My experience at Capital Naturals 3 Hair Meet-up

June 02, 2014 Naija girl next door 8 Comments

Hey everyone! How's it going?
    Yesterday I attended CN 3 at Baytown lounge, Apo, Abuja. It was a totally new experience for me and I am so glad I went.
First off, I was late. The event was to start around 13:30 but I attended a (very fun) bridal shower earlier and had to run by past 3. Between Shoprite traffic and waiting for my friend Tope, I got there by past 4 and only met the last talk. The talks I was told had started by 3.
The last speaker was a healthy living expert and spoke beyond just hair: exercise, healthy choices in diet, supplements etc. She was straight-talking and funny; I found myself alternating between laughing out loud and nodding vigorously in agreement.
    After the talk we all trooped outside to the vendors and I got an eyeful of HAIR. There were women of all ages wearing teeny weeny afros (TWA), twistouts, dreadlocs, big afros, afro puffs, twists, braids, weaves, and a few with relaxed hair including my Tope.
   My friend Chidinma arrived at this point. She's been fully natural for six months but is presently protective styling with a weave.
    I had to walk up to a few people and ask for permission to take a picture for my blog. Everyone was so nice and ready to answer questions, I felt immediately at ease. There were veteran naturals and newbie naturals and beautiful hair all around.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures because my battery was almost out (of all times).

   I met Joanne at Cecees curls whipped shea butter (which got a great review on thekinkandi). She has always been natural but recently started to actively take steps to grow it out. Her personality blew me away. She was sooo warm and happy to share. She lived in the UK and learnt to do her own hair, and she continues to do so back here in Nigeria because she doesn't really like salons (I can totally relate).
She was rocking flat twists on the side and single twists on top.
    There was Elle, softspoken and pretty. Her flowy skirt and her twistout with ankara accessories gave her this lovely, breezy, bohemian vibe. With her professional camera, she looked so artistic to me. I just had to take pictures but alas, my low battery wouldn't let my flash work and so these pictures don't do her hair justice.
   I also met Ajima, with her twa and flawless brown skin. She took the plunge just 2 days before, and chopped off all her relaxed hair. Guts! Here's the beautiful lady:

    And ahhh, there was Folake. She was wearing a fierce afro puff that caught my eye from a distance. It was full and lush, with springy curls. I watched as people came up to her one by one to ask how she gets it to curl up like that. She'd smile and shrug and say "Nothing. It's just like that". Chidinma asked as well and Folake said it's much more curly when wet and this is actually frizzy for her. Have a look:

Oh and she's been natural for just six months. I saw jaws drop. Mine followed suit.

      On to the vendor stands. There were many selling mostly hair and skin products, natural oils and butters; others had tshirts, supplements etc. I was especially interested in Made in Nigeria products. Natural Nigerian, Olori were well known to me.

    There was also Essence of Ladinah. Tope was on the hunt for a leave-in conditioner and had two choices from that stand: the Hair Drink and the leave-in lotion. The owner Nana Kazaure, took the time to try them both on her hair and recommended the hair drink. It instantly made her hair feel very good to touch and Tope was sold. There were other stuff like sulphate-free shampoo, conditioning mask, pure coconut oil, baby products and so on: all natural and at amazing prices. She's based here in Abuja and also runs a spa. I took her card for when I run out of products.
   Rebirth by Jayla had a stand with their butter on display- with shea, mango and coconut oil. Sounds delicious. I bagged a business card. Sarah who attended to us had a 'fro to drool over! Big, black and fluffy, a perfect halo.

   Then there was Avana Vaatia with branded tshirts and great stickers. I adore the stickers - funky designs and catchy phrases. Such a shame I don't have pictures. But you can head over to to have a peek. She makes custom designs on request too. She also had beautiful scarves for sale- silk, chiffon- and gave a 5% off voucher to each of us which I will be applying towards a sticker or a silk scarf. Thanks AV!
Here's a picture of her expertly defined twistout:
Avana Vaatia
       Mdevaan gave a 10% voucher for a makeup/beauty session. Thanks a lot! Her hair's relaxed and in lovely faux locs:

I thoroughly enjoyed being at this event, meeting people and getting inspired. It was also nice to have people ask about my kinky twists and take pictures. They were surprised I did them myself. I was happy to tell them what I used and to answer the question HOW? (Just practice, honest).
     Another thing I took away: I know I can be all diy- whipping my own butter and whatnot- but I really want to support these homegrown businesses so I don't mind buying stuff I would otherwise make.


  1. The event was a lot of fun and quite informative. I had a good time too. Nice blog.

  2. That twist out is expertly defined indeed!
    Beautiful ladies, beautiful hair.
    Glad you had fun!

    1. Thanks AB :)
      I can't wait for more events like this

  3. Beautiful pictures! Where's yours na? I love that Made in Nigerian natural hair products are coming up because I feel sad when I purchase foreign products using ingredients we have in abundance in Nigeria just because they did their research.

    1. Lol... do you know eh, I didn't remember to include mine. I was too excited about other people's hair. Lol.
      I finally put it in my "how I styled my twists" post

  4. I love the way you tell stories..i actually stayed up all night trying to catch up on your blog! Where have you been since? Lol.good to know that a fellow doc can be this dedicated to hair and blogging. I'm impressed. Thanks for encouraging us.i so LOVE your blog. Keep shining.

    1. Thanks Ada! For reading and for leaving this comment. Mwah!