Hair update : ayurveda, protein treatment and check-in picture

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   Ayurveda! :D I like saying this word. Say it slow with me. Ayurveda. Lol
    It's basically alternative medicine originating from India, and it stresses plant-based remedies. If you read my new products post, all those Indian names are dried, powdered plants.
     I finally got around to trying them out. I'll talk about that in a bit but first a quick update on how my hair's been doing since the setback.
   I stopped being naughty and took my own advice:
1. Sections! I've been working in at least four sections- when I'm cowashing or shampooing; to up to ten sections-for detangling and for even distribution when I apply product.
2. Keeping moisture levels optimum:  Deep conditioning mostly biweekly. When I was too busy/tired, once a week. M&S boot camp: every single day when my hair is free; every 2-3 days in twists.
3.  Protective styling- I wore marley (or kinky) twists for almost 3 weeks. When my hair was free I kept my ends tucked in- buns and updos.
Did it work?
May 4 2014                         June 11 2014
You betcha! It's not exact but you can see the sides are catching up. Comeback or nah?
My issue now is thin ends. They are driving me nuts. Nice trim coming up soon.

   Now for my ayurvedic treatment, I mixed equal measures of amla, brahmi and shikakai with a little hot water and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil until I got this consistency

 I'll make it a tad lighter next time to make spreading easier.
      I put it on my scalp and hair from root to tip and covered with a shower cap for an hour.
  When I rinsed it off, one word: STRENGTH. My hair had the boost it had been lacking without a protein treatment. It was also very clean (shikakai is a good alternative to shampoo). All in all, I loved it. Cleansing and strengthening treatment all in one.
   I dc'd with Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair deep conditioner+avocado blended and seived+PKO. It left my hair wanting more. It didn't feel like it conditioned enough to balance all that strength. I also had some avocado left in my hair that took some effort to get out. Sigh.

   My leave-ins changed that though. Using the LCO method- L: L'ozrael Hair Rescue
                                   C: my shea butter cream
                                   O: coconut+ olive oil
Hair felt so good afterwards and detangling was a piece of cake. The treatment really helped my hair stand up to being manipulated, breakage was minimal.

I finally got around to my protein treatment four days later. The usual- egg treatment.
I used 2 eggs+ mustard oil, shampooed with CON Argan oil shampoo and dc'd with the Beautiful Textures conditioner on its own. This wash day was perfect. My hair was happy happy happy. I did a flexi rod set (bendy rollers) right after.

     I've given my hair a two-week break and I'm ready for another protective style. Low manipulation is one of my best friends as I transition and these long term protective styles give me a break from trying to blend the different textures on my head.
     I've been playing with two ideas- doing faux locs again or doing crochet braids which is uncharted territory for me. I'm focusing on getting my hair ready for the next PS so I'll definitely do another ayurvedic treatment just before.
   I love to hear from you. Hit me up in the comment section.


  1. My word, you have great hair! I really wish my wash days would go this smooth, I'm texlaxed and I feel like I'm transitioning half the time. Haha you inspire me to keep trying to get my hair to cooperate.

    Love the curls! :)

    1. Thanks :) I know what you mean, my last wash day was a confusing struggle. Hair just kept coming out. This one hit the reset button

  2. Mehnnnn, you are lucky, i can't seem to lay my hands on any of those natural products (Indian and nigerian) except for Ori and Palm kernel oil. I live in delta state and i have searched and searched, i even went to Benin City last weekend all to no avail. I got some nice stuff (JBCO inclusive) in Lagos in February and that's all about it. I can't see those products around here. (Abeg i no be product junkie ooo, just rooting for all those natural ones.............pepperment oil and co)
    It seems i'm all alone in this hair journey in this part of the country. I tried converting my friends but they calim it is a lot of work and therefore they can't cope. Abeg any sister in Warri in this journey should hola me. Peace!

    By the way, Nne......NGND i dey gbadu your styles.

    1. Oshe my sister!
      I think the best thing for you now is to order online. You could wait til you can order all you want at once, so the delivery charges won't bug you much. Maybe force those your friends to order too. Lol
      I got the Indian powders from
      Other online sources I know well that have natural stuff are Natural Nigerian and the kinky apothecary. I could hook you up with some virgin coconut oil at a good price too ;)

  3. Your hair looks so full. It's great. I had a similar experience when I first tried Ayurvedic powders but it took a while to get the moisture back. I have some henna that I want to try. Your curls turned out well. Do you have a tutorial? I haven't tried flexi rods on my own hair before. Do you think it's easier than magnetic rollers?

    1. Thank you missy, I noticed extra volume after the treatment. Forgot to put that in there. Yes the moisture takes some effort to get back. I did it a little differently yesterday and had a better experience . I'll put that up soon.
      I definitely find flexi rods easier than magnetic rollers. For sure. I've only used my magnetic rollers twice and my arms hurt. I'll do a picture tutorial soon on flexi rods.
      Love your blog by the way

  4. your curls are to die for!

  5. Your hair looks thicker than it was in may. Loving the curls!

    1. Thanks Bee :)
      I was working on retaining length in front and got thickness too for my efforts. Who knew

  6. Your hair grows very fast, just don't disturb it. My new hair crush and that thickness oh lawd ayaf faint.

    1. Thank youuu :D I am honoured.
      It grows fast but is such a spoiled brat. I won't retain any length if I don't pamper it silly

  7. Ohhh I'm definitely dusting off my Amla, Shikakai and Brahmi powders!
    Thanks for sharing your process! I bought them not really having a clue what to do with them!
    As always, your hair is gorgeous!

    1. I hope you like them as much as I do,
      And thank you

  8. Let's do a Pharell happy song dance (me shamelessly trying to be besties by force) anyway, my hair is happy. So I'm happy. I'm 13weeks post, aiming for 20, 3weeks ago I decided to ditch the shampoo and dc on dry hair then put in braids and cowash and I've FINALLY found What works.
    My new growth is soft for days my lenth stays moisturised, I only do a little m&s on the ends every other day.. so I'm happy, happy, happay!!!

    1. Hahahaha! I'm all about any excuse for silly dancing :D
      Cheers to finding what works! Now I want to dc on dry hair again

  9. Wow, your hair!!!! I love that the sides are catching up! It's not easy growing them out because of how delicate they can be and they are always exposed.
    Ayurveda is da messy truth o! Been doing it for some months now with good results...clean hair, no frizz, now worries about chemicals etc...I even made a facewash with reetha shikakai and amla that's kept acne at bay but I kinda miss my PJ
    You'll have to share how you did your sets o!

    1. Thanks Hadassah, I read your post on the face wash you made with them and how they've really helped with acne. I'm all for all-natural solutions.
      I'll do a tutorial with my next flexi rod set :)

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