Prevent more splits by dealing with the dryness- moisturising, deep conditioning, less shampooing etc.
      Hope this helps!

  3. OOO my eyes are just widening..nice stash!

  4. You are going to LOVE those ayurvedic powders. I started using them in Jan and my hair has been thicker, shiner and stronger. Enjoy my dear

    1. Say no more, I'm breaking them out! Thanks for the info, now I can't wait